Monster Paradise
1098 The 72nd Checkpoin
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1098 The 72nd Checkpoin

"He broke through! Lin Xie broke through!"

"Sh*t, the checkpoint number has changed. It's really the 72nd checkpoint now!"

"He's insane! The 72nd checkpoint is already the highest record in history. Does it mean he has matched an equal record now?"

"Did you guys notice that Lin Xie has gotten another ten billion points today? I'm suspecting that he didn't fail yesterday but postponed it on purpose and did it today for the sake of the ten billion points."

"That's something terrifying to hear. If what the commenter above said is true about Lin Xie killing monsters as just a game to obtain points, his real ability is indeed nerve-wrecking."

Just when Lin Huang arrived on the 72nd checkpoint, the entire Genius Union was in a heated discussion.

Not only were there a few folds more online members now, but even the entire Genius Union forum was also crowded.

All the hot topics were related to Lin Xie, and there were even more compared to yesterday. Naturally, Lin Huang had no idea about all that.

At that moment, he was putting all of his focus on the 72nd checkpoint before him.

According to the very limited records from the people who had broken through in the past, it was an endless ocean on the 72nd checkpoint.

Lin Huang's shrunken body from the 71st checkpoint remained the same. He was still in a micro body size which was a thousandth of his original size.

The 10,000-meter wide ocean before him became an ocean that was 10,000 kilometers wide since his body had shrunk by 1,000 times.

However, the difficult part of this checkpoint was to cross the 10,000 meters of water.

Looking at the countable records, there were three difficult points about the 72nd checkpoint.

The first was that this ocean had extremely low water density, and there was no skill that one could use to walk on it. Since flying was prohibited on the Stairway Tree, the only way to cross it was to swim.

The second point was that this ocean had many monsters with the lowest combat strength being imperial-level black gold-rank. Moreover, most of them existed in groups.

The third one was that as long as players came in, sea monsters would sense the players easily from a certain distance. As soon as they sensed players coming, they would advance immediately to attack. Theoretically, the longer the player stayed in this ocean, the more imperial-level monsters he would attract.

The most powerful players on the Stairway Tree all failed this checkpoint because they attracted numerous sea monsters not long after getting into the water. Furthermore, the arrival of the low combat strength sea monsters would attract all sorts of sea monsters of higher combat strength to swarm forth.

They would almost always encounter imperial-level white gold-rank monsters every time they were swimming halfway. There were even terrifying imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters. However, those players' combat strength was limited to immortal-level rank-9, so they could not escape from such monsters at all, let alone fight them.

'This ocean is totally the sea monsters' stage. No wonder those seniors couldn't break through it.' Lin Huang knew what the difficulty of this checkpoint was. 'Even if a person with compelling abilities could fight imperial-level purple gold-rank monsters with their immortal-level rank-9 combat strength, they could handle if there was only one monster. However, they would have to flee if they encounter ten or 20 of them.'

Watching the calm ocean surface standing at the border of the coastline, Lin Huang was well aware of the danger lurking beneath the peaceful water.

However, at that instant, to Lin Huang, such danger was no threat to him at all.

He stepped out after summoning the Enchanted Fairy. Perhaps he could not walk on the ocean, but he could easily solve it. All he would have to do was to build a bridge.

That was precisely what he was going to do.

As the Enchanted Fairy walked on the surface of water, everywhere she passed by turned into a path of ice.

Lin Huang followed behind her and walked on the frozen water.

The both of them stepped on the ocean which began to tremble intensely. The ocean that was peaceful seemed to have turned into a rave party. Waves that were thousands of meters high were sloshing towards the duo one after another.

The Enchanted Fairy then activated her Territory skill. The temperature of the entire place plummeted as white mist lingered above the ocean.

The terrifying waves turned into giant icebergs of all shapes as soon as they touched the mist. They looked like they had been erected for hundreds of thousands of years.

Less than half a minute after overcoming the tsunami, the monsters beneath the ocean smelled Lin Huang's aura and came rushing in droves.

This proved that the monsters in the sea could still sense the players' existence even though there was no water around Lin Huang.

The first round of monsters were a group of Fiendish Piranhas with sharp teeth. There were tens of thousands of them.

These Fiendish Piranhas were as long as an adult arm. They had black scales and fangs in their mouth that looked like countless shape blades. The damage was estimated to be just as devastating as an ancient relic.

Although these Fiendish Piranhas had rather low combat strength whereby they were only on imperial-level black gold-rank, there were many of them.

Had some other immortal-level rank-9 powerhouse encountered this wave of attack, he or she might have been devoured with no flesh left. Even Chan Dou, who was at his peak, could only choose to escape because he would not be able to fight at all.

Naturally, Lin Huang sensed the Fiendish Piranhas coming. However, he did not worry at all and proceeded to run behind the Enchanted Fairy.

Sensing that Lin Huang was moving quickly above the ocean, the Fiendish Piranhas accelerated beneath the surface of the water.

Observing the ice above them, the Fiendish Piranhas collided into the ice directly. They knew that smashing the ice would make the target fall into the sea and become their prey.

Bang, bang, bang!

The Fiendish Piranhas smashed into the ice one after another. Muffled thuds came from the clashing of the almost indestructible fish heads against the bottom of the ice.

Subsequently, the Fiendish Piranhas' heads were deformed from the bashing. Some of their heads even cracked and brain juice flowed out. Although they were in a devastating state, their attack did nohing to the ice at all.

Sensing the fishes' commotion with his Territory skill, Lin Huang merely glanced at them with his Divine Kinesis. He saw a massive amount of fish monsters bashing the ice and turning into sorry-looking carcasses. They sank to the bottom of the sea slowly and he soon ignored them.

He expected this, so he was not concerned at all.

One must know that even a demigod could not fight the Enchanted Fairy's frost, let alone these imperial-level black gold-rank dumb fishes.

The Fiendish Piranhas' suicidal move caused all of them to die. However, it was just the first round of attack.

Nobody knew if it was Lin Huang's aura or the dead Fiendish Piranhas' flesh, but the second round of monsters came as soon as the Fiendish Piranhas died.

This round of monsters were fish monsters of a bigger size. They also had sharp teeth, but they were over a meter long and there were two subtle scarlet stripes on their dark green scales.

It was a fish monster called Scarlet, and they were thirsty for blood. Compared to eating flesh, they prefer to drink blood.

After this round of monsters noticed Lin Huang, they looked like they were charmed and they struck the ice fearlessly. However, the same fate that befell the Fiendish Piranhas happened to them too. In less than a minute, the entire group of fishes were killed. 

Subsequently, the third, the fourth, and more rounds of monsters came attacking.

Apart from a minority of them who survived as a result of having tough heads, almost all the rest were killed. Those that survived escaped immediately, no longer daring to come after Lin Huang.


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