Monster Paradise
1086 Anyone Capable Will Be the Grand Duke
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1086 Anyone Capable Will Be the Grand Duke

Before 7 a.m. the next day, Lin Huang knocked on Huang Tufu's door that was next to his room.

Huang Tufu opened the door in his shorts, appearing like he had just woken up.

In reality, not sleeping for a whole year would not pose a problem to him since he had reached that level. However, he did drink with Lin Huang last night and had fallen asleep with the help of alcohol in his body.

"Go take a shower now. We're going for breakfast." Lin Huang frowned slightly upon sniffing the alcohol stench wafting from Huang Tufu's body.

"So early?" Huang Tufu yawned. The aroma of the pancakes and the barbecue swept towards Lin Huang.

Lin Huang felt a little suffocated at that moment. He never expected to get this since he managed to dodge it yesterday.

He added after shutting down his breathing system, "Remember to brush your teeth."

After Huang Tufu washed up, both of them arrived at the ground floor of the hotel by the elevator. Then, they checked out at the front desk directly.

"So, are we really going back to Emperor City?" Huang Tufu could not help but ask as they walked out of the hotel.

"Why? Don't you want to leave?" Lin Huang teased while smiling.

"No, but Zhuge Feifan…"

"Zhuge Feifan is already dead." Lin Huang threw that out directly. He proceeded to speak before Huang Tufu could react, "Let's see if the uncle selling pancake is opened today." 

Huang Tufu's eyes lit up when he heard about pancakes. "I want ten this time!"

However, when they returned to Emperor City, Huang Tufu looked bummed.

The uncle selling pancakes did not open his stall today. As usual, he was capricious. Although they had gone there on purpose, they got nothing. Feeling helpless, they settled their breakfast at a random noodle stall next door.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, felt nothing. It did not matter if they did not get to eat the pancakes.

As soon as they returned to the Dynasty headquarters, Lin Huang asked Huang Tufu to gather Huang Tianfu and Huang Wunan at the Emperor Palace.

At the Emperor Palace, Lin Huang and the three Grand Dukes of Dynasty got together.

Lin Huang only asked after waiting for the three of them to take their seats, "How's the business district restoration going?"

"The ruins has been cleared entirely and we've sent the survivors for treatment. We've also sent out a massive amount of compensation. We've informed the family members of the dead that we found to arrange for their burial. We gave a handsome pension to the family members. Besides that, we've arranged temporary accommodation for those who lost their houses, and we've also built a community. The rest that we have to do will be the rebuilding work. We estimate that we can rebuild the entire area within half a year." 

"You must have encountered some obstacles, didn't you?" Lin Huang figured those family members of the deceased must have their piece to say.

"Those are minor ones. We've already settled that," Huang Tianfu said casually. Clearly, it was not his first time encountering something like that.

"That's great." Lin Huang nodded. "Then, I'll move on to the main agenda."

"Firstly, I'd like to say that I have a document in my hand. It's the list of God Bless spies in all the organizations. I'll give you guys this list, so you guys can use the resources and relationships you have to sell this list to people who need it in exchange for the resources Dynasty needs.

"Do this quickly because the Union Government might get this list soon. It'll be difficult to sell it at a good price by then.

"I'll send you guys a material list later on. I hope that you guys can look for these materials from the money you obtained from selling the list. Of course, collect as much as you can. There's no pressure. I do this mainly for you guys to obtain resources."

"Master Emperor, how credible is this list that you're talking about?" Huang Tianfu asked.

"100%. It came directly from the God Messengers' heads." Lin Huang chose to be honest about him killing God Bless's four God's Messengers since there was no need for him to hide from them.

Huang Tianfu did not ask further after hearing that. He said, "Understood. We'll try our best to sell this piece of news out."

"Secondly, I've some ancient cultivation methods with me. They can be used to build a brand new cultivation system to get to virtual god-level.

"Apart from the Princes and Dukes, I hope that you guys can select immortal-level and holy fire-level young people who are talented and have the potential for me. I'll teach them the cultivation methods then."

The three Grand Dukes secretly felt helpless hearing that. They were already demigods, so they had no chance of elevating.

With Lin Huang's cultivation methods, many people might elevate to virtual god-level which would surpass the three of them.

The three of them did not suspect Lin Huang might have lied about having the cultivation methods.

"Thirdly, I'll open the Dynasty trial zones continuously before I leave this gravel world for you guys to obtain the resources and points from going in. The demigod who has the highest points in the trial zone leaderboard will win God Blood from me as a reward and elevate to perfect-stage demigod-level."

The three Grand Dukes experienced a slight change of expression hearing that.

"When do the three of you think is the best time to open the trial zones?" Lin Huang asked.

"Anytime is fine, to be honest. It's just that we might need some time to prepare ourselves," Huang Wunan replied.

"We'll only need one or two days to prepare. If you want them to go into the trial zone as soon as possible, Master Emperor, you can launch it in three days. It shouldn't be a problem." Huang Tianfu gave a detailed reply.

"We'll do it three days later then. By then, I'll open a grade-1 trial zone for imperial-level and demigod-level powerhouses. I'll send the details of the trial zone that I've picked to your guys later."

"So, these are the three main things that I want to say…"

"We'll make a move," Lin Huang called out to them just when Huang Tianfu and the rest were leaving.

"I'll try my best to find ways for you guys break through demigod-level. I'll get it done for you guys as long as it's available in the great world."

"Just you thinking of getting us that is kind enough," Huang Tianfu said while smiling, but a gleam of helplessness flashed by his eyes.

Bloody's voice came after the three of them left the Emperor Palace. "You're recruiting fresh blood so openly. Aren't you scared that they might leave?"

"No, the three of them are smart. They know they can't be replaced easily. Even if new demigods elevate to perfect-stage demigod-level, there will be differences in their abilities. Otherwise, the last Emperor wouldn't have selected the three of them.

"For the juniors who might elevate to virtual god-level, they won't be able to break through virtual god-level within such a short period of time.

"What they need to do is to prove they have enough value to maintain their position of the three Grand Dukes before those juniors grow. They must prove that they're irreplaceable!"

"I've already told them what I want. I hope to grow Dynasty, so my core team must be able to support Dynasty that's going to be more powerful in the future. The three of them know very well that they have to improve with time. I believe that they can prove their value."

"What if the three of them don't meet your standards?"

"Then, we'll replace them with someone else. Whoever is capable will be the Grand Duke!"


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