Monster Paradise
1085 Hun
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1085 Hun

Upon stepping out of the dimensional portal to arrive in front of his hotel, Lin Huang's clone had just finished having supper with Huang Tufu. They were paying and were about to leave.

Lin Huang blended into the crowd and walked toward the barbecue stall.

His clone walked out of the barbecue stall and left Huang Tufu behind, he blended with the crowd too.

Before waiting for Huang Tufu to catch up, his clone disappeared into the crowd. Meanwhile, Lin Huang stood where the clone had been.

"The dessert here looks great. I'll buy some for Xin Er. She'll love it." Lin Huang lifted his head to look at the dessert stall next to him upon seeing that Huang Tufu was advancing.

Huang Tufu shrugged in an indifferent manner since he did not like dessert. "You should buy this fresh. They won't be fresh anymore if you buy them now and only bring them back a few days later."

"Then, we'll go back tomorrow morning since we'll leave right after breakfast," said Lin Huang and walked towards the dessert stall.

"Didn't you say before that we're waiting for Zhuge Feifan?"

"How's Zhuge Feifan more important than my Xin Er?" Lin Huang replied while smiling and raising his brow.

It was past 1 a.m. when they headed back to the hotel after buying a whole lot of dessert. 

Lin Huang shared Zhuge Feifan's memory with Bloody as soon as he returned to his room. He got it to analyze it and sort it out while he went to take a shower.

When he returned to the living room after the shower, Bloody had sorted out Zhuge Feifan's memory and compared as well as analyzed it together with the other three God's Messengers' memories.

"Zhuge Feifan was the first to follow the Master God. Combining the three God's Messengers' memories, I basically know the construction and development of the entire God Bless. God Bless was founded over 700 years ago by the Master God that Zhuge Feifan and the rest talked about."

"So, the Master God is really a cultivator from this world?!" In reality, Lin Huang knew that earlier, but he did not believe it.

"Yes, but there are tons of suspicions about this Master God. It was said that the Master God was one of the first batches of imperial-level powerhouses in the new area. However, he became a true god-level powerhouse as a result of some opportunity that came all of a sudden.

"This part is already suspicious. Theoretically, even if he successfully integrated the Godhead, the most he could get would be Virtual God rank-3. It's impossible for him to get any more powerful. However, his combat strength seemed to have surpassed virtual god-level directly and arrived at true god-level. From what I know, among the known techniques in this gravel world at the moment, no technique can possibly elevate one's combat strength so drastically.

"Also, God Bless was founded after the Master God elevated to true god-level. Zhuge Feifan, Wei Ping and the rest were the most outstanding and talented young people back in that generation. Their combat strength was only on holy flame-level back then. The Master God trained up to a hundred people after the search for talent, but Zhuge Feifan and the other three were the only ones who survived.

"According to their memories, the Master God spent most of his time exploring ruins and sites. He would only return to God Bless two to three times annually to check on the four's cultivation progress and the organization's development.

"The Master God didn't stay long in the gravel world. He was only here for less than a hundred years. After leaving the gravel world, he left a Virtual God rank-9 clone behind. His clone also explored ruins and sites but he got stuck in a grade-7 ruins more than 300 years ago because he didn't make it out in time. He only got out when the ruins was reopened a few years back. He then returned to the gravel world.

"What I find strange is that since the Master God's clone returned, he has been looking for ways to get his real life to return to the gravel world for the past few years. He didn't explain why he's doing that. All he told Zhuge Feifan and the rest was to find ways to bring his real self back."

"It sounds like he's found some treasure in the ruins, but the clone is incapable of retrieving it. Therefore, he's hoping that his real self can come back to retrieve the treasure." Lin Huang offered his speculation.

"I think it goes deeper than that." Bloody shook its head. "Of course, what you said is possible too." 

"Another thing that I don't understand is that with the Master God's ability 700 years ago, he could've defeated all the powerhouses in the entire gravel world on his own and rule the cultivation world with God Bless.

"The new era had just begun at that time. Apart from Mr. Fu and a handful of demigods, there were very few imperial-level powerhouses. All the organizations had just been founded, so he could totally defeat them easily. However, he chose to use God Bless to work secretly, placing many spies into other organizations. Not only did they not interfere with the organizations, but the spies were also helping the other organizations grow.

"Over 700 years ago, apart from the Land of Origin, Division 1 was just built. Maybe he thought that harvesting back then wouldn't be an accomplishment to him and figured he would harvest what he sowed years later." Lin Huang thought about it and decided that the Master God might have had such a mindset back then.

"That's possible," Bloody agreed, "It's like finding a bunch of baby Swine Beasts on the streets. Eating them all would be a waste, so one would rear them and eat them when they get bigger."

"Did you learn anything else about God Bless and the Master God?"

"I found out about Mr. Fu being attacked although we know what exactly happened now. It was Zhuge Feifan who arranged that. He and Qi Shihan did it. They were the two God's Messengers who had the most powerful abilities in God Bless. The reason why Mr. Fu couldn't find any evidence was that Zhuge Feifan cleared all evidence as soon as the mission failed.

"Also, it was God Bless's doing the time when close to half of the demigods and a few Virtual Gods were killed in the grade-7 ruins in Division 1. Moreover, it was the Master God's clone who did it himself. They thought of sacrificing a massive amount of demigods and Virtual Gods as a medium for the dimensional god relic to build a stable gateway by force. Their intention was to get their Master God to come. However, it failed eventually.

"That's everything about God Bless and the Master God. There's no need to talk about the details. I'll share the memory that I've sorted with you, so you can look at the details when you have the time."

"How about the Union Government? They should have quite some secrets too, don't they?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"There is more information about the Union Government," Bloody confirmed while smiling.

"You wouldn't have thought that the Union Government and the Hunter Association are in contact with the great world. Furthermore, the two organizations have the same mastermind. Their mastermind is an organization called the Hunt in the great world."

"No wonder the Union Government is so close to the Hunter Association! I've never heard them falling out throughout the past 800 years." Lin Huang came to a realization.

"The Hunt isn't considered the top organization in the great world. They don't even have a Lord. Compared to Dynasty behind you, they're not worth mentioning at all. However, that organization is a powerful giant to the gravel world.

"The reason why the Union Government and the Hunter Association stand out among other organizations and emerged as the boss today is that the Hunt has been helping them secretly.

"However, the Union Government wasn't the Hunt's affiliate organization since the beginning. Instead, their members passed a trial organized by the Hunt that took place in a ruins over 700 years ago."


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