Monster Paradise
1058 A Gory Repression
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1058 A Gory Repression

The Master God's projection began performing a hand seal quickly as soon as he finished speaking.

The entire snowy God Territory looked like it turned from day to night within the span of a short few breaths. The sky turned completely dark.

The ground under Lin Huang's feet that were covered in snow began shaking intensely as if there was an earthquake.

Lin Huang and the bruised corpse puppet hovered from the ground immediately.

'This stance really looks like an ultimate move,' Lin Huang thought to himself.

Just when he was going to interrupt, blue ice sculptures that seemed alive began rising from the ground.

There were a total of 12 ice sculptures. Three of them took on human forms while the remaining nine looked like monsters.

Lin Huang had never seen the nine monster-form ice sculptures in the monster guide before. Clearly, they were not from this gravel world.

'What's all this?' Just when doubt rose in Lin Huang, the Master God's projection was almost done with the hand seal. The 12 ice sculptures were formed completely.

The 12 ice sculptures opened their eyes almost at the same time when the Master God's projection performed the last hand seal. Their cold, blue bodies began transforming into flesh and blood. Combat strength aura started flowing out of their lifeless bodies.

Lin Huang narrowed his eyes slightly when he saw that.

All of the 12 ice sculptures had third-rank true god-level aura!

"These 12 ice sculptures are my collectibles. I love collecting powerhouses that I've killed, then refine them with God Territory and make them a part of my God Territory when they're dead. They are my slaves. These 12 ice sculptures before you were on third-rank true god-level when they were alive."

"Initially, only ninth-rank true god-level powerhouses would see this move of mine. If not for me being in such a rush today, I wouldn't even use this on you. Pal, dying by this move is an honor for you."

The Master God's projection waved his hand as soon as he was done speaking.

The move seemed to be a way of him giving his order, whereby the 12 ice sculptures shifted almost at the same time.

A feline monster with stripes charged like a streak of lightning. It appeared before Lin Huang in a flash and mauled the air with its sharp, blade-like claws.

The mauling left black traces in the God Territory's space.

Lin Huang was no slower than it. He dodged to the side slightly and avoided the attack that could tear his body open. He swung a hard punch like a cannon at his opponent's abdomen.

Knowing that these 12 ice sculptures were tough, Lin Huang did not hold back at all. He used all of his Divine Power, and the Champion Strength Rule turned his entire arm red.

The feline monster dodged immediately after sensing the life-threatening danger. It was extremely agile. A teasing gleam flashed through Lin Huang's eyes just when the feline ducked his punch.

His fist turned into a sword, and he swung it at the monster.

The crescent-like sword glow glided through the feline monster's soft, white abdomen. Red blood spurted out of the wound.

Lin Huang hovered into the air and got closer to the cat. His hand turned into claws and he reached deep into its abdomen through its wound. With a hard yank, out came all of its intestines.

"That's the first!" Just when he had gotten rid of the feline monster, a monster that looked like a T-Rex charged at him with its mouth wide open. It attempted to devour him alive.

Sharp teeth like steel filled the space between its jaws, and there were hundreds of them. If he was really bitten, he would probably turn into mush.

Lin Huang did not want to test how powerful the opponent's bite was. He swung both his fists at the opponent's muzzle and threw hundreds of punches in the blink of an eye.

With the help of the Champion Strength Rule, Lin Huang could launch the Master God, who was a third-rank True God, out with merely a punch. One could imagine how powerful the consecutive hundreds of punches were.

Hundreds of red fists fell like raindrops, breaking the sharp-toothed monster's head open right away. Lin Huang rushed forward and appeared behind its broken head.

"And the second one."

Just when Lin Huang muttered that, a sword glow came toward his neck directly.

His eyes lit up when that happened. He pointed his finger into the air, and a red glow in the form of a finger collided with the sword glow's weakest point. It wiped out the white sword glow like a piece of cake.

"This one uses a sword?!"

Lin Huang was elated when he found out there was a sword cultivator among his enemies. As a sword cultivator himself, fighting another sword cultivator opponent was what he desired most.

He lifted his head and looked at the sword cultivator. It was a young man who looked distant. With mediocre features, he exuded a cold aura that was rather intimidating.

As he took his time observing the sword cultivator, the fourth attack came.

It was a Bug Tribe monster with three pairs of scimitar-like sharp blades. It had grayish-black bug armor over its slender body and it was swift in its attack.

Six blade arms sliced up to 1,000 razor traces in the air. They were sweeping toward Lin Huang like a spider web.

"Out of my way!" Lin Huang yelled. He was upset that the bug had interrupted his battle with the other sword cultivator.

He gazed up, holding his fist and swinging his arm with the momentum from his spine. Then, he threw the punch with all of his strength!


An intense detonation exploded, and the web-like blade glow broke like glass under Lin Huang's punch.

Lin Huang charged and passed through the gap of the blade glow. His hand seemed to have torn through at a speed no one could imagine and grabbed the Bug Tribe monster's neck.

A crack followed by a tear shattered the air as green blood shot into the sky like a fountain. The Bug Tribe monster turned into a headless monster.

"The third…"

As Lin Huang was tearing the Bug Tribe monster's head off, a sharp spike pointed at Lin Huang's back.

The attack was as quick as a lightning bolt and was silent without warning.

The sharp pitch-black spike was hard for one to catch sight of in this dark God Territory that appeared like it was night.

Just when the spike arrived less than 20 centimeters behind Lin Huang, a hand appeared out of nowhere. It grabbed the weapon that was going to pierce through Lin Huang's heart, preventing it from being unable to move an inch closer.

Subsequently, Lin Huang turned around slowly and grinned at the dark.

"A female monster with a scorpion's tail? I wonder how she tastes like."

He stretched his other hand out after mumbling to himself. He grabbed onto the other side of the scorpion's tail and crushed it.


A devastating groan came almost at the same time.

The arm that was in the form of a scorpion's tail was crushed directly. Pale white liquid shot out of the wound and spilled all over the place.

The lady with the scorpion's tail was dragged over beyond her control as Lin Huang crushed her tail. Even though the lady had a bombshell body, he had no sympathy in his eyes at all. He threw a punch which penetrated her fragile chest directly.

"That's the fourth one!"


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