Monster Paradise
1057 The Real Ultimate Move
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1057 The Real Ultimate Move

Pale blue ice crystal walls erected in the air, blocking Lin Huang and the Master God.

Lin Huang was too lazy to walk around the walls, so he swung his punch one after another instead. The sky was shaking from all the blows. The giant ice crystal walls were collapsing. They broke into pieces and turned into dust.

The speed of the collapsing walls was just as fast as them solidifying. The giant walls would collapse almost as soon as they were formed.

The Master God, who initially wanted to depend on the black snowflakes to beat Lin Huang, soon noticed that something was off. There was no more Divine Power filling his body.

As the Master God's projection spread his Divine Telekinesis, he realized the peculiar phenomenon going on in Lin Huang's body. The black snowflakes could no longer penetrate his body.

"What's happening?!"

"Do you find it strange? I've seen through your technique," Lin Huang mocked with a grin, "It's a soul-penetrating method, but you changed the effect to physical energy corrosion, making me think that it's a physical attack, so I failed to find the way to break it. Not anymore!"

The Master God's expression turned grim upon hearing what Lin Huang said. Never had he thought that his almost sure-win technique would be broken by Lin Huang so soon.

The upper hand from the Inked Snowflake soon faded, and the Master God's projection fell to the losing side.

His energy source came from his real self in the great world. Sending energy via the dimensional tool was draining to him. Most importantly, the duration that the dimensional gateway could stay open was limited.

Furthermore, the more energy it provided, the shorter the dimensional gateway could be opened.

Looking at the current energy transmission, he figured that the dimensional tool could only stay open for less than ten minutes.

The Master God stopped Lin Huang from coming closer while coming up with a plan.

'I'll need at least five more minutes to transform my vessel to Virtual God rank-9. The problem is, even if I get the five minutes and successfully create the clone for my projection to stay here, my clone will just be on Virtual God rank-9, which is no match for him at all.

'Therefore, I'll have to kill this brat first before I'm done with the clone. In other words, I only have less than five minutes of battle time.' The Master God was thinking quickly. He looked at Lin Huang's real body behind the bruised corpse all of a sudden and came up with a plan.

Naturally, Lin Huang noticed the Master God looking at him and he added a couple more defense runes on his real body.

The Master God scoffed while his blue projection waved his hand. A pale blue vortex soon appeared in the air like a gigantic blue pupil hanging in the sky.

"God Territory…" Lin Huang frowned slightly. He did not want to enter this God Territory that his opponent had summoned.

However, as soon as he had that thought, his body hovered into the sky out of his control. He was sailing toward the vortex at an alarming speed.

He controlled the bruised corpse to hold onto his real body immediately. However, they were both pulled towards the vortex anyway.

He realized what the opponent's plan was at that instant.

As a God Territory could engulf any living thing that had lower combat strength than itself, the Master God's projection used this to suck Lin Huang in.

If the bruised corpse clone did not follow, Lin Huang would be killed soon even with the shield.

Under such circumstance, the bruised corpse clone could only follow suit, which meant that they were entering the opponent's stage.

Although Lin Huang knew nothing much about the God Territory, he knew that it was the opponent's stage. The opponent's ability would definitely be much more powerful in the God Territory.

He had no other option since the Master God did this. He could only allow the Master God to pull him and the bruised corpse into the God Territory.

In a flash, Lin Huang and the bruised corpse turned into two bright gleams and shot into the blue vortex, disappearing altogether.

Seeing them vanish, the Master God's projection followed behind and entered the vortex.

As the three of them entered the blue vortex, the color of the vortex in the sky began fading and it disappeared eventually.

The God Territory of the Master God was a chilly snowfield.

Lin Huang could feel the cold faintly although he had double protection from the physical and spirit shields.

The bruised corpse stood there waiting for the Master God to show up patiently. He appeared again a moment later.

His form was no longer the cold blue human form whose features were unclear earlier. He was a complete human in this cold snowfield. He looked almost the same as the clone that Wu Mo had killed earlier.

"This is my stage and it's also your burial ground."

"So, you admit that you can't defeat me unless you're in here?" Lin Huang teased.

"The God Territory has always been a battle technique." The Master God's projection scoffed.

"In reality, you wouldn't be able to defeat me under normal circumstances. That's why you used this stupid trick to pull me in. I can't do anything else apart from following you to fight on your stage. Naturally, it'd have been better if I don't come in. You'd be able to kill my real body like a piece of cake," Lin Huang told the truth directly, "Isn't this your plan?"

"No matter how eloquent you are with your words, you won't be able to change your destiny of dying here." The Master God's projection did not bother to fight back.

"You're thinking too much. I can still kill you in here!" Lin Huang launched his attack first as soon as he was done speaking.

He stomped hard with his feet, forming a massive sinkhole in the thick snow on the ground. He charged himself at the Master God's projection like a lightning bolt.

The Master God's projection grinned in a teasing manner. He waved the sleeve of his white robe as hundreds of similar silhouettes appeared.

Lin Huang could not tell which was real and fake since there were hundreds of Master Gods that appeared before him.

The hundreds of Master Gods performed hand seals rapidly. Tens of thousands of ice blades of all forms consolidated in the air, aiming for Lin Huang like a storm on a summer.

Lin Huang stomped both his feet and squatted in a firm stance. He inhaled deeply and opened his mouth all of a sudden. The Divine Power that combined the voice in his lungs spread out.


A loud roar made the land tremble. Countless ice blades were crushed into dust as a result of the deafening roar.

Even the fake Master Gods disappeared like melting snow.

Naturally, Lin Huang did not come up with the lion-like roar. It was a technique that was already in the memory of the bruised corpse.

Lin Huang performed that with the activation of just his simple Divine Power.

The Master God was dismayed to see that his technique was ruined again almost immediately.

"It seems like you're no more powerful on your stage than you are out there." Lin Huang laughed while looking at the Master God's projection.

A ferocious gleam flashed in the Master God's eyes.

"There are some techniques that I didn't plan to use on a brat like you, but since you're so full of yourself, I'll show you my real ultimate move!"


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