Monster Paradise
1052 Allow Me to Let It All Out on You
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1052 Allow Me to Let It All Out on You

To be honest, Lin Huang was worried when he saw the Master God's clone summoning nine God Figurine's Combat Souls.

After all, all the God Figurine's Combat Souls had true god-level bodies. They were the best at fighting close-combat powerhouses. The combat skill that Wu Mo was using earlier was outranked entirely.

However, upon hearing Wu Mo's reassurance that she could handle it, he recalled she was not the best at combat skill, but at Witchcraft Runes. His concern was lifted right away, and he proceeded to watch the battle in relief.

The Master God's clone was secretly jolted when he heard Lin Huang's offer to help. Although Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Souls had a great difference in combat strength compared to him and he was no match to him at all, Lin Huang could stall the battle. After all, Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Souls too had true god-level bodies. Even though they were no match for him, they could fight his God Figurine's Combat Souls head-on.

The Master God's clone was secretly relieved to hear Wu Mo asking Lin Huang not to interfere.

He did not think that Wu Mo who was expert in combat skills could get away while being surrounded by his nine God Figurine's Combat Souls. In the gravel world, the body of a God Figurine's Combat Soul could be considered invincible.

However, he had no idea that combat skills were just one of Wu Mo's extra abilities.

The nine God Figurine's Combat Souls surrounded Wu Mo in the air. The Master God's clone was watching the battle amusedly while letting his body recover outside the battle ring.

He was already visualizing his nine God Figurine's Combat Souls trampling Wu Mo's bulky body at ease.

Wu Mo did not seem nervous at all despite being surrounded by nine Virtual God rank-9 God Figurine's Combat Souls. She glanced at the Master God's clone who was outside the ring through the gap between the God Figurine's Combat Souls.

"This guy's not paying attention at such a moment, huh?" Wu Mo smirked when she saw the Master God's clone outside the zone.

The Master God's clone was only distracted for a moment. He issued his order to the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls when he snapped back to his senses.

"Kill that bulky man!"

The nine God Figurine's Combat Souls moved as soon as they heard the order.

The first to attack was a giant red-haired ape.

It was up to 1,000 meters tall and it held a giant hammer in its hand. It smashed the weapon toward Wu Mo without hesitation. The crash of the giant hammer felt like a mountain was collapsing.

The second to attack was a spotted leopard. Compared to the rest of the God Figurine's Combat Souls, it was the smallest at only approximately five meters long.

It stretched its foreclaws and mauled Wu Mo. Black cracks formed in the air.

A red sparrow was the third to attack. It had red wings and red feathers along its back. Only its crest and tail were black while its abdomen was white. It was over 300 meters long when both of its wings spread open.

It flapped its wings in the air, shooting tens of thousands of bloody feathers at Wu Mo like a hailstorm.

The Abyssal Dragon Turtle was the last to attack.

The Master God's clone had summoned it to block Wu Mo from chasing him earlier.

Although the Abyssal Dragon Turtle was best at defending, it had a pretty powerful attack ability too.

Black flames were rushing out of its mouth as it opened its muzzle wide. The flames were pouring out like a pitch-black waterfall.

The nine God Figurine's Combat Souls attacking at the same time was almost no different than nine Virtual God rank-9s striking at once.

The Master God's clone, who was outside the battle ring, could almost see the bulky man being smashed into mush after the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls attacked him together.

However, in the middle of the battle ring, Wu Mo was at ease.

She stretched her hand out and summoned the Book of Sorcerer Dao. She then activated a few runes one after another in the air.

The set of runes appeared together in the air rapidly. They turned into nine little thumb-sized snakes, slithering towards the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls.

It was too late for the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls to dodge them by then as the nine little black snakes penetrated their bodies easily. Almost at the same time, the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls froze.

The Master God's clone was bewildered at that moment as his nine God Figurine's Combat Souls fell onto the ground and stopped moving. He had completely lost contact with them and could not even recall them back now.

"What did you do?! Why can't I sense my God Figurine's Combat Souls any longer?!"

"Nothing much. I'm just applying what I've just learned. I used some technique to block the interaction you have with your God Figurine's Combat Souls," Wu Mo smiled while explaining. She had learned that from Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Shackle Serpent.

"You've lost all of your God Figurine's Combat Souls now, so just throw everything you have at me now," Wu Mo taunted, "If not, just be a punching bag and allow me to let it all out on you. It's been a long time since I've fought anyone."

The Master God's clone looked aghast. All of his nine God Figurine's Combat Souls which were his trump cards had just been beaten, and he could no longer use them.

An idea flashed through his mind after some complicated expressions flitted across his face.

"Come into my God Territory if you dare!" A black vortex formed out of thin air as he roared. The Master God's clone walked into it and provoked Wu Mo by asking her to come with his finger.

"Sister Mo Mo…"

Lin Huang attempted to advise Wu Mo to not go. After all, every Virtual God had a different God Territory ability. Entering another person's God Territory was highly risky.

Although Wu Mo's overall ability was much more powerful than the Master God's clone, it was a different story once she entered his God Territory. Some people had very odd God Territories.

However, Wu Mo turned her head and smiled at him. She then spoke to him through voice transmission, "Don't worry. I've encountered all kinds of opponents on the battlefield back then. I might not have entered others' God Territories 50 times, but I've gotten in at least 20 to 30 times. I know how to handle this."

Wu Mo went into the vortex in a flash as soon as she was done speaking. The vortex disappeared slowly, taking the duo along with it.

Lin Huang frowned upon seeing them vanish. He did not know much about God Territories. He had only heard about it from the stone tablet.

A God Territory was a product of a Life Palace. It had Godhead as its core, which was why it usually inherited the Life Palace's abilities.

Nonetheless, the God Territory's abilities could be enhanced and used in every part of the entire God Territory.

A God Territory was very effective on an opponent who had a slightly weaker ability.

The weaker one's ability was, the easier the person would be taken into the God Territory by force.

Especially when the opponent had a much weaker ability, one could open his God Territory and drag the opponent into it.

However, when both of them had the same combat strength, dragging the opponent into one's God Territory had a high failure rate. The more powerful the opponent's ability was, the more difficult it would be for the opponent to be taken into one's God Territory.

The Master God's clone had provoked Wu Mo into his God Territory to fight him because the failure rate of taking her in by force was very high.

"I wonder what is the ability of the Master God's clone's God Territory exactly?" Lin Huang felt slightly insecure that he could not watch the battle although he could not see Wu Mo and the Master God's clone's fight earlier at all either.

Meanwhile, in the Master God's God Territory, Wu Mo and the Master God's clone had begun fighting again.


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