Monster Paradise
1064 Your Master God is Doing Great Down There
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1064 Your Master God is Doing Great Down There

After entering the elevator, Lin Huang scanned the ID card, then verified his fingerprints and irises of both eyes. The elevator descended to the second floor.

He was relieved to have passed through all the verification processes.

Approximately ten seconds later, the elevator arrived at the second underground floor. Lin Huang then walked out of it.

Following the memory of the man in the glasses, Lin Huang walked towards the observation room where Chan Dou was captured.

He bumped into a few men in white coats along the way. Lin Huang followed the man in the glasses' habit whereby he ignored them directly.

He saw an old man with gray hair and two middle-aged men working on something as he walked into the observation room.

"Sir," Lin Huang greeted the old man and turned his head to look at the room behind the observation glass.

There was a naked, muscular man who had all his limbs bound by black shackles in the room. Even his neck was locked.

There were all sorts of wounds on his body. He had clearly gone through inhumane torment.

There was a black monster that looked like mud stuck on his shaved head. It seemed to be hurting him, causing him to struggle and groan.

Lin Huang's eyes turned bitter upon seeing Chan Dou's devastating state.

"Why did you come today?" Wang Lao's voice echoed behind Lin Huang. He sounded pretty surprised.

"The new toxin lab report is out. I went to your office earlier, but you weren't there, so I figured you should be here." Lin Huang swiveled around while smiling. "How is it so far? Is there any progress?"

"It's progressing really slowly. The god item in his body is very powerful and has been protecting his consciousness, preventing him from collapsing. I've been getting the Rotten Soul Beast to insert all sorts of spiritual toxins into his body. However, with that god item, the corroded part of his soul has been regenerating each day.

"But I heard the new spiritual toxin that you guys have developed has a pretty astounding effect. I'll take a look at the report later and see if I can add it in."

"I'll send you the report," Lin Huang responded and walked to Wang Lao while grinning.

Bloody stretched a tentacle from Lin Huang's sleeve all of a sudden when he stood still before the old man. It turned into a pile of gooey mess stuck on his face directly. It sealed his mouth and nose, stopping him from releasing any sound.

Wang Lao stood at an angle where his back was facing the two other people in the lab. He blocked Bloody's action completely, so the two researchers who were not cultivators did not notice anything off at all.

After casting a parasite on Wang Lao, Lin Huang walked past him and headed toward the two people in the lab.

He patted their shoulders while smiling. "Thanks for your hard work."

Almost at the same time, Bloody stretched its tentacle again and completed the parasitization.

The reason Bloody used close-range parasitization instead of Leech Pods was that Leech Pods could be detected within the territory of powerhouses above imperial-level. To prevent their identities from being exposed, Bloody could only perform close-range parasitization which was slightly more troublesome.

The parasitized Wang Lao opened the door to the room where Chan Dou was captured under Bloody's control. Lin Huang followed behind him.

Almost at the same time that the duo walked into the room, the Rotten Soul Beast extended its tentacles toward the both of them. However, it was immediately swallowed by the Undead Styx that Lin Huang had summoned.

Lin Huang removed the shackles on Chan Dou's body and took a blanket out from his storage space to cover his body up. He then got the Ninetails Lynx to send him into its alternate dimension.

The Rotten Soul Beast was dead, but the remnants of the spiritual toxin in Chan Dou's body did not vanish right away. It would take time for it to get out of his system, so Chan Dou would be unconscious for a while.

A voice came out of nowhere just when Lin Huang sent Chan Dou into the alternate dimension.

"I thought some rat came to our base. I didn't know it's someone so important!"

Lin Huang did not expect to be exposed, but he was not entirely surprised. The person must have done something to Chan Dou and found out that something was off as soon as Chan Dou disappeared. Lin Huang did a quick check on himself with his Divine Telekinesis and found that his disguise was perfectly fine.

Two silhouettes soon appeared not far away from him.

One of them had a muscular body with a stiff expression and a strong aura. The other looked sullen with an unfathomable aura.

Lin Huang soon found out about the duo's identity through Grandmistress Wei's memories.

The muscular one was called Gao Ming while the sullen one was called Qi Shihan. The duo had a combat strength of Virtual God rank-3 which was even more powerful than Grandmistress Wei.

"If I'm not mistaken, you should be the Emperor Dynasty, aren't you?" Qi Shihan's tone sounded like he was taunting Lin Huang. "Why are you here in my Blessing Trading Company in the middle of the night?"

"Ah, it's great that you recognize me. I can save time introducing myself." Lin Huang had to stall since Guan Zhong had yet to come back to him. Clearly, he was not done building the energy shield.

"Did you ask why I'm here in the Blessing Trading Company in the middle of the night? I didn't want to come, but it was your staff who invited me here. I saw a store in the business district earlier, and I wanted to go in. There was a guy in the alley next to the store who told me that he's your staff and that I could get 30% off on the elixir if I buy it from him. He even enthusiastically invited me to visit your production line. In the end, he brought me underground after the visit was done. Someone even attacked me, so I killed the person. I couldn't find the exit for a long time and ended up on this floor for some reason."

"It seems like both of you are the Blessing Trading Company leaders. You guys should know how do I get out of this horrible place. Am I right?"

The duo looked dumbfounded after being mocked by Lin Huang. They finally found out how he had sneaked in, and they also knew that he was playing dumb.

"He's stalling. He might have partners," Gao Ming spoke through a voice transmission, "His partners might have blended in with the staff, so it'll take time for us to check one by one."

"Lock the place down to prevent them from escaping. I'll bring him up to lure his partners out! His identity is rather sensitive. We must kill everyone who came with him. Spare nobody's lives!" Qi Shihan replied through voice transmission.

The voice transmission ended with them merely locking eyes.

Gao Ming disappeared right away while Qi Shihan forced a smile. "I see. Let me send you out, Master Emperor." Qi Shihan brought Lin Huang to the elevator as he spoke.

With plans of their own, Qi Shihan and Lin Huang remained silent in the elevator. None of them spoke again.

Lin Huang's Emperor's Heart Ring vibrated all of a sudden when the elevator arrived on the first floor and they walked out.

It was a message from Guan Zhong whom he just added into his contact list. There were only two words in the message: 'It's done!'

Next to him, Qi Shihan peeped at the screen. He did not understand what the two words meant. However, he had a bad omen upon seeing the smirk on Lin Huang's lips.

At that moment, Lin Huang turned around and looked at him. He smirked. "Your Master God asked me to send his regards. He wants to tell you that he's doing great down there, but he's lacking two strong men to serve him."


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