Monster Paradise
1062 Blessing Trading Group
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1062 Blessing Trading Group

The sky had turned dark when Lin Huang returned to Division 1.

He did not have the time to look at the loots or to go through Xiao Hei's notifications properly.

Instead of returning to Emperor City, he went straight to where God Bless's headquarters was — the Golden City.

Lin Huang knew that the news of the Wei Clan being destroyed would get to God Bless's headquarters very soon. He had to seize every second.

The No. 1A8 Golden City was a grade-A foothold under the Union Government's territory. It was also one of the most prosperous footholds in Division 1.

The main reason for the Golden City's development was that this foothold was the only grade-A foothold that allowed businesses to be run by underground organizations.

In the Golden City, the Union Government would turn a blind eye to underground businesses as long as it did not do anything against the Union Government's laws publicly. In other words, the Union Government would ignore the businesses as long as they did not do anything inappropriate openly.

Perhaps many did not believe that there was such a shady foothold in Divison 1, but it was the truth. It was an agreement between the underground organizations and the Union Government.

The Golden City sounded like a wonderland filled with gold, but in reality, it was a dirty land with a clean surface. There were all sorts of corrupt and unbearable events secretly happening every day.

In the Golden City, God Bless was called the Blessing Trading Company on the surface. Its main business covered all sorts of genetic elixirs manufacturing and sale. Apart from that, they covered hospitals, medical equipment, and health products.

They had land in the middle of the expensive Golden City and it occupied approximately 800,000 square meters of space.

According to Grandmistress Wei's Memory, God Bless's headquarters was hidden under the land.

Lin Huang saw the Blessing Trading Company's building tens of kilometers away as soon as he stepped out of the dimensional portal.

The Blessing Trading Company's headquarters that was more than 800 meters tall was the third tallest building in Golden City. It stood out even in the middle of Golden City. One could see it clearly from far away.

"Master Emperor, please wait for approximately 20 minutes. I'll prepare the energy shield to prevent the battle impact from reaching the people," said Guan Zhong who came with Lin Huang as soon as they stepped out of the dimensional portal.

Lin Huang nodded by way of permission. God Bless was his target, thus it was unnecessary to harm others.

The entire Golden City might be destroyed if he were to allow his God Figurine's Combat Souls to fight as they fancied without any energy shields. Most people below demigod-level might not be able to take the first impact of a battle among Virtual Gods.

Seeing Guan Zhong summon a dimensional portal and step into it, Lin Huang flew in a flash toward the Blessing Trading Company's building.

He arrived in a business district two blocks from the Blessing Trading Company's land in the blink of an eye.

Since he promised Guan Zhong that he would wait for 20 minutes, he did not want to alert the enemies before that.

After all, his face was familiar to the people from God Bless. He would be detected easily with Divine Telekinesis if he got too close.

Meanwhile, the business district before him was a place that many cultivators frequented. Even if he was within the sensing range of the two God Bless God's Messengers, the duo would not use to Divine Telekinesis to scan for nothing.

As he walked into the crowded business district, Lin Huang soon blended in with the people, appearing like a tourist who had just arrived.

He arrived at a sophisticated-looking medicine store when he was halfway through the street. He could not help but lift his head to look at the sign. The word 'Blessing' was written on it.

Lin Huang hesitated. A silhouette came out of nowhere in the alley next to the store just when he was thinking if he should go in.

"Brother, are you looking for genetic elixirs?" A voice came into Lin Huang's ears all of a sudden.

He turned his head and looked to see a skinny, middle-aged man waving at him in the alley next to Blessing's store.

He walked to the middle-aged man with a raised brow. "Do you sell genetic elixirs?"

"That's right. It's Blessing's elixir, but it's 30% cheaper than the store." The middle-aged man took out a few tubes of elixirs in various colors from his storage space.

"It's so much cheaper. It has to be fake!" Lin Huang raised his suspicion.

"I can guarantee that they're all authentic. It came from Blessing's production line directly. They're cheap because there's no tax and operating fees. To be honest, the profit I'm making from selling to you at a 30% discount is even higher than selling them in the store."

"You said they came from the production line. How would I know if they're authentic?" Lin Huang questioned suspiciously.

"We support product authenticity verification. The store is just next door, so you can verify them after purchasing the product."

"You'll be gone after I've paid and gotten the product. How can I possibly find you if they happen to be fake after the verification?" Lin Huang stood his ground.

"How about this? I'll bring you to Blessing's production line to collect the stuff if you're buying in bulk. They have to be authentic that way, right?" the middle-aged man said.

"So, how many do I have to purchase to be able to collect them from the production line?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"At least 100 tubes." The middle-aged man named his number.

"100 is a little too much… How about 80? I don't have that much money." Lin Huang looked troubled.

"Alright then, 80. Follow me!" The middle-aged man nodded right away and waved at Lin Huang. He then turned around and walked into the alley.

Lin Huang followed him immediately.

He wanted to see what the man was doing exactly. He did not believe that Blessing had such a sales model.

Although the tax and operating fees were high, the daily traffic at the store would be so much higher than the man soliciting sales that way. It was impossible for Blessing to make such low-efficiency sales for the sake of a measly profit.

In the beginning, Lin Huang thought the man was not someone from Blessing. He must be someone who had Blessing's products for some reason and was selling them secretly.

However, he just realized it was not as simple as he thought while he walked to Blessing's building with the man and entered the factory.

The man was clearly from Blessing. However, theoretically, it was impossible that Blessing would do such soliciting. The only possibility was that the middle-aged man had another purpose of getting him into Blessing!

What surprised Lin Huang was that the man really did take him around the production line. His act was thorough.

As they were done visiting the production line, the middle-aged man smiled and said to Lin Huang, "What do you think? I told you that I work at Blessing and you didn't believe me. Do you believe me now?"

"Yes, yes, I believe you," Lin Huang assured immediately, "So, how do we go about the deal?

"The goods in the production line haven't been sent to the warehouse yet. Follow me to the underground warehouse. We'll deal there. If you're still unconvinced after the deal, you can bring them to test at the store since it's nearby," the middle-aged man said.

"Sure!" Lin Huang agreed right away and followed him to the elevator.

The middle-aged man pressed 'B1', but the elevator was still moving after descending for half a minute. Lin Huang figured that something odd was happening.

"Isn't it B1? Why is it taking so long?" Lin Huang asked on purpose. Anyone else would definitely be suspicious if it took so long.

"Due to the cargo demands, this elevator is a little slow. Our underground warehouse is massive, so it takes a long time to get there. Don't worry. We'll arrive soon." The elevator finally stopped just when the middle-aged man was done speaking.

Lin Huang walked out of the elevator behind him.

He looked around to find that it was empty. It was clearly not a warehouse.

"Didn't you say we're going to the warehouse? This can't be the warehouse."

"Of course, this isn't the warehouse." The middle-aged man turned around and grinned maliciously.

At that moment, a silhouette sneaked up behind Lin Huang. Almost at the same time, a burgundy silhouette with a sword appeared behind Lin Huang out of thin air.

When the man swung his sword, the sneaky assassinator was killed from the attack that came without warning. His body was sliced into half and he fell onto the ground.

The man in burgundy armor holding a sword then turned around and stood next to Lin Huang. He looked at the middle-aged man before him smugly.

"So, can you tell me why you've brought me here now?" Lin Huang put both of his hands into his pockets and revealed a harmless smile.


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