Monster Paradise
1069 God-slaying Power and Origin God“s Hear
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1069 God-slaying Power and Origin God“s Hear

Lin Huang glanced at the time after his call with Guan Zhong ended. It was almost 9 p.m. He shook his head while forcing a smile, feeling helpless.

He did not even have the time to go through Xiao Hei's notifications due to his busy day earlier.

Now, he finally had the time to look at the notifications that had popped up earlier.

"Congratulations, you've killed a True God. You've won the title of Godslayer!"

"Congratulations, you've obtained a rule power — the God-slaying Power!"

"Congratulations, you've obtained a god item — the Origin God's Heart!"

Killing humans did not earn any cross-ranking reward. There was an extremely low probability of the deceased's items falling off including their skills, secret skills, divine abilities, divine skills, items, equipment, and cards.

However, Lin Huang had terrible luck this time. He did not even obtain a single Skill Card or Equipment Card from killing a True God, three Virtual Gods (excluding the puppets) and at least 20 demigods who were killed by the impact of the battle.

Apart from the two notifications Lin Huang had seen earlier, he realized he had obtained a god item which he considered a reward.

He ignored the new notification and asked Xiao Hei the question that he had been wanting to, "What's this title thing?"

"You'll be given a relevant title after achieving a certain special condition. Different titles have different effects. Some give you the ability to master a rule power, some might be a divinity ability, and some might allow you to comprehend a certain true meaning besides some other special effects.

"For instance, for those who have extraordinary luck, they may obtain the title of Destiny's Child and the world will take care of them. Not only will they encounter all sorts of fortuitous circumstances, but they can also get out of any threats. Basically, they won't die no matter what they do. Furthermore, there'll be a spillover effect on the people around them and they'll become lucky."

"I'm envious of him!" Lin Huang's eyes lit up when he heard that. However, he knew that he was born to have bad luck. Although his luck had gotten better since he traveled there, he was far behind from getting extraordinary luck. He would never win a title such as Destiny's Child in this life. If he did, he would be able to draw any cards he wanted from Xiao Hei. He would not have to spend endless cards to trade them for a specific card he desired.

"So, what's the effect of this Godslayer title that I've received? Did I obtain the rule power of God-slaying Power?" Lin Huang could not help but ask upon observing that the second notification seemed to be related to the first.

"Yes, the title Godslayer means that you've obtained the God-slaying Power. The God-slaying Power is a god rule under the Kill Rule. It's an attack rule power that's suitable for battles. Under normal circumstances, god rules are rule powers that are only mastered by True Gods. However, since you've obtained the title of Godslayer, it means that you've mastered the rule power in advance."

"Does that mean I've got the ability to kill True Gods now?" Lin Huang felt a current of excitement run through him.

"Of course not. Theoretically, you possess the ability to harm True Gods, but you're still far from having the ability to kill god order-level (True God) powerhouses.

"The vast difference in speed and strength aside, it's hard for you to break a True God's defense even if he were to stand still and allow you to do so because god rule power can be charged from both sides. Those True Gods obtain god rule power as well just like you do.

"Furthermore, there's almost no way for you to elevate your God-slaying Power before you get to god order-level. You'll stay on level-1, which is the lowest level. The other true god-level powerhouses will block you like a piece of cake."

"Then, how about killing Virtual Gods? It shouldn't be a problem, should it?" Lin Huang continued to ask, "Don't talk about the difference in strength and speed."

"Without taking the difference in strength and speed into consideration, killing Virtual Gods is child's play. God rule power falls under the rule power. To virtual god-level powerhouses who don't the master god rule power, they won't be able to defend your attack just like ordinary people who can't defend against steel, blade or swords cutting into their body. Of course, that's based on the premise that your opponent has no rule power god relic on.

"It's good enough to kill Virtual Gods. Killing True Gods is something too farfetched. There's no need to worry about it at the moment." Hearing Xiao Hei's explanation, Lin Huang was pretty satisfied with the god rule power he had obtained. He then looked at the third notification.

"So, what's this Origin God's Heart?"

