Monster Paradise
1089 Leaving Closed-door Cultivation
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1089 Leaving Closed-door Cultivation

Lin Huang went into closed-door cultivation after arranging the opening of the first trial zone and traded the four Godheads in Dynasty's treasure chest as well as the 30-odd broken Godheads Dynasty had found throughout the few days with god relics and demigod relics.

Although a month was far from him refining the Virtual God rank-9 Godhead, he could at least shorten the time to elevate to imperial-level within this period of time.

If he did not focus on the refinement in closed-door cultivation and let the Divine Fire refine it on its own, it would take more than a year for the Virtual God rank-9 Godhead to be completely refined. Needless to say, Lin Huang could not wait that long.

Since he went into closed-door cultivation, he spent 24 hours every day refining the Godhead with his Divine Fire. Initially, he planned to rest every ten days to maintain his peak performance. However, Bloody Robe and the Eclipse Boa completed their elevation on the fourth day.

Lin Huang calculated the time. It had been the 11th day since the Eclipse Boa and the rest went into elevation mode.

Bloody Robe and the Eclipse Boa that had been elevated soon turned into cards. Then, they were sealed.

Lin Huang was busy activating the Divine Fire in his body, so he did not study the cards thoroughly. He only peeked and proceeded with the refinement, knowing that it was Bloody Robe and the Eclipse Boa who had completed the elevation.

On the fifth day of closed-door cultivation, the Death Knight and the Fallen Knight also completed their elevation. They became quadruple mutated mythical-level Monster Cards.

As usual, Lin Huang merely peeped at them.

In the evening on the eighth day, Grimace had finally completed his elevation. As he was working on Dynasty's new regulations with Bloody back then, he went into elevation two days later than the Eclipse Boa and the rest. Nevertheless, he spent a total of 13 days completing the elevation.

By then, the batch of five imperial monsters had elevated to mythical-level Monster Cards. However, they were sealed and could not be summoned at the time being.

Lin Huang did not check the five Monster Cards since they elevated. He had been following the plan that he set for himself, not even wasting a minute to refine the Godhead.

When it was the tenth day of the closed-door cultivation, Lin Huang went to bed at midnight sharp as planned and he set the alarm clock on his Emperor's Heart Ring to wake him up at 10 a.m. He would sleep every ten days and for ten hours each time to maintain his peak performance for the refinement.

On the 11th day at 10 a.m., Lin Huang guzzled a bottle of water after he was woken up by the alarm clock. He then began his closed-door cultivation again.

Just like that, he spent 24 hours every day activating the Divine Fire in his body to burn without stopping. He would sleep every ten days and drink a bottle of water. He did not even eat or spare a second to waste.

The strict closed-door cultivation that could be deemed to be close to self-harm lasted for 30 days. Lin Huang finally loosened after that.

When the 30th day ended, he slept for more than 20 hours before walking out of the Emperor Palace.

It was almost past 10 a.m. when he got out of the Emperor Palace. The first thing he did was to head out for food.

He had ten servings of dumplings at the fat aunty's stall, blowing the fat couple's minds away. He then returned to the Dynasty headquarters in satisfaction.

As soon as he returned, he went straight to Huang Tianfu to ask about the trial results.

Huang Tianfu saw Lin Huang from far away and went to him. "Master Emperor, I saw you left right after you came out of the closed-door cultivation. Was it something urgent?"

"Nothing, I was just too hungry." Lin Huang took out a bottle of water and drank it before asking, "The one-month trial should've ended yesterday. How're the results? Is the death toll high?"

"The result isn't bad at all. In fact, it's even better than I expected. The death toll is lower than expected. Out of the 67 participants, only two didn't return. The two of them who didn't make it back are on imperial-level. None of the demigods died."

Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the results because it was impossible to have a 0% death rate. They only lost two people out of the 67 participants, so the death rate was less than 3% which was considered extremely low. After all, the trial zone was comparable with a grade-6 forbidden area whereby there were virtual god-level monsters.

"That's not bad. Do you have the ranking yet?"

"We've already sorted it out. I'll send the list to you right now, but it was Tufu who ranked No. 1. He doesn't need God Blood."

"Those who don't need God Blood can trade for god relics or god items." Lin Huang expected that to happen. "Apart from the champion, those who rank No. 2 and No. 3 should be rewarded too. You guys can discuss the proper reward."

"Apart from that, I think we can set up a leaderboard for the top ten participants on the list and publish it on Dynasty's forum. Let everyone see the names and points obtained to encourage more people to go into the trial zone."

"That's a good idea." Huang Tianfu agreed to that right away.

"Let me know when you guys are done setting the reward and the next trial opening time. I won't be participating in the discussion." Lin Huang planned to focus on elevating to imperial-level.

"Sure, we'll try to do it by today or tomorrow." Huang Tianfu acknowledged.

"How're the sales of the spy list?"

"It's not too bad. It was quite a failure in the beginning because not many people believed in the list. Then, someone bought it and investigated following the list. The news spread, so it became a hit. However, we've only managed to sell over ten copies before the Union Government published the list."

"Since the list came out, all the organizations have been looking for internal spies throughout the past month. Not only were all the God Bless spies killed, but many of the spies coming from other organizations were also exposed. The innocents were dragged into this."

"Nobody knew who God Bless was before, but they're famous overnight now. They've become public enemies now."

"I must say that their behavior is terrible indeed. Apart from getting their people to be spies, they've even gotten the spies to penetrate into all the organizations. Some of them might have even ended up being the upper echelon. If not careful, the entire organization might end up becoming God Bless's affiliate organization."

"They did this to themselves." Lin Huang had no sympathy for God Bless. They would not be killed if they had not done what they had.

They had the ability to rule the entire continent, but the Master God was greedy. Besides wanting to rule the world, he even got the spies to penetrate other organizations and even helped the organizations grow. His plan to grow the organization killed him eventually.

"Did the Union Government look for me?" Lin Huang asked again.

"No. After you went into closed-door cultivation, they spread the news that the Agency EA's founder ran away and was killed a few days later. They must be busy with the rebuilding of Agency EA throughout the month."

As Bloody expected, the Union Government took the blame themselves. They could only take up the responsibility of killing Zhuge Feifan. Otherwise, outsiders would make fun of them for not even being able to capture a traitor themselves.

The Union Government taking up the responsibility would mean that it was the end of the incident, making Lin Huang secretly relieved.

"Is there anything that I need to know about?"

"That's about it." Huang Tianpu thought about it. He did not seem to miss out anything.

"How about the materials that I asked for before going into closed-door cultivation? How much did you guys manage to collect?"

"We've collected half of the materials, seven Godheads and 83 broken Godheads. As for the soul jewel that you mentioned, we didn't find anything that's similar at all."

"Send me this batch first. Continue to look for the remaining materials, Godheads, and broken Godheads. Take note of the soul jewel too." Lin Huang nodded.

"Are you going into closed-door cultivation again?" Huang Tianfu asked, raising his brow.

"Yes, but not now. I've something else to deal with today."


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