Monster Paradise
1076 He Has Properties Everywhere
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1076 He Has Properties Everywhere

In the villa that was completely incinerated, almost everything in it had turned into piles of ashes, so nobody could tell what they were initially. Even the walls were distorted as a result of the high heat.

The temperature when the house was burned was clearly higher than a normal fire.

"The fire was obviously done by humans. The speed of the burning was extremely fast. It almost burned the entire house down within merely a couple of minutes. It became this when the firefighters arrived," Guan Zhong explained to Lin Huang.

After observing the inside of the house for a while, Lin Huang summoned the Book of Sorcerer Dao again.

Guan Zhong and the rest quieted down and retreated behind Lin Huang while watching him performing witchcraft runes.

They had no idea that those were witchcraft methods that came from the middle era. They thought it was some secret skills that Lin Huang had obtained. Meanwhile, they thought the Book of Sorcerer Dao in his hand was some mysterious god item.

The Union Government knew that Dynasty had an organization from the great world behind them and the Emperor of Dynasty was capable of performing any methods. That was the reason why Guan Zhong and Qian Rui did not find it surprising.

Meanwhile, Huang Tufu had seen Lin Huang fought, hence he knew Lin Huang's ability and was no longer surprised by his methods.

The runes of the video playback projected into the air and soon the video appeared just like it had before.

The villa that had turned into ruins seemed like it was restored entirely at that moment.

The ceilings, walls, and floors were so clean like they were brand new. The furniture was also perfectly restored.

"I've set the time to 4.12 p.m. yesterday." Lin Huang set the time when Zhuge Feifan stepped into the dimensional portal.

However, Zhuge Feifan did not appear after they waited for two minutes.

"It seems like this wasn't the first place he dropped by." Lin Huang looked at Guan Zhong.

As Zhuge Feifan's disciple, Guan Zhong should know best where Zhuge Feifan frequented.

Guan Zhong frowned slightly. "He has three other properties in First City, but from what I know, he usually stays here and hardly goes to the rest."

"The first place he teleported to shouldn't be anywhere else but First City," Qian Rui could not help but speak up, "If I were escaping, I'd clear my office and get home to clear the most important evidence. Since he didn't come here right away, it proves that the most important evidence isn't here.

"Moreover, the sequence of clearing should be from the most important to the less important and closer to further. Therefore, the first place he teleported to should be in First City. He wouldn't have gone to other cities and come back here."

"So, it means there's a high possibility that he went to the other property right away," Lin Huang concluded.

"Not necessarily. Maybe he has other properties that you don't know about. You guys wouldn't be able to find out as long as he didn't register in his own name," Huang Tufu voiced a different opinion.

"What you said is possible too, but we can only search using the available clue now." Guan Zhong did not deny the possibility Huang Tufu expressed.

Lin Huang fast-forwarded the video 10 times faster. A black dimensional portal appeared when it was almost 5 p.m.

A person walked out of it when the portal opened. It was Zhuge Feifan.

"Pause right here!" Qian Rui shouted all of a sudden.

The dimensional portal was clearly different from the one before.

Lin Huang paused the video while Qian Rui walked up and took pictures of the details of the portal. He nodded to Lin Huang after he was done taking the pictures.

The paused projected video proceeded. Zhuge Feifan put the dimensional portal away after walking out of it. He then walked to the study room, opened the drawer of the desk and began putting things away.

"You guys take a look and see if there are any clues in the drawer." Lin Huang slowed down the speed of the playback and got Guan Zhong and the rest to take a look.

Zhuge Feifan took the items out quickly and put them away into his storage space. However, Guan Zhong and Qian Rui saw everything crystal clear since Lin Huang slowed it down.

After putting the few items from the drawer away, Zhuge Feifan then turned around to clear the bookcase. He put all the books and decor into his storage space.

When he was done with the study room, Zhuge Feifan got up and walked to his bedroom. He put some sex toys on his bedhead away into his storage space. Subsequently, he walked to his wardrobe and put away all his clothes and shoes.

He looked around to confirm he had missed nothing. A flicker of blue flames appeared on his palm. He moved his finger slightly, and gushes of blue flames shot all over the place.

At that very moment, the curtains, the bed, the bookcase, the table, the chairs, the couch, the coffee table… Almost everything that could be ignited was kindled. They began to burn rapidly.

Zhuge Feifan did not leave right away. He only summoned a dimensional portal and stepped into it after waiting for the fire to spread.

It was another dimensional portal that he summoned this time.

Qian Rui walked up and took pictures of the third dimensional portal immediately.

Lin Huang played the video after Qian Rui was done with the pictures.

The dimensional portal closed slowly, disappearing from where it was.

As Lin Huang fast-forwarded the remaining video ten times faster, the entire villa soon turned into a burned structure. The fire in the house was extinguished entirely when the firefighters arrived.

It was unnecessary to keep watching from then on. Lin Huang removed the projection and turned to Guan Zhong and Qian Rui.

"Did you find any clues?"

"There's nothing important in his drawer actually. I guess he cleared that just in case he missed something out. The books and decor on the bookcase were nothing special, let alone the clothes and the shoes." Clearly, Guan Zhong was dissatisfied with what they had gotten out of this trip.

"He used two different dimensional portals when he came and left. I've sent the detailed photos to my underlings to check thoroughly to see if there are any clues to that." Qian Rui had sent the pictures over when Guan Zhong had been speaking. He was clearly a person who did things quickly and decisively.

"Do you guys want to look at it again?"

"No need. Let's go to the next one." Qian Rui shook his head.

Guan Zhong said nothing and summoned the dimensional portal. They walked into it and disappeared after he set the coordinates.

Zhuge Feifan's second and third property were both villas. The locations were getting more and more luxurious.

However, in the two villas, Zhuge Feifan lit up the houses after merely putting away his clothes and stuff just like before. The only thing they got out of the footages was Qian Rui being able to take pictures of the two different dimensional portals again.

"We're left with the last property. If we can't find anything there, we can only wait for the dimensional portal user data." Lin Huang felt incompetent. After all, the only help he could provide was a replay of the video. Agency EA would have to depend on their own apart from that.


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