Monster Paradise
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1074 Image Playback

"This is Zhuge Feifan's office." After chatting in Guan Zhong's office for a while, Guan Zhong and Qian Rui brought Lin Huang and Huang Tufu to Zhuge Feifan's office.

The entire office was empty. There was no desk, couch, or coffee table. There was not even a bookcase that was usually used as decoration.

"It was already like this when we came last night. To avoid missing out any pieces of evidence, Zhuge Feifan moved the entire office," Guan Zhong explained upon seeing Lin Huang and Huang Tufu appearing so shocked.

"It looks like he just moved house. The floor tiles are the only thing that he didn't bring with him," Huang Tufu could not resist throwing a joke in.

Lin Huang glimpsed at Huang Tufu. This guy used to be a quiet man. After they had gotten more familiar with each other, Huang Tufu had become a different person.

However, his description was on-point.

Apart from the hanging lamp and the floor tiles, there were only four walls and the windows in the barren room. Basically, everything that could be moved had been moved.

"Do you guys know roughly at what time did he go missing?" Lin Huang summoned the Book of Sorcerer Dao while asking Guan Zhong and Qian Rui.

"Someone saw him coming in yesterday morning. He came to the office around 8 a.m. but nobody saw him leave. He must have summoned a dimensional portal and left right as soon as he moved his office," Qian Rui told him.

"Who was the first to find out that this happened to his office? And at roughly what time?"

"It was I who found out about that. I came back to the office when I got the list from you last night, then I realized that his office was locked when I got here. I thought I would look for evidence, seizing the opportunity since he wasn't here, but I saw this when I opened the door. The exact time was approximately 9 p.m.," Guan Zhong replied.

Lin Huang was speechless to hear what the duo said. He had posted the two questions to confirm the time Zhuge Feifan had gone missing. The duo turned out to give two different timings ranging from 8 a.m. to 9 p.m. which was such a wide gap.

"Never mind. I'll just set the time at 8 a.m," Lin Huang said and soon activated a couple of runes on the Book of Sorcerer Dao.

As soon as the runes were activated, they shot out of the Book of Sorcerer Dao while golden beams of light radiated midair. These sparkly, golden glows soon integrated and broke away all of a sudden, filling the entire room.

A moment later, the golden glows disappeared. 3D videos began to manifest in the room like a projection.

An office desk, a couch, a teacup, a bookcase… Everything that was gone in the office reappeared.

Huang Tufu reached out to touch the bookcase, but his finger penetrated it directly.

Even Guan Zhong, who was standing aside, could not help but exclaim, "These videos are exactly the same as the real thing!" 

However, Lin Huang said nothing. Although the videos in the room replayed what the office looked like, there was no one in the office.

Lin Huang adjusted the time flow to fast-forward the videos.

When it was approximately 8.15 a.m., a young man, who looked like he was in his early 20s at the most, walked in.

Was this Zhuge Feifan?

Lin Huang glanced at Guan Zhong in a questioning manner. Understanding what he meant directly, Guan Zhong nodded at him.

Zhuge Feifan looked really young at 22 or 23 at the most. He had a ponytail and wore a white robe that made him looked like a saint. In his hand was a paper fan.

To label him quite negatively, he was extremely pretentious.

"Does he usually dress like this?" Huang Tufu turned his head and asked Guan Zhong and Qian Rui.

Guan Zhong nodded to him, feeling helpless.

"No matter whether men or women, if anyone were to dress like this in Emperor City at night, he or she would definitely wake up naked in some alley. Besides that, he or she would likely have a painful butthole," Huang Tufu said in all seriousness.

Were the customs in Emperor City so rough?!

Apart from Guan Zhong and Qian Rui, even Lin Huang exclaimed that secretly.

Zhuge Feifan sat on the couch in the video projection and began performing a tea ceremony on his own.

The four watched it for a while and felt really bored, so Lin Huang began to fast-forward the video again.

Until he fast-forwarded it to past 4 in the afternoon, Zhuge Feifan did nothing serious in the office at all. He drank some tea, took a nap, watched videos, and played games.

A message popped up on his Emperor's Heart Ring 4 p.m. He fell into deep thought while sitting on the couch after checking the message. Then, he began packing his stuff.

"I finally found the time he escaped!"

"What was the message he received?" Qian Rui asked immediately.

Standing next to him, Guan Zhong looked puzzled. "If I'm not mistaken, it was I who sent the message. I sent a brief to the headquarters when the Wei Clan was destroyed, and he must've read it."

"The Wei Clan is destroyed? The Wei Clan in Division 2?" Huang Tufu repeated, seeming surprised. "Do you know who did it?"

"Didn't your Master Emperor tell you that?" Guan Zhong asked him back.

Huang Tufu looked at Lin Huang in confusion.

"I destroyed the Wei Clan," Lin Huang admitted casually as if he had done something insignificant.

"Oh…" Huang Tufu did not expect Lin Huang to give such a simple answer. He flashed Lin Huang a thumbs-up. "You bada*s!"

He knew how powerful Lin Huang was since the beginning.

"Can you pause the projection and enlarge the message he received?" Qian Rui insisted on finding a new clue.

"I can pause it, but I can't change the size of the projected video. This skill of mine can only view what was recorded. If you'd like to read what the message was, you can walk closer after I've paused it," Lin Huang said and played the video back to the moment when Zhuge Feifan received the message. 

The projection paused in the next second the message popped up. Zhuge Feifan, who was sitting on the couch, froze.

Qian Rui walked up to read the projected message while Lin Huang and Guan Zhong followed behind him.

Huang Tufu, on the other hand, took out the half pancake he had kept earlier and munched on it. The entire room soon stank of onion and garlic.

The three of them soon confirmed that the message Zhuge Feifan had received did indeed come from Guan Zhong.

"As expected, I exposed the whole thing." Guan Zhong speculated that Zhuge Feifan had seen the message he sent and escaped because he was worried that his identity might have been exposed. Guan Zhong felt immensely guilty to find out that it was him who had caused that.

After confirming that, Lin Huang continued the projection which began playing again.

In the room, Zhuge Feifan first opened the drawer of the desk and took a few documents out to put into his storage space. He froze suddenly.

He seemed to have figured something out in the next second as he pressed his hand against the desk and put the entire desk away into his storage space.

As the first big item was tossed into the storage space, Zhuge Feifan then put away the couch, the teacup, the bookcase, and so on. Everything went into his storage space as he put everything that could be moved away.

After putting everything in the room into his storage space, Zhuge Feifan then checked the room. He made sure that did not miss anything out, then he summoned a dimensional portal and stepped into it.


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