Monster Paradise
1073 Oh My God, That Smell!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1073 Oh My God, That Smell!

Lin Huang and Huang Tufu were greeted by eye salutation when they followed the Silver Fox and the Viper into Agency EA's building.

People did not recognize Lin Huang and Huang Tufu, but because the Silver Fox and the Viper were the bosses of EA.4, almost everyone in the agency knew them. The people could not help but peep at Lin Huang and Huang Tufu twice as they were brought in. They wanted to know who were the duo both the bosses had escorted in themselves.

Even Huang Tufu who had been there done that, felt a little uneasy as he walked into Union Government office building. One must know that he was the Third Grand Duke of Dynasty. Furthermore, since Dynasty was against Division 3's Union Government, his name was on top of the Union Government's blacklist.

He had never thought that he would walk into the Union Government headquarters leisurely during this lifetime. He was glancing around as he walked to the point that he even forgot to eat the pancakes in his hands.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, was not nervous at all. He strolled while eating the pancake, seeming so relaxed like he was walking in a night market.

Nobody knew that the current thought he had on his mind was, 'This pancake's really great!'

The people in Agency EA began discussing among themselves after the four of them walked away.

"The two men are EA.4's Silver Fox and Viper, am I right? Why do the two people who were walking with them look so familiar?"

"If I'm not mistaken, the young man is the newly appointed the Emperor of Dynasty. His face was all over the headlines two days back."

"You got it right! The young man is the current the Emperor of Dynasty, Lin Huang. Meanwhile, the muscular man next to him is the Third Grand Duke of Dynasty, Huang Tufu."

"Am I dreaming? I think I saw the Emperor of Dynasty and Third Grand Duke walked into our Union Government office building leisurely!"

Apart from the Agency EA's upper echelon, nobody else knew that Zhuge Feifan had escaped. They were working on their own stuff as usual. In reality, the upper echelon above EA.4 was in a messy situation.

Soon, the news of the Emperor of Dynasty visiting the Union Government spread through the entire Agency EA.

Lin Huang, who was the newly appointed underground boss, had been the most talked about person in the cultivation world. Almost all the media headlines were about him these few days and almost every cultivator had heard of his name.

Many Agency EA members let their imaginations run wild since this the Emperor of Dynasty visited the Union Government all of a sudden after merely a few days since his coronation.

Many girls tried to approach him, dying to see if this legendary Emperor was as good-looking as they had seen on the news.

One of them even took a sneaky photo of him.

In the photo, Lin Huang was eating a pancake with his mouth wide open. The photo was taken at the perfect moment when he had just shoved the nicely folded pancake into his mouth and was just going to bite into it.

The girl sent the photo to Agency EA's group chat. It was then forwarded and shared by up to 1,000 people.

Lin Huang had no idea that a picture of him eating a pancake had created a stir on the Internet.

Soon, they arrived at the top floor, which was the 99th floor with the guidance of the Silver Fox and the Viper via the elevator.

The duo was brought into an office as they walked out of the elevator.

Then, the Silver Fox and the Viper walked away as soon as they were done with their duty.

In the office, Guan Zhong was chatting to a middle-aged man on the couch. He stood up as soon as he saw Lin Huang and Huang Tufu walk in.

"Master Emperor, you're finally here!" Guan Zhong smiled while greeting them. "This is Qian Rui, our Vice President. His code name is Fortune God."

"Hi, Fortune God," Lin Huang responded, "I suppose everyone knows this person next to me, the Third Grand Duke, Huang Tufu."

Huang Tufu clearly sensed that the duo were virtual god-level powerhouses. He walked up and greeted them immediately.

"Take a seat." The four of them took their seats after some small talk.

Lin Huang threw the packaging of the pancake into the trash can casually. He had finished it before getting out of the elevator.

Huang Tufu ate faster than he did, having already wolfed two and a half pancakes down. He finished the other half pancake when he walked into the room and put the remaining two away.

"How's the investigation going?" Lin Huang asked directly as Guan Zhong poured him some tea.

"The same as last night. Nothing much." Guan Zhong shook his head and served the tea to Lin Huang.

Qian Rui, who was sitting next to him, could not help but pipe up, "Zhuge Feifan is thorough in destroying all of his traces. We hit a dead end after investigating through a few sources."

"Aren't you guys Diviners? Can't you tell where he is?" In reality, Lin Huang had been curious about that when he heard the news last night.

"The most powerful Diviner in our Union Government is Mr. Ke Lai who only has a combat strength of demigod-level. It's extremely difficult for him to tell the fortune of a Virtual God. He tried three times last night, and he's still unconscious until now. He didn't get Zhuge Feifan's exact location, but he told us that he's in a safe place."

"How is that different from not fortune telling at all?" The straightforward Huang Tufu pointed out with a wry smile. The garlic and onion smell in his mouth wafted towards the duo's faces, making the two vice presidents nauseous from the smell.

Oh my god, that smell!

On the other hand, Lin Huang was much smarter. He shut his breathing system directly when he heard Huang Tufu speaking next to him. He breathed internally instead.

The duo, who were sitting across them, had not gotten any sleep all night. Piling up with anxiety, they did not feel great. It took them some time to snap out of their nausea as they stopped breathing immediately while looking pale.

"He has erased the surveillance. Is there any other way to track him?" Lin Huang asked again.

"We've tried every tracking method that we have but it's useless." Guan Zhong shook his head helplessly. "Don't laugh at us but 70% of the materials we've been using for hundreds of years came from him. He knew each and every method we have very well."

"Zhuge Feifan aside, it's as difficult as reaching the sky for us to capture anyone in EA.4 who has escaped. We know our tracking methods like the back of our hands. We can perform all sorts of anti-tracking methods like a piece of cake," added Qian Rui who was sitting next to him.

"Since he knows all of our methods, we'll need help from people outside of Agency EA or even outside of the Union Government to be able to do it because he won't be taking precautions on tracking methods that he doesn't expect."

"I thought of that all of a sudden last night. That's the reason why I've decided to ask for your help." Guan Zhong lifted his head and looked at Lin Huang and asked in all seriousness, "Master Emperor, that ability of yours… Does it have any restriction on the target's combat strength?"

"No restriction. The ability is just a reflection of the playback of a specific space on what exactly happened. It has nothing to do with people," Lin Huang added after he was done speaking, "Of course, what we see might be disrupted if there's a True God, who has mastered the Time God Rule or Space God Rule, interferes with the image playback with the rule power."

'What are you guys talking about? How come I understand nothing suddenly? What ability are you guys talking about? Can anyone tell me?' Huang Tufu looked lost.


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