Monster Paradise
1078 It’s Getting Cold, Put on Some Clothes
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1078 It’s Getting Cold, Put on Some Clothes

A moment later, the white glow faded away.

Zhuge Feifan put Sister Jing down onto the couch slowly.

He opened her Emperor Heart Ring communication page and soon found all of the conversation records he had had with her.

This foolish woman had given him her Emperor Heart Ring's access when she could not even find information about a TV series that she was binging on.

Instead of deleting the messages, Zhuge Feifan read them one by one.

"My name's An Jing, what's your name?"

"You're only 23. You're not that young compared to me. I bet you're only five or six years younger than me."

"Xiao Feifan, someone broke up with me again. Come drink with me, your sister!"

"Are you sure you want to date me? I'm already 30!"

"Of course, I'll promise you that, but you'll have to call me Sister Jing for the rest of your life!"

"It's raining now, so it's a little cold. Remember to put on a jacket when you come back."

"I've made your favorite boiled sliced pork today. Come back soon!"

"Feifan, I got you a trench coat. You'll look good in it. Try it on when you come back from work."

Without realizing it, tears streaked all over his face as he finished reading the last message.

After erasing all of the records, he turned off the Emperor's Heart Ring communication page and turned his head to stare at An Jing for a long time. He then stood up and began clearing the house.

Some ten minutes later, Zhuge Feifan carried An Jing out of the house after he cleared the place.

Lin Huang expanded the projection range immediately, wanting to see where he was going.

In the end, Zhuge Feifan carried An Jing to Room 3302 next door. Immediately, he opened the door with a key.

So, they were neighbors!

Lin Huang and the rest were astounded.

Lin Huang paused the video as Qian Rui used his telekinetic power to get into Room 3302 to open the door.

They sensed that there was nobody in the house at that moment.

After walking into Room 3302, Lin Huang expanded the projection range again so that he included the entire unit. After that, he played the paused video again.

They saw Zhuge Feifan carry An Jing into the bedroom and put her down on the bed gently. Then, he tucked her into the blanket.

He then began to clear everything that was related to him in An Jing's room.

Their photo on the bedhead, the photo hanging in the living room, the photo pasted on the refrigerator… His clothes and shoes in the cabinets, his toothbrush and the towel in the bathroom…

He spent merely ten minutes to wipe away each and every trace of him in An Jing's life.

After confirming that he had missed out nothing, he returned to the bedroom and stared at An Jing who was sleeping for a while. He walked up and kissed her forehead.

"You'll find your love since you're such a good woman," he mumbled softly before standing up. Then, he left without even turning his head.

Zhuge Feifan returned to his house after closing the door to Room 3302.

After some thorough investigation later, he lit up the entire house after making sure he had not missed out on anything.

Lin Huang only removed the projected video after Zhuge Feifan summoned a dimensional portal and left.

"I thought he's a cold-blooded person who has no feeling at all." Guan Zhong shook his head and forced a smile after watching the video replay that was over half an hour long. "In reality, he didn't trust me since the beginning."

"Don't overthink it. This woman must've walked into his life by accident." Qian Rui patted his shoulder, knowing that Guan Zhong must be feeling terrible now.

Guan Zhong might not have too many emotions if Zhuge Feifan had been cold to everyone. However, Zhuge Feifan had shared an extraordinary relationship with this woman called An Jing. Guan Zhong felt horrible about it.

"If Zhuge Feifan trusted you, would you have betrayed the Union Government with him?" Huang Tufu asked all of a sudden.

"No!" Guan Zhong answered without hesitation, "Although he's my master, it doesn't mean that I'll support everything that he does unconditionally."

"So, what difference does it make whether he trusted you or not?" Huang Tufu challenged while smiling.

Guan Zhong was stunned and subsequently forced a smile while nodding. "That makes sense. I've been standing on the other side since the beginning, so he didn't dare give me too much of his trust. I can't blame him for using me as his chess piece."

"Can we find out anything from An Jing?" Lin Huang changed the subject directly to get Guan Zhong to work. It was more useful than any consolation.

"Although her memory of him is erased, we can use her since we know about their relationship." Qian Rui looked like he already had a plan. "I suspect that Zhuge Feifan didn't go very far. He might be secretly watching An Jing."

"If I were Zhuge Feifan, I definitely wouldn't leave before I make sure the woman I love is safe. I wouldn't even let her leave my field of vision." Huang Tufu agreed.

"So, are you guys planning to use An Jing as a bait?" Guan Zhong frowned slightly. "She's just an ordinary person. It's inappropriate to do that."

"What's inappropriate about that? It's not dangerous to use her as bait, more so since Zhuge Feifan won't kill her." Huang Tufu begged to differ.

"What I'm saying is that this is a matter between cultivators. We shouldn't drag an ordinary person into this." Guan Zhong thought the idea was out of line.

There were some regulations in the Union Government whereby it was prohibited to involve ordinary people into cultivators' matters. The most that they could do to ordinary people was to interrogate them, but they could not carry out other measures on them. However, it was a gray line whereby it mainly depended on how the individual handled the case.

"An Jing might be the biggest key to find Zhuge Feifan. We can't give up just like that. We might be able to find useful information if we can retrieve the part of memory that was erased. We don't necessarily need to use her as bait." Qian Rui could only take a step back for now.

"We've gotten a lot more information this time. I've taken pictures of the interaction Zhuge Feifan shared with An Jing. I even took pictures of their photos that Zhuge Feifan put away. I'll see if we can find anything useful when we get back later."

"Should we take a look at the properties he owns in other footholds?" Lin Huang asked.

"Theoretically, it's pretty impossible for him to have left First City since An Jing is here." Qian Rui thought it was unnecessary.

"So, is our job here done?" Huang Tufu asked immediately. He could not wait to head back to Emperor City.

"I think we should take a look at his properties in the other footholds. What if there are clues over there?" Guan Zhong still hoped to find more evidence. "I'll go with the Emperor. You'll stay back to look around here."

"Alright then, remember to take pictures." Qian Rui patted Guan Zhong's shoulder.

Guan Zhong spoke again after they sent Qian Rui off, "Apart from First City, I know Zhuge Feifan has five properties in other footholds at the moment. Apart from two properties in Heaven City, he has one in Ice River City, one in White Castle City, and one in Thousand Lake City. The property in Thousand Lake City is the getaway that he frequents most. I've been there thrice with him."

"Let's go then." Lin Huang did not mind going to the rest of the properties since he would treat it as a sight-seeing trip. Moreover, he was eager to get rid of Zhuge Feifan, who was trouble, as soon as possible.


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