Monster Paradise
1082 The Kidnapper Beyond Expectations
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1082 The Kidnapper Beyond Expectations

Lin Huang and Bloody clearly saw what happened in An Jing's house.

When he saw An Jing being taken away by the silhouette, Lin Huang frowned slightly.

"I've never thought people from Agency EA would take action so soon!"

The reason Lin Huang was sure that it was Agency EA who did that was that apart from him and Huang Tufu, only people from the agency knew about An Jing's real identity at that moment.

"I thought they wouldn't do this so soon because they didn't want to cross the line. Never had I thought they'd be so decisive!" The person's quick action was indeed out of Lin Huang's expectations.

"Perhaps they're afraid there might be changes to the situation." Bloody knew Agency EA's behavior very well. "The Union Government must've hoped that they could capture Zhuge Feifan before the news of him escaping spread. As soon as the news spread, perhaps the few top underground organizations will go after him. It's the best time to obtain the Union Government's top secrets."

"That makes sense. I've underestimated Zhuge Feifan's value." Lin Huang nodded and said, feeling helpless, "It's even more troublesome now that we've lost An Jing."

"I've foreseen this would happen, so I left a positioning pod behind in An Jing's body," Bloody admitted with a grin.

"Won't anyone find out about the pod?"

"They won't. It's just a pod with a positioning function without any energy waves. It's impossible that anyone will find out about it as long as they don't observe it with methods on the same level as Divine Telekinesis. This is because the pod is just the size of a cell." Bloody had mastered hundreds of types of parasitization methods, some of which could not even be tracked.

Lin Huang was relieved after realizing that they had An Jing's coordinates. "So, where is that guy who took An Jing again?"

"He's gone to the south. He's not using a dimensional portal. He's been maintaining a high-speed flight and he's clearly luring Zhuge Feifan to come out."

"The south…" Lin Huang projected the map from his Emperor's Heart Ring. "It's the Hopeless Cliff on the south and the grade-6 forbidden area, Hell Canyon, is further up. It seems like they're going to fight at Hell Canyon."

"It's just over 1,000 kilometers away from First City. It seems a little too close, but the terrain of the Hopeless Cliff can bear the impact of the fight when it reaches First City. That guy who took An Jing away must've picked that place for this reason," Bloody analyzed while looking at the map.

Bloody could not see what was happening exactly at the moment. It could only sense that the positioning pod had not stopped moving. Lin Huang did not go after the person right away. Instead, he remained patient while waiting for the person to stop.

Some ten minutes later, Bloody sensed that the positioning pod had stopped. As expected, it stopped at Hell Canyon.

Lin Huang stood up and went out to knock on Huang Tufu's door.

"Anything that I can help you with, Master Emperor?" Huang Tufu opened the door puzzledly.

"Do you want to have some skewers? We can enjoy a drink too."

"Sure!" Without hesitation, Huang Tufu agreed to go as soon as he heard there was something to eat.

They walked out of the hotel and realized that the business district downstairs was still crowded.

Huang Tufu exclaimed, "First City lives up to its name. It's still so crowded when it's already midnight. Our business district in Emperor City doesn't even have this many people at 10 p.m."

"Isn't comparing First City with Emperor City silly?" Lin Huang smiled. "I remember seeing some recommendations on the Internet. There's a barbecue place over there that looks yummy. Let's go to that one."

Lin Huang blended with the crowd as soon as he was done speaking.

Huang Tufu followed behind Lin Huang immediately.

Before Huang Tufu caught up with him, Lin Huang put on a golden mask and transformed his face. At the same time, he crushed a Cloning Card and cloned himself.

In the next second, he left Huang Tufu's field of vision, blending in with the crowd.

He walked out of the business district leisurely and went to an empty space. Then, he summoned a dimensional portal and stepped into it.

When he stepped out of the dimensional portal in the next second, he arrived at Zhuge Feifan's villa.

The villa was located in the south of First City. It was up to 1,000 kilometers away from the Union Government. Lin Huang had set the coordinates when they came to investigate Zhuge Feifan earlier.

After getting out of Agency EA's radar, Lin Huang crushed a Transformation Card and transformed into Thunder. He flapped his wings and flew toward the south.

Approximately five to six minutes later, Lin Huang passed by the Hopeless Cliff to the south of First City and entered the grade-6 forbidden area, Hell Canyon.

"Is An Jing still there?"

"She's still there. She's around 280 kilometers from where we are now. Just go all the way east following the cliff."

"We're already so close, but we haven't heard any signs of battle. Could Zhuge Feifan not have taken the bait?" Just when Lin Huang asked Bloody that question through voice transmission, an intense battle wave spread from the direction Bloody specified.

Given that the cliffs were blocking it, the Divine Power was weak as it spread over there hundreds of kilometers away. However, the strong wind that came from the energy wave was like a tornado sweeping past Lin Huang's face.

He flapped his wings and ascended quickly to avoid being blown away by the strong wind.

Virtual god-level battle impact would not harm him. Nevertheless, he chose to avoid it to prevent Zhuge Feifan and the other guy from noticing him.

After spending less than a minute to travel more than 200 kilometers, Lin Huang finally saw the duo who was battling far away.

He did not go any closer. Instead, he landed at the back of a cliff.

Naturally, the two Virtual Gods noticed him. However, they only treated him as a dumb bird that had invaded their battle, so they did not care to bother.

Lin Huang looked at the duo's battle with his head peeping out. Compared to when he was on immortal-level, his combat strength had elevated to imperial-level yellow gold-rank after using the Transformation Card. He had an ability comparable with a Virtual God, which allowed him to capture the two Virtual Gods' movements in the battle.

In the air, the two silhouettes were twinkling like flashes of black and white lightning.

All monsters in the forbidden area were reeling in fear. Some were even so terrified that they froze instead of running away.

Sparks burst from the collision and lit up in the middle of the duo's battle, illuminating the night sky.

The flowers and trees around them turned into ashes as a result of the high temperature. In the blink of an eye, they were gone with the wind. The cliffs in all directions collapsed, creating gullies and sinkholes in the ground. It was so close to being a bottomless abyss.

Meanwhile, the mountain kilometers away, where Lin Huang was, was collapsing from the intense earthquake. Lin Huang pretended to be hurt and fell into the collapsed gravel. Despite the tumultuous chaos, he proceeded to watch the battle through the gaps.

He had been watching for a while now, but he could not see who exactly Zhuge Feifan was fighting with. However, his doubts were soon answered.

A voice that Lin Huang was familiar with boomed in the air. "Master, please come with me. I'll definitely fight for a lenient punishment for you."

"Guan Zhong, you disappoint me. I've taught you countless times to not 

show mercy to any enemies. I'm your enemy now, not your master. If you haven't come to a realization to kill me, then I'll end your life here!"

Lin Huang was shocked to hear the duo's conversation.

"Guan Zhong kidnapped An Jing!"


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