Monster Paradise
1060 Killing A God!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1060 Killing A God!

An ice battle armor soon formed on the Master God's body. He was just a will projection when he came here. He had no weapon or armor.

However, apart from the Ice Rule, this battle armor that was created in the God Territory at the moment had a defensive ability that was even more terrifying than an ordinary god relic's.

Tens of meters away, Lin Huang's bruised corpse puppet remained with no armor on. He was only holding a bright silver god relic sword in his right hand.

He wanted a god relic with rule power of a higher grade (true god relic). Due to the rule power in rule power god relic, it could not be compared with an ordinary god relic.

However, a sword was the only rule power god relic Lin Huang had at the moment.

Meanwhile, the god relic battle sword in the bruised corpse's hand was just an ordinary god relic. It was also the only god relic battle sword that Lin Huang owned at the moment. He had many demigod relic battle swords, so many that he auctioned them off. However, he only had that one and only god relic battle sword.

Nevertheless, although it was just an ordinary god relic, it could kill a True God since Lin Huang had covered it in rule power.

The silver battle sword was soon covered in a bloody glow. It was the sign of the Champion Strength Rule engulfing the sword.

Lin Huang had used this battle sword to kill the 12 third-rank True Gods earlier himself.

And now, the sword tip was finally pointing at its real enemy — the Master God's will projection!

In endless time and space away, the ninth-rank True God in the great world projected its will onto this gravel world. His only attempt was to destroy the guy who had killed his clone, then get himself a new clone.

Theoretically, it should be two things that were extremely simple. Never had he thought that he would have encountered an obstacle that he had never come across before.

This little guy that was as insignificant as an ant in this gravel world attacked with an ability that was no less powerful than its will projection, forcing him to show his trump cards one after another, just like the move that he was currently performing. He was engulfing the God's souls in his God Territory to give him a temporary boost in ability. Many ninth-rank True Gods had never come to such a predicament that they were forced to do this.

'What a scary brat!' The Master God could not help but exclaim secretly. Lin Huang's performance piqued his interest greatly.

In the air, the two silhouettes finally collided.

Covered in ice battle armor, the Master God threw a hard punch out.

Due to the Ice Rule, boundless chilly wind blew, going after Lin Huang at a critically low temperature.

Lin Huang's eyes were clear and bright. There was no fear in those eyes at all, only enthusiastic battle intent that raged like fire.

Red flames lit up on the bloody sword.

As the sword was swung in the air, the fountain of flames burning even brighter. It grew so brilliant until it collided with the giant fist.

The battle sword in Lin Huang's hand turned into a bloody sun, tearing through the sky with endless heat and power.

A cold blue and a bloody red glow occupied hundreds of kilometers in the pitch-black sky.

A moment later, a white glow lit up in the middle of the collision. As if a star had exploded, a glaring glow spread and covered the entire God Territory in the blink of an eye.

The white explosion grew rapidly. Soon, it engulfed the two colors in the air, taking the two silhouettes that were battling along with it.

The icy crystal ground that was as tough as steel collapsed like a piece of glass wherever the white glow passed by. The entire land trembled as if it was whimpering in cowardice.

A big hole burned in the pitch-black sky, turning the entire God Territory from night to day.

Lin Huang retreated hundreds of kilometers back and smashed hard onto the crystal ground. A sinkhole that was tens of kilometers wide gaped in the ground as if an asteroid had struck.

He knew very well that the attack was a tie. His opponent was just as powerful as he was.

"It's a shame that I haven't perfected my sword skills. I suppose I'll need to break through to level-6 Sword Dao which is Sword Dao Divinity to be able to kill a True God with this sword!" Lin Huang's soft mumble showed his secret ambition.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the Master God, who lay in a sinkhole hundreds of kilometers away, could not help but exclaim, "That brat wasn't kidding! His Sword Dao is really close to divinity!"

Climbing out of the sinkhole, the Master God looked at the ice glove covering his palm. There was a crack even thinner than a strand of hair on his cold, blue glove. It was so tiny that it was almost invisible to the naked eye.

