Monster Paradise
1096 A Man Should Be Able to Bear Failures
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1096 A Man Should Be Able to Bear Failures

Lin Huang had broke through the 63rd checkpoint of the Stairway Tree a couple of months ago after killing the last Bug Tribe Queen Mother.

Neither would the monsters attack Lin Huang, nor would he obtain anymore points if he were to kill them.

Without the attack of the Bug Tribe, Lin Huang spent less than a minute to pass through the 63rd checkpoint on the the Stairway Tree and stepped into the 64th checkpoint.

The 64th checkpoint on the Stairway Tree was called the Inhibition Waterfall.

According to the records left behind by the Heaven Alliance seniors, more than half of the powerhouses who had passed through the 63rd checkpoint could not step foot onto the 72nd checkpoint because they were stuck on the 64th checkpoint.

Breaking through the Inhibition Waterfall was almost impossible because the impact of the waterfall was immensely powerful. The speed of its flowing water was thousands of times faster than the high pressure water jet that could be used to cut metal pieces on Earth.

Ordinary immortal-level rank-9 powerhouses would be torn into pieces if they stepped in without any armor. Even if they had ancient relic armor on, it would strip their Life Power away.

Such a checkpoint was purely to test a person's physical strength and Life Power intensity. Moreover, the rule prohibited Life Power from being replenished. Everyone who went through the checkpoint would not be able to replenish their Life Power. There was simply no way around it at all.

However, such a checkpoint was an easy stage for Lin Huang.

He smirked slightly as he watched the misty, white waterfall before him. He did not even summon any imperial monster or God Figurine's Combat Soul. All he did was to put on black battle armor and dive into the waterfall.

The terrifying waterfall flow splashed on the demigod relic armor, but none of the impact touched Lin Huang.

It was as if he was taking a stroll after a meal as he walked towards the source of the waterfall.

After integrating the Origin God's Heart, all of the Life Power in Lin Huang's body had turned into Divine Power. He even had ten Divine Fire glowing and providing endless Divine Power in his body. Supplying the demigod god relic armor to work smoothly was a piece of cake.

However, although the relic armor bore most of the impact, the remaining force was still rather tough for Lin Huang and he could not move quickly. He felt as if he was walking against a strong gale. He looked like he was walking at a normal speed at that instant, but in reality, it was the fastest he could go as he fought the resistance.

After spending approximately half an hour passing through the 64th checkpoint, the next checkpoints were easy-peasy.

He slowed down when he encountered monsters again on the 67th checkpoint.

He summoned the Destructive Divine Mammoth and gained ten billion points which was the maximum points he could achieve per day. Just like that, he arrived on the boss stage of the checkpoint.

He then went all the way up to the monster stage on the 71st checkpoint. Figuring that he had gotten the maximum points he could obtain per day, he stopped and logged out of the Genius Union since it would mean that he would be giving up ten billion points if he passed the 71st checkpoint now.

Lin Huang had no idea that almost all the online members were watching him tearing through the checkpoints since the 64th checkpoint. He gained more and more audience members as the checkpoints Lin Xie hit only got higher and higher. The friends of those offline got them to log in to witness whatever miraculous turn of events that was happening.

Many people thought Lin Xie might make history this time. However, his checkpoint number halted at '71' on the first place of the leaderboard. It then dimmed.

Many of them thought it was a pity when they saw Lin Huang logging out.

"He's so close to stepping onto the 72nd checkpoint and breaking the record!"

"It seems like the monsters on the 71st checkpoint are much more powerful than we thought."

"It's really a pity that he failed this checkpoint. I wonder when Lin Xie will come back again."

Most of the people thought Lin Huang had failed to pass the checkpoint.

According to the limited records, it was a challenge to clear the monsters on the 71st checkpoint. The monsters on this checkpoint came from the Ant Tribe. Although their ability was just on immortal-level rank-9, the sheer number of them was insanely terrifying. It was at least ten times more than the amount of Bug Tribe members on the 63rd checkpoint back then.

If the Inhibition Waterfall on the 64th checkpoint made half of the powerhouses who passed through the 63rd checkpoint stuck, then the Ant Tribe on the 71st checkpoint would put all the remaining half to a halt successfully. Only a handful of people had ever passed through the 71st checkpoint and arrived on the 72nd checkpoint throughout the entire history of the Stairway Tree.

Only Lin Huang knew that the 71st checkpoint was no threat to him at all. He could break through it anytime he wanted. He logged out because he did not want to lose the ten billion points that were on his fingertips.

Just when Lin Huang gave up and logged out, he received messages from Yi Yeyu and Yi Zheng almost at the same time.

The duo's messages were rather simple.

Yi Yeyu: Holy sheet~~~ (typo)!

Yi Zheng: Oh wow, you're worthy of being called Dynasty's Master Emperor!

Clearly, both of them had logged into the Genius Union to watch Lin Huang clearing the checkpoints.

Lin Huang merely shook his head while smiling without giving a hint of response. He did not reply because he did not think it was necessary.

However, his Emperor's Heart Ring began vibrating all of a sudden merely two to three minutes later. It was Yi Yeyu calling.

He raised his brow and picked up the video call.

The first thing he saw were two long legs that were as fair as radish as soon as the video was projected. 

He only saw Yi Yeyu's face after she stepped back a distance away later.

"It's mid-autumn now. Aren't you cold?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"It's none of your business!" Yi Yeyu hissed madly.

"Didn't you send me a message earlier? Why are you calling me now?"

"You didn't even reply to my message. Can't I call to talk to you?"

"The message you sent was pretty meaningless. I didn't think it was necessary to reply," Lin Huang mumbled softly.

"What did you say?!"

"Nothing." Lin Huang changed the topic immediately upon seeing Yi Yeyu getting out of control. "Are you with your brother?"

"No." Yi Yeyu pouted. "We logged onto the Genius Union at the same time because you were breaking through the checkpoints."

"Oh, I thought you guys are together since you guys sent the messages almost at the same time."

"I don't think you know the Genius Union has been crowded today because of you breaking through the levels continuously. You went all the way to the 71st checkpoint, and broke the the Stairway Tree record that's been there for a hundred years. I heard from my brother that the highest checkpoint recorded is the 64th checkpoint which was achieved a hundred years ago."

Lin Huang nodded while smiling. "The 64th checkpoint is rather difficult indeed."

"Is the 71st checkpoint difficult too?" Yi Yeyu could not help but query.

"It has a difficulty of its own." Lin Huang thought about it and nodded eventually.

"Don't give up if you didn't break through. You might just do it the next time," Yi Yeyu comforted him thinking that he had failed.

Lin Huang nodded while smiling, not bothering to explain. "Yeah, I think I'll succeed the next time." 

"Keep up the spirit! Even if you fail the next time, you can try again. A man should be able to bear failures!"

Lin Huang was not sure whether to laugh or cry as he hung up the phone. Yi Yeyu thought he was upset because he failed the checkpoint, hence she called to comfort him!


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