Monster Paradise
1091 Chan Dou Wakes Up
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1091 Chan Dou Wakes Up

Lin Huang summoned the Divine Sun Tree to look after the giant golden eggs which Bing Wang, the Witch, the Imp, the Malachian Fiend, and Thunder had turned into at the corner of the Emperor Palace. He then returned to the middle of the palace.

He took out Godheads and broken Godheads in a myriad of colors.

Among the 12 Godheads, Dynasty had collected seven of them while the remaining five came from the black market and the Wanbao Auction. Meanwhile, among the 181 broken Godheads, 83 of them came from Dynasty while the remaining 98 came from the Division 3 black market and the Wanbao Auction.

Lin Huang shoved all of them into his body without any hesitation. He then began a new round of refinement.

He remained extremely disciplined with himself whereby he would refine them 24 hours without stopping and rested every ten days.

On the 11th day, Bing Wang, the Imp, and the Malachian Fiend completed their elevation to mythical-level.

On the 12th day, Thunder and the Witch completed their elevation one after another.

As usual, Lin Huang did not check the five Monster Cards that had elevated. He fully focused on the refinement.

Throughout the month, Huang Tianfu and the other two implemented Dynasty's new regulations at full force. Up to a hundred newbies who were talented and full of potential were selected to begin cultivating the ancient methods.

The newly built mission zone and the Royal Market began running too.

There would be people announcing new missions each day whilst many members fought for those missions.

the Royal Market was even more crowded. Everyone traded the unused items in their storage for resources that they needed.

Many of the people refreshed the Royal Market's page a few times per day to see if there were any items that they needed.

Apart from that, the Dynasty leaderboard was out. The complete ranking was projected on the Emperor's Heart Ring's page for the Dynasty members who participated in the trial. The Dynasty internal forum also published the top 10 names and pinned the thread on top. Every Dynasty member, including the trainees, could see it.

The participants who ranked the top 3 received the relevant rewards, including Huang Tufu who was the Third Grand Duke.

Throughout the past month, Lin Huang had been in closed-door cultivation. He planned to refine the Virtual God rank-9 Godhead before coming out, but he was interrupted by a message that came all of a sudden.

It was Xiao Mo who had sent the single-line message: "Chan Dou is awake and he has elevated to imperial-level."

Lin Huang chose to come out of the closed-door cultivation as soon as he received the message. He walked out of the Emperor Palace and went to Xiao Mo's place immediately.

As he walked into the place after knocking on the door, he saw Chan Dou who was dressed in white pajamas, holding a cup of noodles. He seemed lost sitting on the couch in the living room.

There was a red chili in soup printed on the cover of the cup noodles. It was a commercial print with only a few noodles on it.

"Red Chili Noodles (Super Duper Spicy!!!)" was written on the picture with flames as an effect.

"He's been in a coma for over two months. I thought maybe he shouldn't eat solids just yet," Xiao Mo explained.

"So, you gave him cup noodles?" Lin Huang was speechless. It was extremely spicy noodles! Could a person who had just woken up from a coma two months even digest that?

"It tastes pretty good except it's a little spicy." Xiao Mo did not seem to find it odd.

"Go change. I'll bring you out for some proper breakfast." Lin Huang took the cup noodles away from Chan Dou who snapped back to his senses by then.

He lifted his head and looked puzzledly at Lin Huang. "Who are you?"

"Go change first. We'll talk later." Lin Huang patted Chan Dou's shoulder and turned around to look at Xiao Mo. He spoke after observing him, "Go and get changed as well. We'll go together."

"But my cup noodle…" Before Xiao Mo could finish speaking, a Viridian Wolf appeared in the room out of nowhere. It gobbled the cup noodles Xiao Mo had placed on the coffee table with its jowls wide open. It swallowed the plastic cup as well before it turned its head and gobbled Chan Dou's cup noodles up too.

The Viridian Wolf licked its lips, feeling unsatisfied although it was done eating. It then walked to Lin Huang, wagging its tail.

Lin Huang patted the Viridian Wolf's head and lifted his head to ask Xiao Mo, "What cup noodles?"

Xiao Mo was dumbstruck.

After the duo was done changing, Lin Huang recalled the Viridian Wolf and brought the two of them straight to the fat aunty's dumpling stall.

Apart from dumplings, the fat aunty made little wontons that tasted heavenly.

Lin Huang took a seat at an empty table. He ordered a bowl of wontons for Chan Dou and two servings of dumplings for Xiao Mo and himself.

Chan Dou, who had been looking around along the way, finally figured out where he was. "This is Emperor City in Division 1. We just came out of the Dynasty headquarters earlier. Who are both of you? Why am I here?"

"What do you remember before you got into a coma?" Lin Huang asked.

"I remember being captured in a room and someone torturing me with all sorts of ways every day. They even stuck a black monster that was like mud on my head, injecting disgusting toxins into my soul…"

"That was a Rotten Soul Beast." Lin Huang was relieved. "Theoretically, people who were attacked by the Rotten Soul Beast might experience a certain level of amnesia since their souls would've been affected by a massive amount of spiritual toxins, but your memory seems to be alright," he said and changed his appearance with his disguise skill. He transformed into Lin Xie, even changing his voice.

"I bet you know who I am now, don't you?"

Chan Dou blinked his eyes twice and looked lost. "Who… are you?"

Lin Huang was shocked. "I'm Lin Xie. Don't you remember me?"

"Lin Xie?" Chan Dou frowned. "This name sounds familiar, but I don't remember anything about you."

Lin Huang transformed back to how he looked like, feeling a little helpless. "It seems like I had a premature bout of excitement earlier. It seems like your memory has been affected after all."

"I'm sorry. I really don't remember who the both of you are," Chan Dou said guiltily.

"You don't have to apologize to him. You never knew him," Lin Huang corrected him.

Xiao Mo, who was sitting aside, nodded immediately. "Mr. Chan Dou, you didn't know me indeed, but I've heard of your name much earlier."

"Apart from being tortured, what else do you remember?" Lin Huang asked again.

"I remember going to the black market. I bumped into two imperial-level powerhouses who attacked me. Then, I was captured and tortured."

"How about before that? Before going to the black market?"

"My family urged me to elevate to imperial-level. They told me that the Union Government was providing ancient cultivation methods."

"Do you remember what happened before you went to the black market and your family urged you to elevate to imperial-level?" Lin Huang proceeded to ask. The part of the memory happened to be related to him because he was the one who had given Chan Dou the ancient cultivation methods and gotten him to pretend to have obtained them from the black market.

Chan Dou thought about it and shook his head eventually. "I don't remember."

"You should remember the people and the turn of events that happened at the Heaven Alliance."

"The Heaven Alliance?" Chan Dou looked perplexed again. "What's that?"


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