Monster Paradise
1063 Sneaking In
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1063 Sneaking In

"This room in the underground is exclusively for people to take care of those who they've deceived. When people are lured here, they'll be beaten until they're unconscious, then their clothes and Emperor's Heart Ring will be taken away. They'll be sedated, cleansed and sterilized. Eventually, they'll be given a Life Power inhibitor shot and put into custom-made cages as test subjects.

"The people who are captured can't fight back at all since they'll be given a Life Power inhibitor shot every day. Moreover, the cages are made of monster bones and metal. Even an imperial-level powerhouse could hardly break it.

"The stubborn ones who fight back will be killed in front of the rest. The rest of them will feel numb eventually and give up fighting, accepting their fate of being test subjects."

Lin Huang finally found out the middle-aged man's real purpose after getting Bloody to read his mind.

There was a specific bunch of people in the Blessing Trading Company who would use the excuse of selling genetic elixirs at cheaper price as bait. The victims who were lured would be trapped by the company like lab rats, allowing them to run all sorts of tests on them.

Naturally, the baiting act was not the Blessing Trading Company's main supply of test subjects. Their main test subjects came from the human trafficking business through black markets. They would look for sources from other channels if the black markets had insufficient supply. The con job Lin Huang encountered was merely one of the supply channels.

The killing intent in Lin Huang spiked after finding that out.

Just when he was going to kill the middle-aged man before him, Bloody's voice came into his ears through voice transmission all of a sudden. "Don't destroy him just yet. The God Messengers' territory will definitely sense something off if you kill too many. We should think of a way to get to the B2 floor to save Chan Dou before our identity is exposed."

Bloody's urging soon calmed Lin Huang down. He put the battle sword in his hand away after taking a glance at the middle-aged man who looked blank before him.

Bloody then began explaining to him through voice transmission, "According to this middle-aged man's memory, there are a total of three floors in the underground of the Blessing Trading Company.

"The first floor is the one that we're currently on. It's mainly for experiments and the modification of living things. The main purpose is to create human warfare weapons that will obey orders. The second floor is a prison for living materials. Not only is it a prison for humans with special skills, but there are also some unique monsters. The third floor is the core floor where God Bless's headquarters located. All major God Bless meetings are held here and all the core information are also stored in this floor. The Master God's clone and the two God Bless God's Messengers live here too.

"Looking at Grandmistress Wei's memory, Chan Dou should be kept on the second floor. Only a handful of people in the entire the Blessing Trading Company has access to the second floor."

"Can't I just go there in specter form?" Lin Huang asked.

"You can't. The Master God set up many barriers in the entire underground. Besides blocking out the Divine Telekinesis detection coming from the ground, each underground level is blocked. Specter's spirit form can't pass through these barriers. Furthermore, the two God's Messengers who control the barriers will sense it as soon as you touch the barrier. The only way of not getting exposed is through the regular channel, which is the elevator."

"So, we need someone who has access to the second floor? And go there with his identity?" Lin Huang figured Bloody's plan out.

"Yes, there happens to be someone like that on this floor."

Lin Huang nodded and agreed after hearing Bloody's plan.

After putting the body on the floor away, he recalled Lancelot into its card form.

Bloody controlled the middle-aged man, who was parasitized, to get a white coat for Lin Huang. As Lin Huang put on the face mask, his eyes were the only thing that was showing, so nobody knew how he looked like. He walked out of the room just like that.

He turned left as he came out of the room and walked straight along the corridor.

He stopped walking when he arrived at the end of the corridor before a room on his right. He said to the people inside, "Is Sir Chen here?"

"He went to the cage room," a man in white coat replied casually.

"You need an ID card to enter the cage room," Bloody reminded him through voice transmission.

"Oh, thanks." Lin Huang thanked him while smiling. He stretched his Divine Telekinesis out and stole the person's ID card from his chest secretly. He then turned around and walked to the cage room.

The Sir Chen that he mentioned was the person-in-charge of the current floor they were on. He was also the only person who had access to the second floor. Apart from that, he was also the disciple to the person-in-charge of the second floor, Wang Lao.

The cage room the man in the white coat mentioned was the lab to test living things on the first underground floor.

Soon, Lin Huang arrived at the entrance of the cage room according to the middle-aged man's memory.

After he scanned the ID card he stolen on the sensor at the door, the door to the cage room opened automatically. He walked in and clipped the ID card on his chest casually.

The room was massive with endless black metal cages stacked in the room. There were at least 10,000 cages in his field of vision.

Most of the cages were empty. Only a quarter of them had living things in them. The living things captured in the cages were riled up when they heard someone coming in.

It was the cage room on the first underground floor. Apart from the regular eating and shitting time twice a day as well as the occasional lab test, these test subjects were kept here at all times.

As Lin Huang scanned through the cages with his Divine Telekinesis, he found out that there were over 3,000 living things in there. Most of them were in human form, and some of them even retained their human parts.

He saw a few female monsters who obviously had pert breasts. Some of the monsters clearly had human faces and skin, making them appear like humans with abnormal growth. However, most of them had lost their human characteristics.

Furthermore, the living things in those cages seemed to have experienced severe intelligence deterioration as they moved like wild beasts. All of them looked like they had an instinct to attack.

"None of these living things in the cages are in the monster guide. They're most probably new species modified from humans," Bloody voiced its speculation.

"God Bless!" Lin Huang clenched his fists angrily. Although he had heard of such organizations in the Golden City much earlier, he was boiling in rage when he witnessed these modified monsters with his own eyes.

At that second, a silhouette walked out of the darkness not far away. Lin Huang contained his emotions and walked up to the person.

He called out before the person spoke, "Sir Chen, you're here."

"You are…?" A man wearing golden-framed glasses looked at Lin Huang in confusion. Although Lin Huang was wearing a mask, his voice and face were unfamiliar. However, he did not figure that an outsider had invaded. Instead, he was trying to figure out who the person was.

Lin Huang arrived in front of him just when he was contemplating to himself. Bloody stretched a tentacle from Lin Huang's sleeve and wound it around his neck.

In the next second, it released its tentacle. The man in the glasses froze.

Lin Huang removed his face mask and took out a golden mask from his storage space. When he put the mask on, his appearance soon looked exactly like the man in the glasses.

Lin Huang removed the man's golden-framed glasses and put them on. He then removed the ID card on the man's chest and clipped it on himself.

Just when he was done with the disguise, Bloody stretched a tentacle out and put it on his forehead. It transferred the man's memory to Lin Huang after arranging it.

The door to the cage room opened a moment later. A man in glasses wearing a white coat walked out and headed towards the elevator.


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