Monster Paradise
1083 Please Stay, My Friend
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1083 Please Stay, My Friend

Initially, Lin Huang thought Guan Zhong was the unlikeliest to have kidnapped An Jing.

After all, Zhuge Feifan was his master while An Jing was considered his mistress on a certain level. Moreover, when Qian Rui suggested kidnapping An Jing, he refuted the suggestion right away.

In the end, he kidnapped An Jing when it had just been half a day, forcing Zhuge Feifan to reveal himself.

Battling, the duo was screaming at each other in the air.

"You brought me up since I was young. I've known you for over 600 years! To me, you're my master as well as a father. I've always respected you. I've always thought that you've never loved me because you're born a cold person. I told everyone that you're that way. I've just learned that you weren't born a cold person yesterday. For more than 600 years, I've just been an insignificant chess piece. I'm not even a person to you!"

"I'm the God's Messenger of God Bless. I've been taking on the identity of a spy since the first day I stepped into the Union Government. Everyone in the Union Government is a chess piece to me. You're not the only one," Zhuge Feifan said expressionlessly.

"I'm not in the mood to talk about old times with you. Hand An Jing over!"

"I'm curious. Which part of this woman attracts you? You've only known her for two years, but she's more important to you than the Union Government that you've been working for over 700 years!" Guan Zhong demanded, feeling more and more pissed off. He had dragged An Jing into his God Territory before the battle began.

"She's an ordinary person. You shouldn't have dragged her into this." Zhuge Feifan shook his head, feeling helpless.

"I've told you. I'm a God's Messenger under the Master God before joining the Union Government. No matter whether it's been 700 years, 7,000 years or 70,000 years that I've stay in the Union Government, my real identity remains as God's Messenger of God Bless. The Union Government has never been important to me, so technically, I didn't betray them."

Naturally, that answer was not what Guan Zhong wanted to hear. "I wonder what magic potion that Master God got you to drink!"

"Master God is a real god. You can't imagine how great power a ninth-rank True God possesses!" Zhuge Feifan's tone really sounded like he was a fanatic who had been brainwashed.

Lin Huang was eager to ask when he heard his response, "Do you know there's Heavenly God and Lord above True God?" However, he remained lying in the gravel in Thunder's form without moving as if he had lost the ability to move.

Zhuge Feifan and Guan Zhong treated him as a dumb bird that had been injured badly from the fallen rocks coming from the battle impact. Naturally, they did not bother about him.

"Zhuge Feifan, you've met fanatics before. Don't you hear yourself? You're being brainwashed! Follow me back to the Union Government. We'll try everything we can to remove that bullsh*t from your head!" Finally, Guan Zhong called out Zhuge Feifan's name instead of calling him his master.

"Stop your nonsense, Guan Zhong. I'll give you two choices now. You can give me An Jing. Let me take her away and I'll pretend the kidnapping never happened. If not, I'll kill you and take An Jing with me."

Guan Zhong did not panic at all when he heard the warning. "You should know very well that you've no chance of winning if you were to fight me. Your combat strength is a level lower than mine. I taught you everything you know, including the provisional combat strength elevation method."

"Zhuge Feifan, since you're so stubborn, I won't waste anymore effort on you," he said and swung his right hand, invoking 18 silhouettes to appear before him at the same time.

"Back-up support?!" Lin Huang was stunned to see the silhouettes. He subsequently recognized those things. "No, they've got no vitals. They should be corpse puppets!"

Zhuge Feifan also experienced a slight change of expression when he saw the 18 corpse puppets.

To everyone's bewilderment, a blood-colored formation flag suddenly appeared in Guan Zhong's hand. He glared at Zhuge Feifan seriously. "You taught me this puppet formation as well, but I'll beat you with this today!"

Guan Zhong lowered the formation flag in his hand to point forward as soon as he was done speaking. The 18 corpse puppets charged at Zhuge Feifan like wild beasts that were hungry for blood.

The corpse puppets clearly had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-3. Their individual abilities were nothing below Guan Zhong or Zhuge Feifan's. With the control of the formation flag, the onset of 18 corpse puppets combined would be even more powerful.

Zhuge Feifan was indeed suppressed at the moment.

As he watched the battle beneath, Lin Huang hesitated if he should help. Initially, he planned to kill Zhuge Feifan on his own when he ran away.

If that happened, he could avoid engaging people from the Union Government. Guan Zhong had seen Lin Huang in the bruised corpse's form before, so he would recognize him right away.

However, he was a little worried that Guan Zhong would take Zhuge Feifan away now.

Taking Zhuge Feifan away from Guan Zhong and killing Zhuge Feifan halfway were two completely different concepts. The former was almost equivalent to declaring war with the Union Government.

Just when Lin Huang was thinking to himself, in the midst of the battle, Zhuge Feifan's combat strength sky-rocketed. From his initial Virtual God rank-3 combat strength, he broke through Virtual God rank-4, Virtual God rank-5, and even stepped into Virtual God rank-6.

The three-rank elevation made his ability rise greatly. He crushed the heads of two corpse puppets and got out of the puppet formation with blood smeared all over his body.

Zhuge Feifan's body underwent a strange expansion as his pupils turned bloody. His height grew to two to three meters as his body bulged with muscles. Even his top was shredded from the transformation.

"I've already told you that you don't understand how powerful the Master God is!"

Zhuge Feifan revealed a ferocious grin. Instead of charging at Guan Zhong, he turned around and advanced into the puppet formation.

He punched and kicked, destroying all of the corpse puppets one after another like he was smashing toys.

The entire process took less than three seconds before all 18 corpse puppets were killed.

Soaked in blood, Zhuge Feifan then turned his head to look at Guan Zhong.

Guan Zhong was completely astounded. He thought his plan of bringing his corpse puppets there to capture Zhuge Feifan was a seamless one. Never had he thought that Zhuge Feifan would have such a ridiculous combat strength elevation method whereby he could elevate three ranks at once. The corpse puppets that he brought were all killed in mere seconds. They were torn and became dead remains on the ground.

Just when he was rooted in shock, Zhuge Feifan zipped forward and arrived before him in the next second, grabbing his neck to haul him up.

"Give me An Jing or you'll die!"

"Come into my God Territory and bring her out yourself if you dare!" Guan Zhong remained stubborn.

Zhuge Feifan smirked. "Sure, let's play!" He released Guan Zhong as he spoke.

Almost at the same time, a black vortex appeared out of thin air. Zhuge Feifan stepped into it without hesitation while Guan Zhong followed behind. The duo's aura vanished completed together with the vortex.

Lin Huang waited patiently. To him, Guan Zhong definitely would not be able to defeat Zhuge Feifan. After all, their combat strength was just too far apart.

Approximately a minute later, an ear-piercing screech came. The massive God Territory showed its illusive projection. Then, it collapsed in the air.

A silhouette fell onto the ground from mid-air. At the same time, another silhouette marched out of the projection.

As Lin Huang expected, Zhuge Feifan was the victor.

He held An Jing in his arm, his elevated aura was calming down.

Naturally, Guan Zhong was the one who had fallen onto the ground. His vitals were still there, but he was clearly in a coma now.

Zhuge Feifan hesitated as he peeked at Guan Zhong's direction. In the end, he did not kill him.

He summoned dimensional portal with the flourish of a hand as he glanced down at the lady in his arm.

However, a black glow came at the moment, crushing the dimensional portal.

"Please stay, my friend!"


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