Monster Paradise
1084 Please Be Happy
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1084 Please Be Happy

To prevent leaving any flaws behind, Lin Huang had held back earlier and only commanded the bruised corpse to reveal itself now.

Guan Zhong had seen the bruised corpse before. Had he still been conscious, Lin Huang would have to fight him before stopping Zhuge Feifan.

However, now that Guan Zhong was out of it, Lin Huang had one less concern. He then controlled the bruised corpse to stop Zhuge Feifan.

"Bruised corpse..." Zhuge Feifan squinted when he saw the corpse. His voice echoed in all directions, "Master Emperor, there's no need for you to hide."

He put An Jing into his God Territory to protect her as he spoke, "This bruised corpse is from that lady, Wei Ping's collection. She used it as her son's host later on. You got this bruised corpse when that kid Wei Shan attempted to take revenge, but you killed him instead."

Kilometers away, Lin Huang removed Thunder's form and scrambled out of the gravel.

Zhuge Feifan was stunned to see him. "So, you disguised as that dumb bird, Master Emperor. This method is pretty remarkable. I didn't realize that at all."

He also noticed that Lin Huang's combat strength was no longer on immortal-level, but on imperial-level yellow gold-rank. Although Lin Huang had removed the disguise, the combat strength still remained.

"It's nothing worth mentioning." Lin Huang looked at Zhuge Feifan while smiling. "You, Mr. Zhuge Feifan, on the other hand, managed to elevate your combat strength three ranks higher which turned the tables around. Wow, I was shocked."

"Master Emperor, you're saying all these just to get the confidential information in my head. Am I right?" Zhuge Feifan asked.

However, Lin Huang shook his head. "That's just a itty-bitty part of the reason." 

"What's the main reason then?"

"The main reason is that I don't wish to see the Master God coming to this gravel world. Therefore, God Bless needs to end, and you, the Master God's loyal slave, must die too!" Lin Huang growled without holding back.

Zhuge Feifan glared at him with hostility. "So, Lin Huang, you're persistent to go against God Bless then?" He even addressed Lin Huang by his full name instead of calling him Master Emperor now.

"No, I'm persistent to end the entire God Bless," Lin Huang corrected him.

"If that's the case, please go to hell then!" At the same time Zhuge Feifan said that, he disappeared from where he was. He arrived before Lin Huang when he appeared again. With his palm wide open, he was going after Lin Huang's head.

If that really happened, Lin Huang's head might explode right away.

Lin Huang stood where he was as if he did not manage to react in time. 

Just as he thought his attack was going to succeed, Zhuge Feifan felt an intense sense of danger spread behind him. It felt like the God of Death was standing behind him.

He dared not even look back and gave up on the attack right away. Retreating, he stepped into the air and turned toward the other direction. While dodging to his right, he adjusted his body to whip around, intending to see what exactly exuded such a sense of danger.

Just when he spun around, he saw a bruised silhouette getting close to him at an alarming speed.

"Bruised corpse?!"

Zhuge Feifan was shocked. To his knowledge, the bruised corpse that had been made into a corpse puppet could remain at Virtual God rank-2 or rank-3 at the most. However, it was not the case at the moment. Its speed was clearly a few folds faster than when he had elevated to Virtual God rank-6.

In the blink of an eye, the bruised corpse arrived before Zhuge Feifan.

Zhuge Feifan attacked directly without hesitation. He dared not slow down at all as he threw his punches continuously. He held nothing back, releasing every bit of Divine Power in his body through every punch.

However, the bruised corpse opened his palm wide and waved seemingly in a casual manner. A black palm print shot out and expanded in the wind. It grew to the size of a small mountain and collided with the glows of the punches like comets landing one after another.

The glows of the punches were crushed as soon as they collided with the giant palm. They turned into stardust like melting snow.

The giant palm arrived before Zhuge Feifan in a heartbeat. Compared to before, its color had faded a little.

Zhuge Feifan was secretly petrified. He retreated quickly while swinging his punches carelessly in an attempt to block the palm from Lin Huang.

However, his hard work was to no avail.

The bruised corpse pressed his palm in the air. Soon, the black palm print accelerated and crushed into Zhuge Feifan's body.

As the giant palm collided against his body, all Zhuge Feifan could feel was an invincible force spreading throughout his body. It felt like an entire planet had crashed into him.

His right hand with which he was throwing punches was smashed into dust by the great force.

Even his god relic armor had tiny cracks from the intense collision. It drained close to half of the Divine Power in his body just to defend the attack.

Although the god relic armor defended the direct attack of the palm, the intense impact crushed his organs.

Zhuge Feifan flew deep into the remnants of the mountain a hundred kilometers away.

The mountain collapsed as if it exploded, accompanied by the blast as Zhuge Feifan's body crashed into it and stopped completely.

Lying in the gravel, Zhuge Feifan was so shocked that he was speechless.

That single attack made him realize that the bruised corpse's combat strength was at least two ranks higher than his. He even suspected the bruised corpse had true god-level ability.

In reality, since Wu Mo had modified the bruised corpse, it had surpassed an ordinary Virtual God rank-9 powerhouse. Although the body had yet to reach True God, it was close.

The three-rank difference was too powerful for Zhuge Feifan.

Until then, Zhuge Feifan who was in the gravel just remembered the three God Bless God's Messengers who had been killed.

"He's invincible… The three of them must've felt this despair before they took their last breath."

The single collision made Zhuge Feifan lose his confidence to fight completely.

Bearing the pain that throbbed all over his body, he stood up from the gravel and summoned a dimensional portal without even thinking.

However, a bruised silhouette came the moment he summoned the dimensional portal, landing directly on top of it.

He looked at Zhuge Feifan who was attempting to escape in a condescending way, then crushed the dimensional portal into dust with a mere slight force under his feet.

Without waiting for Zhuge Feifan to react, the bruised corpse arrived before him in a flash. He pressed his palm against Zhuge Feifan's chest at a neutral speed.

The protective armor sucked all the Divine Power in Zhuge Feifan's body to defend the single attack. With the Divine Power's support, the protective armor retreated back into his body.

His expanded body went back to his original size while his Virtual God rank-6 combat strength fell back to Virtual God rank-3.

Zhuge Feifan was in despair as he looked bitter. He did not even have the Divine Power to summon a dimensional portal now.

"Look into my eyes," commanded the bruised corpse. Zhuge Feifan could not help but lift his head to look at him.

In the next second, his consciousness was drowned in a bloody ocean.

From where Lin Huang was watching, all he could see was a tall and a short silhouette that seemed to have turned into two sculptures. They stood still.

However, the frozen scene only remained for a moment. The bruised corpse then plunged his hand into Zhuge Feifan's chest. When he pulled his bloody hand out from Zhuge Feifan's body, there was a brown Godhead between his fingers.

By then, Zhuge Feifan's consciousness had just returned to his body. However, his aura was plummeting.

An Jing, who was pulled into his God Territory, was rejected from it. She lay on the ground not far away from Zhuge Feifan.

Zhuge Feifan peeked at her direction, trying his very best to stay awake as he crawled toward her. He could hardly move.

Lin Huang sighed slightly upon seeing that tragic scene. He got the bruised corpse to carry Zhuge Feifan and put him next to An Jing.

Zhuge Feifan stretched his arm strenuously and held An Jing's hand pitifully. He then turned his head and spat a word out at Lin Huang, "Thanks…"

His consciousness collapsed soon after saying that. However, he insisted on turning his head back to look at An Jing.

"Please be happy…" Zhuge Feifan managed a weak smile as he watched the love of his life quietly until his world turned completely dark.


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