Monster Paradise
1059 Actually, I’m A Sword Cultivator
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1059 Actually, I’m A Sword Cultivator

Crack, crack…

After breaking the red dragonkin's wings, Lin Huang stepped on the giant dragonkin's back that was falling onto the ground.

The second before the dragonkin created a sinkhole on the ground, Lin Huang leaped high with hammers in both of his hands. He then smashed them on the dragonkin's head.


The bruised corpse's silhouette hopped off almost at the same time that the dragonkin landed.

The dragonkin's whimper that sounded like a stray dog came to a halt merely a second later.

"The eleventh one!" Lin Huang, who had blood splattered all over his body, wiped his face while glaring at the black silhouette that flashed through the air.

"You're the only one left!" Lin Huang stood on the dragonkin's head that had turned into mush while patiently waiting for the perfect timing. It was the last monster and although it was not powerful, it was great at hiding and running. Lin Huang decided to handle it last because he was worried that it would take too much time for him to find it and kill it.

However, Wu Mo's voice came into his ears two to three seconds later. "Right now!"

Lin Huang stretched his arm without hesitation, grabbing the air. Almost at the very moment he did that, a black silhouette appeared and collided against his palm.

Lin Huang held onto the black silhouette and squeezed hard without thinking twice. A devastating shriek was released as the black silhouette in his palm exploded.

He threw the black silhouette onto the ground casually. Looking at the mushy black carcass, he guessed that it was a bird monster.

"Twelfth one!" In less than half a minute, Lin Huang completed a dozen kills. The process was terribly gory.

In the beginning, he was surprised by where this brutality came from. Soon, he found out that it came from the bruised corpse.

Not only were his emotions affected, but even his battle mode was also influenced by the bruised corpse's overwhelming battle instinct.

This bruised corpse was a born warrior.

As Lin Huang snapped back from the battle, he turned his head to look at the Master God's projection and revealed a teasing smile. He leaped from the dragonkin's squashed head and walked towards the Master God's projection slowly.

"Your little pets are all gone. If I'm not mistaken, you shouldn't be able to summon any ice sculptures that are more powerful, should you? Otherwise, you wouldn't have summoned ice sculptures that are merely on third-rank true god-level." Lin Huang guessed that the items which the opponent summoned must have been restricted by his current combat strength. Otherwise, he would have summoned ice sculptures on fifth or sixth-rank which could totally suppress Lin Huang if ninth-rank was a no-go for him.

Seeing Lin Huang approaching, the Master God's projection's face remained calm. There was no change in his emotions at all despite Lin Huang destroying his 12 collectibles.

Instead, he spoke to Lin Huang smoothly, "Do you really think you've killed my collectibles?"

Lin Huang was stunned to hear that question. He spread his Divine Telekinesis around and realized that the 12 carcasses that were initially there were all gone.

"I forgot to tell you something earlier." The Master God's projection grinned mockingly. "In my God Territory, these collectibles… can't be killed."

The blue ice sculptures rose from the ground around him slowly as soon as the Master God's projection said that.

The ice sculptures looked alive. They were the 12 third-rank True Gods that Lin Huang had just killed.

They opened their eyes when they were completely formed. Subsequently, their bodies began turning into blood and flesh.

Lin Huang thought that entire scene was familiar.

"Isn't this what happened when he first summoned the 12 ice sculptures earlier? It's exactly the same!"

Lin Huang looked at the Master God's projection, feeling a little speechless after his redundant ridiculing. "I've already killed these 12 pets of yours. Can't you be more creative?"

The Master God's projection looked at Lin Huang calmly and said nothing.

"So, you're just stalling me?" Lin Huang scowled in disdain.

"I'm just getting them to buy me some time for me to prepare my next move to kill you." The Master God's projection stepped back immediately.

Almost at the same time he did that, his 12 collectibles began attacking Lin Huang.

"Ugh, this is boring!" Lin Huang pouted and took a god relic battle sword out from his storage space.

The bruised corpse grabbed the battle sword and filled it with Divine Power. He then went after the 12 third-rank true god-level opponents.

Divine glows of various colors lit up in the air, illuminating the entire God Territory.

However, they turned dim one after another. Only a red sword glow remained eventually.

Lin Huang spent less than 20 seconds eliminating the dozen third-rank true god-level monsters this time.

What he had no idea about was that there was a silhouette standing on a cliff hundreds of kilometers away.

Each time he killed an ice sculpture monster, the soul of the monster's God would appear before the Master God directly. They were then swallowed by him.

The Master God's projection's aura peaked after swallowing 12 third-rank true god-level God's souls. Although he was still on third-rank true god-level, his aura was close to perfect-stage third-rank true god-level.

Even Lin Huang sensed the odd aura almost immediately.

'How did the Master God's projection's aura boost all of the sudden?'

Just when Lin Huang felt the skepticism twist in his stomach, the Master God's projection in a white robe appeared less than 20 meters from him.

"Lin Xie, I really don't want to use this move, but you left me with no choice."

Lin Huang raised his brow. "Did it cost you?"

"That's right. This move cost me my third-rank true god-level collectibles forever." The Master God's projection nodded lightly, not seeming to be in a rush to attack at all. "But it's alright. It's worth it because I'm trading them for a collectible like you. To me, your value is much higher than theirs."

"So, it sounds like you're confident that you can defeat me, eh?' Lin Huang smirked in a teasing way.

"My combat strength has reached the peak of third-rank true god-level. I even have all of the powers and talents the 12 collectibles have mastered at the moment. Furthermore, this is my stage. There's no way that you can run."

"Why should I run? Isn't the peak of third-rank true god-level still third-rank true god-level?"

"I killed your 12 little pets. In fact, I killed them twice. Do you think I'm scared of their abilities? Moreover, this has always been your stage. Wait, from what I remember, you're the one who has been running from your life clumsily."

The Master God's projection could not argue with Lin Huang because he was telling the truth. There was no way that he could fight back.

"We'll find out who will be running for his life very soon. I'll suppress you with close combat that you're best in!"

"I think you've mistaken. I didn't master close combat. I'm a sword cultivator!" Lin Huang corrected him in all seriousness.


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