Monster Paradise
1054 The Power of A Finger
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1054 The Power of A Finger

Wu Mo hung her head down and looked at the corpse of the Master God's clone with a frown. It was clearly a True God's aura. She would never get that wrong.

"Take Lin Huang away!" Wu Mo shouted at the Ninetails Lynx without hesitation.

The Ninetails Lynx patted Lin Huang and Guan Zhong immediately and sent both of them into its alternate dimension.

Lin Huang also recalled all the remaining eight God Figurine's Combat Souls. He glanced at the Star Titan battleship above, aware that it was too late for him to recall that now. He could only get the Warlord to activate the maximum defense before recalling him into his card from.

In the air, Wu Mo put the Godhead in her head away and held her head as she peered down at the corpse of the Master God's clone.

A black vortex quickly formed in the middle of the corpse's chest.

It was just the size of a fist at the beginning, but it soon expanded a couple of meters wide. Within the span of a few breaths, the entire corpse turned into a vortex which was over three meters wide. It looked like a mini black hole.

The aura that gave Lin Huang goosebumps originated from that vortex.

It was extremely weak in the beginning, but the aura was getting more and more prominent as the vortex expanded.

The powerful aura even penetrated the alternate dimension where Lin Huang was. He could feel it clearly.

For safety purposes, the Ninetails Lynx dragged Lin Huang up to 1,000 kilometers away until he could no longer feel the ominous aura.

Since he could not watch the battle from where he was, Lin Huang got Bloody to project the battlefield.

The vortex did not stop growing on the ground. It only stabilized when it expanded up to approximately ten meters in diameter.

In reality, it only took merely the span of two to three breaths for the vortex to appear and form completely.

In the air, Wu Mo summoned the Book of Sorcerer Dao. She was ready to fight and she had her guard up.

A thunderous voice roared out of the vortex on the ground as soon as it was completely consolidated. It echoed all over the sky.

"Die!" The voice sounded like millions of thunderbolts setting off next to their ears at the same time.

The ground was collapsing as if there was an earthquake. Even the Star Titan that was covered in a shield in the air was trembling.

A blue finger emerged out of the vortex as soon as the word was heard. It then turned into a massive finger coming at Wu Mo.

Everything froze wherever the massive finger passed by. The entire area seemed to turn into a snowy land.

Strong gales blew within thousands of kilometers as snow fell. Even the sky turned dim now as if Doomsday had come.

In the intense snowstorm, the gigantic Star Titan in the air was shaking. It looked like a tiny boat in a raging sea as it was hard for it to get hold of itself. There was even a layer of frost on the airship's shield. The flickering lights made it look like it might collapse anytime.

If Bloody had not attached its Leech Pods at the bottom of the airship which was protected by the shield, they might have been destroyed by now.

Wu Mo, who was not far beneath the airship, shifted in expression. She moved both of her hands, forming runes in the air before her. There were layers of shields of all forms and colors that consolidated in an attempt to stop her opponent's attack.

As a True God, she clearly sensed that the finger alone was at least the attack from a third-rank True God.

Clearly, due to the unstable dimension and the rejection of the gravel world towards true god-level power, most of the power of the Master God's attack was taken away, causing the impact to drop.

Even though that was the case, the layers of defense before Wu Mo were as fragile as paper when the finger advanced. The defense layers made out of tens of thousands of Witchcraft Runes froze wherever the massive icy finger passed. The layers then cracked and collapsed like glass being smashed mercilessly. They shattered into pieces and vanished.

There was a slight change of expression in Wu Mo's eyes when she saw that the defense she set up was crushed entirely. The attack was much more powerful than she expected.

Since she could not run away, determination flashed through her eyes.

"Since I can neither defend it nor can I run away from it, I'll just have to fight it head-on!"

Wu Mo gave up on defending as she reached this point. She activated all the attack runes she had on her right arm. Then, she swung a punch at the massive blue finger.

Her fist and the finger collided in the blink of an eye. A glaring white glow lit up in the middle of the collision, illuminating the entire sky.

The glow caused by the collision was so bright that it looked like thousands of suns exploded at the same time. The white glow soon drowned everything.

The massive blue finger collapsed slowly in the middle of the explosion where Lin Huang could not see.

The bruised corpse's entire right arm exploded directly, splattering blood all over the place. Her frozen body was falling to the ground far away like a comet. A giant sinkhole formed in the ground tens of kilometers away as if a meteorite had struck.

Sensing that her back collided against the ground after being flung out by the great force, her body came to a stop at the moment.

Wu Mo woke up from the pain and spat a mouthful of blood out. She looked around her.

"I'm still alive!" She thought she would die the second they collided earlier.

The opponent's finger attack was clearly the doing of a third-rank True God while her combined abilities were merely on first-rank True God.

Among true god-level powerhouses, the difference between each rank was vast.

She was very fortunate to be able to survive the attack.

Although Wu Mo was grateful that she survived, a voice that came out of the blue made her heart drop. "I've never thought there'd be a vessel that I can use here."

Wu Mo thought the gateway that was opened temporarily would close right after the attack. Never had she thought the Master God would still be there.

She also knew that the vessel the person meant should be Grandmistress Wei.

At the moment, the white glow caused by the collision was fading slowly. Lin Huang, who was 1,000 kilometers away, finally saw the battlefield through the Leech Pods again.

A blue fog was churning out of the black vortex. The fog turned into a few threads and penetrated Grandmistress Wei's nostrils and mouth while she was unconscious.

Lin Huang could not help but frown when he saw that. He had seen the Crow God Ceremony before, so it was only natural that he knew what the opponent was doing.

Kilometers away, the dust around the sinkhole was fading away.

By then only did Lin Huang see that the bruised corpse, who had lost its entire right arm, was lying in the sinkhole. She looked like she was dying as she lay in her blood. Half of her body was frozen and she looked extremely weak.

"Sister Mo Mo!"

Although Wu Mo could not see what the Master God was doing, her Divine Telekinesis sensed the Master God transforming Grandmistress Wei's body clearly. She also sensed Bloody's Leech Pods.

She then looked at the Leech Pods and said through voice transmission, "Lin Huang, leave me behind. The Divine Power in me is all drained from the collision earlier. I won't be able to run. You must leave Division 2 as soon as you can before he finishes transforming his vessel."

"You're still alive?" A voice came into Wu Mo's ears from a distance. "And there's a little rat hiding in the alternate dimension, huh? I almost missed you out."


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