Monster Paradise
1066 God Bless Has Fallen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1066 God Bless Has Fallen

The two dazzling white glows dimmed gradually. The two God Bless God's Messengers did not look like they were in the best shape.

The two God Figurine's Combat Souls' single attack had drained almost half of their Divine Power.

Qi Shihan moved before the white glows faded completely. He was going after Lin Huang.

Although the Enchanted Fairy was guarding the front of Lin Huang, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth left Gao Ming behind anyway and went after Qi Shihan in an attempt to stop him.

Qi Shihan shook his body and released hundreds of clones that charged at Lin Huang from different directions.

The Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth attacked the hundreds of clones one after another, but they did not find Qi Shihan himself.

The Enchanted Fairy waved her sleeve upon seeing that the clones were arriving before Lin Huang. The area hundreds of kilometers before Lin Huang turned into a snowfield.

The clones turned into ice sculptures, and only one silhouette broke out among the ice sculptures. It was running away quickly in the opposite direction, appearing to flee.

The Enchanted Fairy went after it without hesitation.

Right at that moment, a muscular silhouette appeared behind Lin Huang. The battle sword in his hand turned into a bloody glow and aimed towards Lin Huang's waist.

The bloody sword glow froze all of a sudden when it was approximately a meter away from him.

Then, he stepped out and flashed hundreds of meters away.

Only then did the frozen red glow penetrate where Lin Huang was originally standing.

Lin Huang, who was completely unharmed hundreds of meters away, turned around slowly with a smirk at Gao Ming who had attacked him sneakily.

"Did you really think I didn't take my personal safety into consideration? You thought I only got the Enchanted Fairy to protect me, didn't you?" Lin Huang stretched his palm out as he spoke. A golden clock hovered above his palm.

It was Lin Huang's God's Figurine's Combat Soul, the Creation Clock.

He did not actually just summon the Creation Clock. Instead, he had summoned it at the same time when he summoned the Ninetails Lynx in the beginning. It was just that he got the Ninetails Lynx to send the Creation Clock into its alternate dimension.

The Creation Clock had been watching the battle in the alternate dimension. When it saw Gao Ming attack, it penetrated the alternate dimension with the Ninetails Lynx's paw print and blocked the attack.

Due to restriction on its combat strength, the Creation Clock could not use many of its powerful abilities at that moment. However, its limited abilities could constrain many powerhouses.

The technique used to defend Gao Ming was called the Time Gully. It targeted the area behind Lin Huang and slowed time down by a million times. That was the reason why the sword glow froze in the middle of the action.

After Lin Huang dodged the attack, the Creation Clock removed the effect, so the sword glow went back to its normal attack speed.

Naturally, Lin Huang would not mention the Creation Clock's secret to his opponent.

Just when Gao Ming was going to attack again due to his missed shot, the Ninetails Lynx began attacking him. It slapped his face hard and shot him out.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the battlefield, Qi Shihan, whose Divine Power was drained, was completely frozen into an ice sculpture by the Enchanted Fairy. Although he was not dead yet, his vital signs were deteriorating.

His earlier attack was fancy as he had released the clones first to pretend to attack Lin Huang and pretended to run to lure the Enchanted Fairy away.

As he was chased by the three God Figurine's Combat Souls, he managed to summon his God's Figurine's Combat Soul in time. He defended himself from the three God Figurine's Combat Souls' fierce attack, preventing his death on the spot.

However, his fancy technique did not stop the three God Figurine's Combat Souls from suppressing him together. His Divine Power drained eventually and the Enchanted Fairy turned him into an ice sculpture.

After tossing the frozen Qi Shihan at Lin Huang's feet, the Enchanted Fairy followed behind the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth to join in the fight against Gao Ming.

Gao Ming ran for his life looking troubled. He knew that the battle on Qi Shin's side had ended when he saw the Ninetails Lynx.

Qi Shihan merely held on for less than three seconds under the duress of Lin Huang's three imperial beasts.

Without even thinking, Gao Ming gave up the thought of fighting Lin Huang and fled immediately.

However, in the next second, he realized that the area around the Blessing Trading Company had been sealed. The layer of shield killed his last hope of running for his life. He swung his sword at the shield, appearing ferocious as he attempted to shatter the shield to run for his life.

As the sword glow powered up, the shield went through a tremor as if there was an earthquake. However, it did not shatter.

Gao Ming's eyes lit up when he saw that. So, the shield was not as powerful as he thought.

Just when he was going to swing his sword to break the shield again, a giant pillar locked onto him from the sky.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth in the black armor that was not far away stared at him coldly. It then stomped both its feet.

At the same time, the Ninetails Lynx and the Enchanted Fairy tore forward at the same time.

The god relic armor on Gao Ming's body merely held on for approximately a second and went back into his body. His Divine Power drained out and he turned into an ice sculpture from the white crystal-like snow.

In less than three minutes, Lin Huang had killed two Virtual God rank-3 powerhouses.

Watching this, Guan Zhong forced a smile. The two Virtual Gods, who were responsible for holding the defense up, were shocked.

In the beginning, they thought Gao Ming was weak since he had been suppressed by three imperial beasts. However, the sword Gao Ming charged earlier proved that he was definitely one of the top powerhouses in this gravel world.

The shield was made of a god item. The duo was only responsible for maintaining it by inserting Divine Power.

However, Gao Ming's single swing of his sword drained half of the Divine Power in their bodies. One could imagine that his ability surpassed the duo by heaps. However, such a powerhouse could not even hold on for a minute when facing the three imperial beasts.

Looking at the two ice sculptures that were tossed in front of him, Lin Huang summoned the Warlord. "Grab the loot."

The Warlord released thousands of mechanical puppets and began searching for loots.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang took the bruised corpse out and synced his consciousness with it.

The bruised corpse soon opened its bloody eyes and pressed the frozen Gao Ming's head. The white ice melted right away, exposing the head.

Gao Ming heard a voice in his ears as his weak consciousness just woke up. "Look into my eyes."

In the next second, his consciousness was completely drowned in a bloody sea.

A moment later, Lin Huang stretched his arm out, penetrating the ice directly. He pierced his hand into Gao Ming's chest and took a gray Godhead out.

As he let go of his hand that was squeezing Gao Ming's head, the half-frozen body collapsed to the ground.

The bruised corpse then turned around and held onto Qi Shin's head, pulling it up. After repeating the same steps, he let go of his hand and tossed Qi Shin's body onto the ground.

Lin Huang spread his Divine Telekinesis out after getting the Enchanted Fairy to defrost both bodies. He took out the duo's Emperor's Heart Rings and god relic battle armors that came out. He picked all of the weapons up and put them away in his storage space.

A Virtual God outside the shield could not help but ask Guan Zhong, "I'll turn a blind eye to him killing everyone, but how are we supposed to get the information from the God Bless God's Messengers if he's taking the Emperor's Heart Rings?"

"I've already discussed this with the Emperor. He'll take the loot while we'll have the information. He'll send us the information after the unlocking is done," Guan Zhong explained, feeling rather helpless. He had no authority in the matter at all, so he dared not ask for it even if Lin Huang refused to give him the information.

The Virtual Gods said nothing else after hearing that.


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