Monster Paradise
1071 We’re Going to the Union Government? Aren“t We Walking Right Into the Trap?
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1071 We’re Going to the Union Government? Aren“t We Walking Right Into the Trap?

"What? Where did you say you're going?"

Huang Tianfu thought he was experiencing a hallucination when he saw Lin Huang greet him early in the morning and say he would drop by the Union Government headquarters.

"I'm going to the Union Government headquarters." Lin Huang thought it was odd. Was he not being clear earlier?

"Why are you going to the Union Government headquarters?" Huang Tianfu was rather irritated as he glared at Lin Huang's face as if it was not odd that he was going to the Union Government headquarters. He remained calm on the outside, but he thought to himself secretly, 'Why do you put it like you're buying groceries? Do you think the Union Government headquarters is a supermarket? Since when does our Dynasty have such a great relationship with the Union Government?!'

In reality, Huang Tianfu could not be blamed for having such a stirred reaction at the moment. Dynasty was a top underground organization, and the two parties were completely against each other. Especially in Division 3, the opposition was gravely severe.

Furthermore, almost all of Dynasty's core members were on the Union Government's blacklist. One would win a handsome reward for capturing them.

If the relationship was put in an Earthly context, the Union Government was the equivalent of a country's government while Dynasty would be a massive terrorist group. Lin Huang going to the Union Government headquarters as the Emperor of Dynasty was almost the same as a terrorist group visiting the White House.

However, Lin Huang sounded like he was going shopping. "Something happened at Agency EA and they asked me to help"

"Agency EA?!" Naturally, Huang Tianfu knew what that agency was. A thought flashed through his mind when he heard the name. 'Could Lin Huang be a part of the Union Government's Agency EA?'

He got rid off the ridiculous thought a second later and asked Lin Huang, "Master Emperor, how did you come to know people from Agency EA?"

"I just got to know one yesterday." Lin Huang waved. "I'll tell you the details when I get back. I'll have breakfast and I'll go straight to First City."

Huang Tianfu wanted to say he would follow out of habit, but he jolted when he realized they would be going to the Union Government. He changed what he was going to say instantly. "Master Emperor, it's not safe for you to go alone. Why not… I get Tufu to go with you?"

"Alright then, ask him to come to me at the breakfast place, the one with the soup dumplings. He knows where it is."

There was a food street called Huangfan'er less than a kilometer from Dynasty's headquarters in Emperor City.

This food street was crowded from morning until night because there were night markets and many breakfast stalls.

The one that Lin Huang most frequented on the street was the plump aunty's soup dumpling place.

The owners of the stall were a plump couple. The husband was a fatty who was at least 200 pounds in his early 40's. His wife, on the other hand, was at least 160 pounds and looked 35 or 36 years of age. One could tell that she was a beauty when she had been slimmer.

The couple was just ordinary and they were always beaming no matter who they met. Not only were they friendly, but they also had amazing cooking skills too.

Lin Huang's favorite was their crab meat soup dumpling.

The main ingredient of the soup dumpling was a type of exclusive soft shell crab which was only the size of an adult thumb.

The soup and crab roe would spill at the same time as soon as one took a bite after dipping the dumpling with soft shell crab with a little vinegar. Every bite of the chewy texture of the pork and crab meat within as well as the tantalizing taste from the vinegar was heaven on earth for Lin Huang.

Soon, he inhaled the serving of dumplings. Lin Huang could not help but order another serving.

Huang Tufu arrived when the second serving of dumplings came.

"Boss, give me ten servings of crab meat dumplings," Huang Tufu called out to the owner as he sat across Lin Huang.

The plump owner ran over, feeling rather bad. "Sir, we only have five servings that are ready for now. You'll need to wait for ten minutes if you want ten servings."

"I'll have five servings then." Huang Tufu thought about it and figured he should not let Lin Huang, the Emperor, wait since he had something to do. If not, he did not mind waiting for ten minutes at all.

"Do you usually eat that much?" Lin Huang could not help but ask.

"In reality, demigods basically don't have to eat, especially perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses. We can live even if we don't eat or drink for a year. We only need to replenish ourselves with Divine Power," Huang Tufu explained while grinning, "So, I only eat something that I want and I'll only stop when I'm satisfied."

The plump owner served the dumplings as they chatted for a short while.

Huang Tufu could not resist shoving a dumpling into his mouth immediately. He asked inaudibly while chewing, "Where are we going later?"

"To the Union Government headquarters."

"Pu!" Huang Tufu spat a mouthful of dumplings out just when Lin Huang was done speaking.

Fortunately, Lin Huang reacted in time and held up the Dark Mirror as he moved his finger slightly. The dumpling Huang Tufu spat out bounced back onto his face.

Huang Tufu wiped his face with a paper towel, looking speechless. He then looked at Lin Huang in confusion.

"Why are we going there? Aren't we walking right into the trap?" Huang Tufu expressed what Huang Tianfu thought honestly.

"Remember I told you guys about God Bless before?" Lin Huang swallowed the dumpling in his mouth and said calmly, "The Union Government found out that the founder of Agency EA is God Bless's spy last night. He's missing now, so they've asked me to help them find him."

"Why are you helping them? Is it related to you?" Huang Tufu was even more confused now.

"It was me who told them that the guy is a spy." Lin Huang picked up a dumpling and dipped it in the vinegar sauce. "I'm a little worried that he might seek revenge, so it's better that I find him as soon as I can and kill him."

'Couldn't you have just not exposed him from the beginning?' Huang Tufu thought to himself, 'That guy wouldn't have gone looking for trouble if you didn't expose him.'

He had no idea that Lin Huang had destroyed God Bless's headquarters. Even if he did not expose that guy, it was only a matter of time the guy would seek revenge.

"Must we go?" Huang Tufu looked petrified. He was really reluctant to go to the Union Government.

"I can go by myself if you don't want to.," Lin Huang did not mind if Huang Tufu decided not to follow him.

"Will the people from the Union Government attack us, seizing the opportunity since we are going to them?"

"I'm not sure if they'll attack you but I didn't do anything to them, so why would they attack me?" Lin Huang thought he was a moral citizen who obeyed the law.

"You're the Emperor of Dynasty. If they manage to capture you, it's enough for the people from the Union Government to boast about it for centuries," Huang Tufu said with a pout.

"You're overthinking. They don't have the time to bother whether I'm the Emperor or not." Lin Huang shoved the last dumpling into his mouth. He then asked Huang Tufu after swallowing the dumpling and putting the chopsticks down. "So, you aren't going? I'll go by myself if you're not."

Huang Tufu thought about it and agreed while clenching his teeth. "I've never been to the Union Government headquarters in my life. I'll visit them today with Master Emperor then!"

"Wait, I haven't finished my dumplings…"


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