Monster Paradise
1075 I Must Eat A Pancake to Get Over the Shock!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1075 I Must Eat A Pancake to Get Over the Shock!

The empty room fell into dead silence as soon as the projection ended.

Apart from watching everything Zhuge Feifan did from moving his possessions to leaving via the dimensional portal eventually as well as finding out his reason to escape and the exact time of escaping, they seemed to have learned nothing more.

"Are there any clues?" Lin Huang turned his head to look at Guan Zhong and Qian Rui.

Guan Zhong shook his head helplessly. "Not really, but he didn't set the coordinates when he took the dimensional portal out in the end. Instead, he just stepped into it right away. It shows that those are the default coordinates, so it should be coordinates that he frequents. We can go back to the places that he usually goes and perform the video playback one after another to see if we can find more clues."

"Can't the Union Government get the usage data from the dimensional portal? Can't you just get his last teleportation coordinates?" Huang Tufu interrupted unclearly while munching on the pancake.

"The dimensional portal data system was only set up 36 years ago. We only have data backup for dimensional portals that were produced since the data system was set up. We've no data backup for those that were produced prior to that, so we can't find out anything about it," Qian Rui shook his head as he explained, "Zhuge Feifan has been using this dimensional portal for over 100 years. We can't find any related data in most of our databases."

"But don't all dimensional portal companies have a data storage record before the database was set up? Can't we retrieve anything from them?" Lin Huang remembered seeing some related information at the library back them. He had been slightly interested since it was related to dimensional portals, so he had taken a peek.

Guan Zhong glanced at Lin Huang, not expecting Lin Huang to know such a thing so well. He added on to what Qian Rui said earlier, "Indeed, we can retrieve dimensional portal data from the dimensional portal company that produced it. However, the one he's using is a model that was produced over 100 years ago. Plus, we're not sure which company produced it. There are up to 100 companies that produced dimensional portals 100 years ago. Today, only three companies with the biggest model in the entire continent are left while most of the rest went bankrupt. Those that were fortunate would've been bought over and there might've been data that was left behind while those that were unfortunate would've lost their data long ago."

"Even if we're lucky enough to get the dimensional portal data and find the coordinates, it can't be Zhuge Feifan's final hiding place. With his stealthy character, he definitely won't use the particular dimensional portal again," Qian Rui continued.

"But no matter how many dimensional portals he has, we can only search following this clue since we've no other hint at the moment."

"Do you guys want to look at the playback again? Or do we go to the next location?" Lin Huang asked both of them without giving any other opinion.

After all, anyone from Agency EA would be more professional than him in tracking. He had no other option on his side.

"Let's take a look again then," Qian Rui said without thinking twice, "We can skip the front part. Start from the time when he saw Guan Zhong's message until he left."

Lin Huang nodded and performed the video playback again. He set the playback time to past four in the afternoon when Zhuge Feifan got the message until he stepped into the dimensional portal a few minutes later.

"Pause here. Let me take pictures of this dimensional portal," Qian Rui shouted immediately.

Lin Huang paused the video. Qian Rui walked up to it and took pictures of every side and every detail of the dimensional portal. He did not want to miss a thing.

He only nodded at Lin Huang after he took a few minutes to finish. "I'm all done. Sorry for the trouble."

"Don't worry about it." Lin Huang waved and put the Book of Sorcerer Dao away into his body.

Qian Rui, on the other hand, sent out the photos and called a number. He got his underling to check the details about the dimensional portal.

As everyone was done working on their own thing, Huang Tufu happened to finish the last pancake.

"Do we go to the next location now?" Lin Huang asked Guan Zhong and Qian Rui.

Guan Zhong then summoned a dimensional portal in which they stepped in one after another.

Lin Huang had no idea that within less than two hours, all the social media applications were having fun with the picture in which he was guzzling the pancakes.

The topic of 'Dynasty's Newly Appointed Emperor' which had just cooled off was now a hit again. The topic now became 'Stickers of the Emperor Eating Pancakes'.

It was more popular than the topic 'Everyone in the Wei Clan Has Gone Missing' which ranked No. 1 and 'The Blessing Trading Company Explosion' ranking No. 2 that morning.

Even the comments of the next two top topics were related to pancakes.

"Supernatural stuff happened to the Wei Clan? It's so scary! I must eat a pancake to get over the shock!"

"I heard THE Blessing Trading Company exploded! It's so scary. I must eat a pancake to get over the shock!"

"The commenter above, stand there and don't move. I'll go get you a pancake."

"The commenter above, buy fish head biscuits from me. 18 servings with massive fish heads. That will be a big portion to fill your tummy. It only costs 998 life crystals! You'll be losing out if you don't get it at 998 life crystals. You'll regret if you don't get it at 998 life crystals. You deserve it!"

Even Lin Xin, who was far away in Emperor City, saw the picture of Lin Huang eating pancakes. She shrieked so hard in laughter when she saw the stickers, and she downloaded them immediately.

Naturally, everyone in Dynasty saw that too. They downloaded the sticker pack without hesitation.

Even people in some group chats began making the Emperor's stickers into emoticons. They were having so much fun.

Just when Lin Huang passed through Guan Zhong's dimensional portal, his Emperor's Heart Ring began vibrating.

He opened his communication page. Then, he clicked it immediately after seeing that it was a message from Lin Xin. He thought something had happened to her.

He realized she had sent him a comic. It was him eating pancakes in the comic with a sentence, 'I must eat a pancake to get over the shock!'

Lin Huang had a bad feeling when he saw the comic. He figured out roughly what had happened.

He opened the Heart Network and saw the 'Emperor's Sticker Pack' on the No. 1 daily topic. There were over 300 million clicks on it.

Lin Huang clicked the topic, feeling speechless. Soon, he saw over 30 versions of his pancake-eating stickers. One of the versions had more than 100 million downloads while another had over 80 million downloads.

Seeing that Lin Huang was checking his communication page, Guan Zhong and Qian Rui looked away. They did not want to stick their nose in his business.

On the other hand, Huang Tufu peeped over Lin Huang's shoulder and saw the projected content. He could not help but chuckle out loud when he saw Lin Huang's stickers.

Lin Huang turned his head and looked at him without an expression on his face. "What are you laughing about? You're a part of it too."

He then showed Huang Tufu his stickers. His stickers were even more interesting than Lin Huang's since he ate more pancakes than Lin Huang did. He was simply not as popular as Lin Huang, so there were much fewer downloads. However, there were over ten million downloads for his most-downloaded sticker pack.

Huang Tufu looked horrified when he saw his stickers. "I was just eating pancakes. Why are these people so mean?!"

Lin Huang did not dwell on it and closed the Heart Network. He had seen many such cases back on Earth. No matter how popular the sticker packs were, it would only be a hit for a few days. People would forget about it after the heat was over, thus it was unnecessary for him to think too much about it.

Seeing that Lin Huang closed the Heart Network page, Guan Zhong then pointed at a small villa that was completely burned over ten meters away. "This is a property Zhuge Feifan owns in the First City. It's also one of the accommodations he most frequented."

"Let's take a look." Lin Huang nodded and walked straight into the charred house.


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