"It sure is worthy of being a sword cultivator, one of the most powerful occupations in attacking." Cold, blue mist flowed out of his palm. As the Master God stretched and wiped the crack on the glove, the crack disappeared almost immediately as if it had never been there before.

Lin Huang, on the other hand, shifted about after climbing up from the sinkhole. He checked if his body was severely impacted.

He spread his Divine Telekinesis directly and targeted the Master God who was standing in the sinkhole hundreds of kilometers away. In a flash, he disappeared.

A white glow sparked in the next second.

The two silhouettes separated as soon as they came in contact, but they collided again in the next second.

Lin Huang swung his sword again and again while the Master God threw his punches one after another.

Dazzling white glows lit up like fireworks in the sky and disappeared rapidly. Billions of deafening bangs echoed in the sky.

Terrifying Divine Power spread everywhere. Even if there was a ninth-rank True God there, he might not be able to fight it head-on.

Space was torn where the duo collided while the cracks were like spider webs. The God Territory was repairing itself at its best speed, but it could not catch up with the duo's damaging rate.

There were more and more cracks in the space, causing turbulence all around.

Up to 1,000 kilometers in the air, wherever the duo passed became danger zones. Even a True God dared not go any closer.

The entire God Territory was trembling from their collision that exploded one after another. It felt like it might collapse anytime.

Naturally, Lin Huang was enjoying the battle. After all, an opponent which he could prove his ability entirely was hard to come by. It gave him the opportunity to perfect his sword skills at true god-level.

However, the Master God did not look very well. Although he was just as powerful as Lin Huang at the moment, it was his God Territory. He only had such ability in the God Territory. As soon as the God Territory collapsed, his temporarily boosted ability that came from his secret skill would be taken away.

On the other hand, Lin Huang would not be affected at all since he would still be just as powerful then.

'No, I can't let this go on. I'll lose if I do!' The Master God thought to himself while locking his Divine Telekinesis on Lin Huang as a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes.

He turned his spirit power into a few arrows and shot it at Lin Huang's spirit.

Lin Huang's expression changed slightly. The spiritual attack came out of nowhere, so the bruised corpse did not have time to react at all.

The few spiritual arrows collided against the spiritual defense made of Witchcraft Runes one after another. The arrow would penetrate a layer of defense every time it shot before it vanished. Three arrows later, the three layers of defenses that Lin Huang had built were destroyed entirely.

Seeing that the last few arrows were going into his spirit, a blue gem that looked like a droplet shot out between Lin Huang's brows all of a sudden, blocking the last remaining arrows head-on.

The blue gem-like soul jewel had cracks all over it. With a loud crack, the soul jewel was broken.

"Sister Mo Mo!" Lin Huang could not help but yell out loud. However, a weak white glow shot in between Lin Huang's brows in the next second.

"I'm alright. My soul is just severely hurt now…" Wu Mo murmured weakly and fell into a deep sleep as she penetrated the Sorcerer Goddess's blood.

"You're asking for death!" Lin Huang was completely enraged now.

The bruised corpse puppet swung the sword again. Divine Power and rule power stretched out with each swing of the sword.

The Master God dodged clumsily. The spiritual attack earlier had drained a lot of his strength. He would lose his chance to turn the tables around as soon as he missed the attack.

A loud bang exploded a few breaths later.

The God Territory finally could not take it any longer, and it began to collapse.

The Master God's aura was dropping at an alarming rate. Losing the support of his God Territory, not only did his secret skill lose its effect, but his ability also went back to normal.

Lin Huang did not care what was happening to the God Territory at all. He brandished the sword continuously, not giving the Master God a chance to breathe.

The Master God, whose ability was dropping, could not take Lin Huang's intense attack at all. He was defeated after trying to hold it up strenuously for merely a few haggard breaths.

Lin Huang's killing intent was boiling as he mercilessly swung the sword like a lightning bolt. Blood spurted out of the headless corpse.

"Congratulations, you've killed a True God. You've won the title Godslayer!"

"Congratulations, you've obtained a rule power — God-slaying Power!"


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