Monster Paradise
1053 Killing the Master God
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1053 Killing the Master God

The God Territory of the Master God's clone was a chilly snowfield.

Wu Mo felt a little lost when she saw the snowy land. She thought she returned to her Wu Tribe's floating land. However, she snapped back to her senses a moment later and looked confusedly at the Master God's clone.

When they were fighting out there earlier, the Master God's clone did not show any frost attribute abilities at all. However, his God Territory manifested such a scene, which proved that he definitely had a frost attribute Godhead.

The only explanation for him to not use frost attribute Godhead when he was fighting out there was that he did not refine this Godhead himself and it was not entirely compatible with him. Since it would not be effective when used in common battles, he put it aside entirely.

However, it was a different story in this God Territory.

The God Territory was equivalent to an independent mini world while the Master God's clone was the ruler of that world.

Even though he had low compatibility with the Godhead, he could perform almost 100% of the Godhead's ability.

'This guy didn't refine his own Godhead?' More doubts rose within Wu Mo.

Seeing that Wu Mo looked skeptical, the Master God's clone thought she was shocked by his Godhead's attribute and began teasing proudly, "I haven't been using the frost attribute ability out there because I've got low computability with it. However, that issue doesn't exist in this God Territory. This place will be your burial ground."

"I'm very curious. How did you manage to integrate a Virtual God rank-9 Godhead? Theoretically, Godheads above Virtual God rank-3 should have an integration success rate so low that it's beyond the imagination." Wu Mo ignored what he said and expressed her biggest doubt.

"This body is already on Virtual God rank-9, but there weren't any Godheads in it. I happened to find a frost attribute Virtual God rank-9 Godhead, so I used the Ice Rule to suppress the frost attribute ability in it for integration. Without the ability going haywire, it was much easier to integrate."

"Unfortunately, my body has low computability with this Godhead and I couldn't find any materials to boost the compatibility in this gravel world. I just had to deal with it," the Master God's clone told her right away since he did not think it was a secret.

"So, you've been in this gravel world before?!" Wu Mo thought it was rather unbelievable. She was merely a sliver of soul remnant now and she could faintly sense the gravel world's rejection. The difficulty of a ninth-rank True God coming to this gravel world should be no less than a person cultivating to attain Virtual God rank-9. Even if one were to travel via a normal dimensional gateway, one would feel the rejection from the world at all times. Furthermore, the rejection would build day by day.

"I came from this gravel wor-…" the Master God's clone realized he had revealed too much information when he was speaking halfway. "Our little chat will end here."

Although he did not finish what he was saying, Wu Mo guessed what he was going to say. She even wanted to ask if his body was left behind in this gravel world but the Master God's clone refused to talk further.

"Following me into my God Territory will be the biggest mistake you've ever made in your life."

The Master God's clone waved his hand after saying that to Wu Mo from far away. Chilly wind and snow swept toward Wu Mo.

The whistling chilly wind sounded like a lion's roar. Even the air turned into frost wherever it passed. The entire God Territory's temperature seemed to have dropped tens of degrees Celsius.

The low temperature the Master God's clone performed was even lower than the Moon Frost Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Enchanted Fairy, had used to freeze the demigods earlier.

The sweeping chilly wind would not only turn demigods into frost immediately, but it might even freeze high-rank Virtual Gods including Virtual Gods rank-8 and rank-9.

A layer of frost began to form on Wu Mo's body as the chilly wind and snow drowned her.

It was just frost on different body parts in the beginning, but it began spreading rapidly. Toward all directions and eventually wrapped her entirely.

In less than half a minute, Wu Mo had turned into an ice sculpture.

With the snowstorm, the layer of frost covering Wu Mo was getting thicker and thicker. She was sealed within.

Sensing that Wu Mo's aura had vanished, the Master God's clone waved his right hand again. The snowstorm then faded away.

He stepped forward slowly upon seeing that Wu Mo had turned into an ice sculpture. "So what if you have powerful close-combat ability? In my God Territory, you wouldn't even have the opportunity to fight…"

Before the Master God's clone could finish talking, Wu Mo, who had turned into an ice sculpture, opened her eyes all of a sudden and grinned at the Master God's clone.

Almost at the same time, the ice that was wrapping her body exploded. A fist the size of a sandbag punched the Master God's clone, who appeared before Wu Mo, hard.

The Master God's clone flew out in a spiral.

Wu Mo then spoke to him through voice transmission, "Did you really think you froze me? I was just messing with you!"

The Master God's clone, whose head was spinning while he was airborne without having the slightest ability to control himself, was so mad that he almost spit blood when he heard that.

Wu Mo recalled the rune back beneath her skin when the Master God's clone attacked her in the beginning. It caused the layer of frost to seem like it was covering her skin, which resulted in her appearing like she was frozen.