"The Origin God's Heart is a Protoss's heart. Owning this god item will give you a Protoss's body. Due to the combat strength restriction before, you can't use Divine Power while the power created from the Divine Fire in your body is merely Life Power. Although your Life Power has a higher quality than the rest due to the refinement of Divine Fire, it's still Life Power after all. It's nothing compared to the real Divine Power. To describe it as you would back in your hometown, the difference between Life Power and Divine Power is almost the difference between coal and nuclear energy.

"After integrating the Origin God's Heart, being able to use Divine Power isn't the only advantage. Due to the Protoss's body that you've been given, though restricted to a combat strength whereby your body will be far behind the real Protoss, you'll be much more powerful than anyone who is on the same level as you. Your strength, mobility speed, and attack speed will break through the limits that you possess at the moment.

"The abilities of your God Figurine's Combat Souls will also be transformed further. All of them have perfect power systems in their bodies. However, in reality, their abilities have been restricted due to the power you've provided. They haven't been showing what they really have got. Now that there's Divine Power, their abilities will be recovered by heaps."

"So, are you saying that I'll obtain Divine Power and the god power rule with my current combat strength which is immortal-level rank-10? In other words, I'll become a True God whose combat strength is only immortal-level rank-10. Is that right?" Lin Huang could not help but tease Xiao Hei after hearing its explanation.

"You've no Godhead or God Territory. You haven't even refined your Life Base. Your god rule is only on level-1, which is the lowest level. You can't even break a True God's defense…" Xiao Hei corrected him honestly, which was rare.

"Alright then, I was full of myself. Thanks for popping my bubble." Lin Huang became a little depressed after his two-second bout of excitement.

"Would you like to activate the title of Godslayer?"

After Ling Huang had read through the notifications and Xiao Hei had explained everything to him, another notification popped up.

"Activate!" Lin Huang nodded without hesitation.

"Activating Godslayer!"

"Activating god rule — God-slaying Power!"

Lin Huang raised his brow as he realized there was no significant change to his body after the two notifications echoed in his ears.

He gathered the Life Power in his body onto his palm. His Life Power was now mahogany in color like molten lava.

He gazed into his body immediately. He realized that the ten Divine Fires that were pitch-black like ink were now mahogany.

An unknown power was hiding within the Divine Fires. Lin Huang could only feel the power faintly but could not catch it clearly. He knew that it should be the legendary god rule power.

A golden card appeared in his hand when he snapped back to reality.

There was a heart that looked like a golden gem in the middle of the Origin God's Heart card. He flipped it over to look at the details. It was the same as what Xiao Hei said but more detailed.

Lin Huang crushed the card after reading the description.

"Activating god item Origin God's Heart!"

"Beginning integration: 1%, 2%, 3%…"

As soon as the integration began, Lin Huang could feel the changes in his body obviously. Until the 'integration completed' notification came, he felt much more powerful now. Almost each and every cell in his body had transformed. The feeling was more intense compared to the time he had elevated from holy fire-level to immortal-level, crossing a whole new level. It felt more like the time he had elevated to transcendent-level back then which was a transformation in his life level.

He looked through his body immediately as soon as the integration was completed. He realized he did not transform to level-3 on the life level.

"As expected, it was just an illusion…"

"Actually, it wasn't an illusion. Your body indeed transformed deep down in your core, but it'll only show when your combat strength fulfills the transformation condition," Xiao Hei explained.

"Alright then." Lin Huang accepted the fact begrudgingly. "But my ability has indeed elevated. Before this, with my immortal-level rank-10 combat strength, I should have the ability on par with an ordinary imperial-level white gold-rank powerhouse when I had no combat strength boost technique. I could fight them head-on, but it was hard to defeat them. Now, I should have the ability on par with an ordinary imperial-level purple gold-rank powerhouse even without using the Divine Power and the god rule power."

Lin Huang thought of a question all of a sudden after the Origin God's Heart integration was completed.

"Xiao Hei, isn't the Origin God's Heart something in a Protoss's body? I didn't kill any Protoss today, so where did this Origin God's Heart come from?"

"The system retrieved it randomly from the Master God when you killed the Master God's will projection."

"Isn't the Master God human? Where did he get the Origin God's Heart?"

"Perhaps it's a treasure he stored in his storage space."


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