Monster Paradise
1087 Alibi
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1087 Alibi

At the Union Government headquarters in First City in Division 1.

Guan Zhong sat on the couch without any expression on his face. He was quiet.

When he woke up approximately half an hour earlier, the first thought that flashed through his mind was that Zhuge Feifan must have escaped with An Jing.

However, he saw two silhouettes lying on the ground not far away when he got up from the dusty ground.

Looking closely, they were Zhuge Feifan and An Jing.

An Jing was in a deep sleep but Zhuge Feifan was dead.

His head was a mess ever since he found Zhuge Feifan's body. Until now, he had still yet to figure what exactly had happened.

"I've sent An Jing home. She won't remember a thing when she wakes up. However, I must tell you that you've crossed the line this time." Qian Rui marched into the room. "I've got someone to check through Zhuge Feifan's body. Can you tell me what exactly happened now?"

"I've no idea." Guan Zhong shook his head forlornly. "I was defeated, but he didn't kill me. He was already dead when I woke up."

Guan Zhong was just a confused witness. His head was a mess and he was in a state of shock and sadness. After all, Zhuge Feifan was his master who had brought him up.

"So, did someone interfere after you?!" Qian Rui came to an understanding. A third person must have interfered. 

Guan Zhong just snapped back to his senses and nodded. "I think so."

"Apart from Zhuge Feifan's Godhead being taken away, everything else was still there, even his Emperor's Heart Ring," Qian Rui continued, "The person was clearly after the information in his head. He must've successfully obtained all of Agency EA's secrets throughout the centuries."

"His Godhead was taken?" Guan Zhong lifted his head to look at Qian Rui in horror. "Is the Emperor still around?"

"He left with the Third Grand Duke early in the morning." Qian Rui heard from the hotel staff that Lin Huang had left early in the morning.

"It must be the Emperor who did this! He has the ability and the motive, and he happened to be in First City." Guan Zhong was connecting the dots in his head quickly and pointed out the culprit. "He ran back to Emperor City early in the morning. Clearly, he's guilty of his actions."

"It's futile for you to say anything without any evidence." Nonetheless, Qian Rui remained calm.

"Get the surveillance! He definitely left the hotel!"

"He left the hotel for some time with Huang Tufu last night indeed, but they had barbecued food and enjoyed some drinks in the business district. They went back to the hotel after that," Qian Rui explained.

"I know about this because my intel told me that they left the hotel in the middle of the night. I used my Divine Telekinesis to monitor them. I watched them going into the barbecue stall until they left after paying. They never left my Divine Telekinesis range at all."

"So, you mean he has an alibi?" Guan Zhong shook his head. "He can fake one."

"But I didn't see any loopholes. Even if it was a disguise, it's an alibi after all since he can do it such an extent that we can't find any loopholes." Qian Rui did not argue about the authenticity of the alibi with Guan Zhong, but he stated the deeper truth.

"I want to see the surveillance!" Guan Zhong was persistent.

"I've gotten someone to get the hotel surveillance. In the business district, not all stalls had surveillance. Only a part of them do. I've gotten them to bring it over as well." Qian Rui did not decline Guan Zhong's request. He had already gotten someone to bring the surveillance footage.

Approximately half an hour later, the people came with the footage.

In the office, a Surveillance Mosquito that contained all the surveillance data projected the images.

Guan Zhong and Qian Rui watched the footage one after another and found no flaws at all.

They watched the footage from Lin Huang and Huang Tufu leaving the hotel room to the time they returned.

Apart from being away from the surveillance range approximately 20 to 30 meters away along the business district, Lin Huang and Huang Tufu seemed normal all the time.

The barbecue stall that Lin Huang and Huang Tufu had gone to for skewers happened to have surveillance too. It showed the footage of Lin Huang and Huang Tufu eating skewers and drinking. Both of them did not even go to the washroom throughout the meal, let alone anywhere else.

After watching the footage, even Guan Zhong began to doubt if he had made a wrong assumption.

"See, I told you that his alibi has no loopholes at all." Qian Rui spread his arms helplessly.

"How is it possible?" Guan Zhong could not understand that.

"There are two possibilities. One is that the method he used to create the alibi is too outstanding, so outstanding that we can't find any loopholes. Another possibility is that his alibi is real and someone else killed Zhuge Feifan." Qian Rui provided the two conclusions.

"If he didn't do it, why did he return to Emperor City the first thing in the morning?" Guan Zhong questioned.

"Maybe something really came up in Dynasty. That's a possible coincidence too." Qian Rui was not helping Lin Huang, but he believed evidence more.

Guan Zhong fell into silence for a moment with his head hanging down. He spoke again a while later, "Let's contact Lin Huang to get him to do a video playback to find the culprit. If he's willing to help, it proves that it wasn't him who did it and we can find the real culprit. If he refuses to help, he's most probably the one who did it."

"Call him then."

Guan Zhong called Lin Huang's number, and the video call request was soon picked up.

In the video projection, Lin Huang was in the Star Titan pilot cabin.

"Anything, Old Guan?"

"I've just returned to the Union Government and found out that you've gone back to Emperor City early in the morning. Why did you leave so soon? You didn't even say goodbye," Guan Zhong asked while smiling.

"Something came up in Emperor City, so I came back earlier," Lin Huang explained briefly.

"But there's a new development in our investigation this morning. We need your help."

"I really can't go anywhere now, but you can tell me about the development. I can help analyze for you," Lin Huang said passionately.

"Zhuge Feifan is dead!" Qian Rui answered directly before Guan Zhong could proceed to test Lin Huang.

Lin Huang appeared stunned. "Dead? Did you guys find him?!"

"We didn't kill him. We only found his body," Guan Zhong added.

"Do you guys know who did it?" 

"We don't." Guan Zhong shook his head again. "We've no idea what exactly happened yesterday, that's why we're asking for your help. We'd like to watch last night's video playback."

"I'd like to help you guys, but I really can't leave these few days." Lin Huang refused to help them.

Guan Zhong and Qian Rui peeked at each other secretly and stopped insisting.

"If that's the case, sorry to trouble you. We'll think of something else."

Guan Zhong looked determined after hanging up the call. "Lin Huang is definitely the culprit."

"So what if you found that out? Do you have evidence? If you don't, he can totally say that you're slandering him." Qian Rui patted Guan Zhong's shoulder while smiling weakly. "Just let it go. At least, he left the full body for us. He even left behind Zhuge Feifan's Emperor's Heart Ring."


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