Monster Paradise
1081 Monitoring
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1081 Monitoring

"I wonder if the Union Government managed to get more clues. Agency EA already stated that they don't want me to interfere further. They'll find out that I've got a plan of my own if I ask for more information from them."

Lin Huang was rather helpless that the investigation had come to a dead end.

"I think they'll still use An Jing as bait sooner or later," Bloody said with a grin.

Lin Huang recalled the conversation between Guan Zhong and Qian Rui earlier. He figured that Qian Rui seemed to be eager to use An Jing as bait since the beginning but Guan Zhong refuted the idea.

"There's nothing I can do if they really get their people to kidnap An Jing." Lin Huang frowned slightly. He said to Bloody all of a sudden after a moment of silence, "We must find a way to monitor An Jing. Otherwise, we wouldn't even know if someone has taken her away."

Bloody exhibited a projection, still smiling.

The projection showed an open-style kitchen and living room.

Lin Huang thought it seemed rather familiar. "Is this… An Jing's house?"

Bloody nodded while smiling.

"When did you spread your Leech Pods? Won't anyone find out about that?" Lin Huang asked in surprise.

"I secretly dropped a Leech Pod when we entered An Jing's house," explained Bloody, "There's a frozen crystal in the refrigerator with energy waves radiating out of it. Furthermore, it runs for 24 hours, which covers the Leech Pod's weak energy wave perfectly."

"Her house has an open-style kitchen. The refrigerator's facing the living room. The surveillance happens to cover a large part of the living room."

The creak of the door opening came from the living room all of a sudden while Bloody was speaking.

Although the surveillance could not pick up the side of the wall where the door in the living room was, it could still pick up sounds.

The door opened a moment later followed by the quiet shutting of the door.

A while later, having changed into house slippers, An Jing finally appeared in the surveillance range of the Leech Pod. She was dressed in a white short-sleeved shirt. Her back was drenched as she walked straight into the bathroom.

Early August was the hottest season in First City. The temperature was almost 38 to 39 degrees Celcius and the sun showed no mercy. It was normal for an ordinary person to sweat under such high temperatures.

Soon, the splashing of water came out of shower head from the bathroom. Perhaps because she was living alone, An Jing did not close the bathroom door.

However, the surveillance did not broadcast anything but the bathroom door.

Some ten minutes later, the water stopped and An Jing walked out with a towel tied around her waist. However, the top half of her body was naked.

Lin Huang glanced away after a peek. He was not shy. After all, he was an experienced man and he used to have girlfriends before. However, he was monitoring the person at the moment, and it was immoral to be peeking at someone taking a shower.

With the towel tied around her waist, An Jing walked into the bedroom while drying her damp hair.

Soon, she returned to the living room wearing black underwear and a towel covering the top half of her body. She was still naked, but the towel covered most of her body.

Until then, Lin Huang just noticed that she had a svelte figure, leaning towards the likelihood that she worked out.

She had long legs and a tiny waist. Her breasts and butt were not considered voluptuous, but she had an appealing figure as a whole.

An Jing seemed to look sexier than usual when she had just taken a shower with her hair still half-wet.

Just like that, she sat on the couch with her little underwear and the towel on her body. She lay on a pillow while placing her legs on the table. Then, she began reading on the Heart Network.

"This little miss is pretty easy-going." Lin Huang could not help but smile. However, seeing that she was at ease being herself, he confirmed that Zhuge Feifan had erased her memory.

It was impossible that she would behave like that if she had retained her memory and she had just lost the love of her life. There was no way that this could be all an act.

"Watch her. Inform me if something happens." Lin Huang had no time to watch this lady go on with her daily life.

Lin Huang returned to his room after delegating the task to Bloody. He then took out the Godheads and broken Godheads that had just been sorted out from his storage space.

He put all eight Godheads and 17 broken Godheads into his body and began refining them.

The refinement zone formed by the ten Divine Fires seemed to be welcoming as they swallowed all of the Godheads and broken Godheads.

Time flew by and a couple of hours soon passed by.

Huang Tufu came knocking on his door when it was past 5 p.m. They had dinner at a restaurant that was wildly popular downstairs and took a stroll along the business district.

It was past 9 p.m. when they were done with their stroll.

Nonetheless, Huang Tufu was not done walking around. He was not really shopping; he was checking the ladies out.

There were just too many beautiful ladies in this business district. After some had walked by, even more would come by. It was a feast for the eyes. Moreover, most of the ladies in First City dressed up rather well. They were more pleasing to the eye compared to the ladies in Emperor City.

Huang Tufu felt a little dizzy just watching all of the beautiful ladies at that moment.

If not for Lin Huang who wanted to head back to the hotel, he might have been sitting in the middle of the business district until midnight.

Huang Tufu lost his mood as soon as they returned to the hotel.

He sprawled on the couch in the living room like a salted fish again and proceeded to read his novel.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, continued to speed up the refinement of the Godheads in his body as he returned to his room.

The speed of refinement that he initiated with his Divine Fire was a few times faster than automatic refinement. Even though that was the case, the eight complete Godheads showed no signs of being refined at all. There was not even a crack on them.

Over two hours soon passed by.

The eight complete Godheads in Lin Huang's body remained unchanged.

He was going to shower and sleep upon realizing it was almost midnight.

However, Bloody's voice came all of a sudden just when he stood up and arrived at the bathroom door.

"Something's happening to An Jing!" Bloody then projected the surveillance footage.

An Jing's house was pitch-black at the moment, but it did not affect Lin Huang's vision.

He saw a spiral of black smoke appear out of nowhere in the middle of the living room. It happened to be within the surveillance range of Bloody's Leech Pod.

A moment later, the black smoke expanded rapidly into an irregular cloud with a diameter of two meters. It looked like a muscular hunk who was two meters tall.

The silhouette stepped out and went into An Jing's bedroom in a flash as soon as it formed.

In the next second, he walked out of the bedroom with An Jing who was either sleeping or in a coma. He then stepped out and passed the living room like a shadow before going onto the balcony.


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