She took the attack by force just to see what the Master God's clone could do in his God Territory. In the end, she realized she had overestimated him. Or rather, the set of runes that she had inscribed on this bruised corpse was too powerful. No matter what, she felt no chilliness penetrating the defenses of the rune at all although the frost was stuck to her skin.

"How is that possible?!"

The Master God's clone took some effort and finally managed to stand still hundreds of kilometers away. Although his face was sunken from Wu Mo's punch, the emotional damage he had experienced was more severe than the damage on his face.

"Isn't it simple?" Wu Mo appeared less than 20 meters across the Master God's clone directly. Her expression seemed like everything was pure common sense. "Don't force it when the compatibility is low!"

"Those who have sufficient compatibility and might not be able to perform 100% of their ability out there after integrating a Godhead can perform at least 80% of their ability. In their God Territory, they might be able to perform 150% to 200% or even 300% of their ability. However, in your God Territory, you can only perform at 100% by force. That's the difference.

"You think a God Territory would be the remedy for the low compatibility. However, to others, God Territory isn't merely a remedy, but a tool to perform beyond 100% of your ability."

Naturally, the Master God's clone knew that. However, he was unwilling to accept it.

He waved both hands, controlling the snow storm in his God Territory to travel toward Wu Mo's direction.

Giant snowy mountains that were thousands of meters tall slammed toward Wu Mo. A hard punch from her alone crushed the mountains into pieces.

Icicles shot out like flying daggers. A slap was all that was needed to form an invisible shield before her. She blocked all the icicles from touching her body.

Icy mist blew at her, but it did not stop her at all. She waved casually, and an invisible forcefield took the icy mist away directly.

Iced walls solidified one after another, blocking Wu Mo from moving forward. They exploded right away upon her pointing her fingers.

The Master God's clone did everything he could but he failed to stop Wu Mo from approaching him.

He had just realized a fact then and exclaimed out loud, "You're not a Virtual God, but a True God!!!"

"You got it right on a certain level." Wu Mo smiled without denying it.

"Since you're a True God, you'll have to go to the great world sooner or later. If you kill me, my real self won't forgive you. My real self is a ninth-rank True God, so you are definitely no match for me even if you recover to your peak."

"Are you threatening me?" Wu Mo scoffed.

"If you let me go now, I'll guarantee that my real self won't do anything to you when you get to the great world in the future." The Master God's clone's tone was rather soft.

"Even dummies won't believe what you're saying. Do you think I'd believe you?" If Wu Mo had a clone, she would definitely not forgive a clone who bullied her and destroyed her people.

"My real self left a trump card in this body. You wouldn't be able to live if you killed me."

Wu Mo had a slight change of expression hearing what the Master God's clone said. She was not sure if he was telling the truth. However, looking at the Master God's clone's behavior, it seemed to be true.

She was only a third-rank True God at her peak. If the Master God's clone's real self was really a ninth-tank True God, the trump card that he left behind should not be underestimated although he was in another world.

Wu Mo made up her mind after a short reflection.

If she let him live now, he might contact his real self in the future and it would bring her bigger trouble by then. She would rather destroy his organization now and get rid of him at the same time to prevent any consequences in the future.

No matter what trump card he left behind, as long as her soul remnant survived, she would have the opportunity to recover in the future.

Soon, Wu Mo made up her mind after the thoughts flashed by in her mind. Killing intent rose in her eyes.

"It's too risky to spare your life. I choose to take the bet."

Wu Mo pierced her hand through the Master God's clone's chest as soon as she was done speaking. A cold blue Godhead appeared between her fingers a moment later.

Fear was written all over the Master God's clone's face. He only managed to utter a single word, "You…" His body froze and turned into a corpse falling onto the ground.

The massive snowy God Territory began fading automatically since the Master God's clone was killed.

It was not collapsing but fading away on its own due to the lack of a master controlling it.

Wu Mo and the Master God's clone's corpse were finally visible again as the God Territory faded away.

At the moment, Grandmistress Wei had just woken up. She was slightly stunned when she saw the golden-armored silhouette falling from the sky. She lifted her head to look up immediately and saw Wu Mo hovering alone in the air.

"Has the Master God lost?" Grandmistress Wei fell into devastation completely. She had never imagined that the Virtual God rank-9 Master God would lose.

Lin Huang could not help but smirk when he saw Wu Mo hovering alone in the air.

However, he had goosebumps all of a sudden while his body turned stiff. His nine God Figurine's Combat Souls moved almost at the time, blocking him in a flash. Their guards were up like never before.

They locked their eyes on the corpse that had just landed.

A terrifying aura was rising slowly from the Master God's clone's corpse…


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