Monster Paradise
1051 Beaten Up So Hard that Even His Mother Doesn“t Recognize Him
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1051 Beaten Up So Hard that Even His Mother Doesn“t Recognize Him

The battle between the duo was growing intense in the air. The impact of their collisions was accumulating since they had been colliding for up to a thousand times.

The Master God's clone was looking more and more serious because Wu Mo's ability was much more powerful than he expected.

The duo's fight lasted for five to six minutes. All of a sudden, Wu Mo backed off after her punch landed on the Master God's clone, creating a distance between them.

The Master God's clone hesitated for a moment. Instead of going after her, he teased her from a distance, "It's only been a couple of minutes but you can no longer take it? You're just a sliver of a soul remnant. Why must you show off?"

"You're overthinking. I'm just not used to fighting in this disguise," Wu Mo responded and she removed her disguise. She revealed the bruised corpse with bulky muscles that was over three meters tall. "The disguise earlier had a vast difference in terms of height and arm length. It's odd to fight in that disguise."

Seeing Wu Mo reveal the bruised corpse in the air, Lin Huang looked rather sympathetically at the Master God's clone. He knew Wu Mo was serious about fighting now.

The disguise earlier was terribly different from this bruised corpse, causing Wu Mo many mistakes in battle sensing ability. For instance, the bruised corpse's arm should have been able to reach the opponent, but in her previous disguise, there was a larger distance for her arm to get to the opponent. The bigger difference in the body size, the costlier the mistakes in such senses which affected her battle performance more.

Wu Mo's female disguise was almost four times different from the bruised corpse she was now using. She probably could not even use 50% of her ability in the previous disguise.

Even Lin Huang knew that, so it was only natural that the Master God's clone knew that too. He turned grim again.

Now that Wu Mo had regained her original form, she must have experienced a boost in her abilities. He had no choice but to be more careful now.

"Ah, it's liberating to use this body." Wu Mo stretched her neck to her left and right as a crisp crack rang out. She then gazed down on the Master God's clone who was across her. "We shall begin the second round if that's okay with you."

Before the Master God's clone could answer whether he agreed with that, Wu Mo stomped into the air with her bare feet and shot towards her opponent like a cannonball.

The Master God's clone's pupils shrunk all of a sudden. "That's crazy fast!"

Wu Mo's speed was more than twice as fast than before.

Knowing that he would not be able to dodge her attack, the Master God's clone could only defend the attack forcefully by crossing both arms in front of his chest.

Almost the second when he did that, Wu Mo arrived before him. She grinned at him and swung a punch which landed hard on both of his arms that acted as a defense.

The Master God's clone could only feel an invincible force coming from his arms that were wrapped in a god relic and were crushed right away. The force even penetrated his chest plate and reached his fragile chest. Not only did his ribs collapse, but even his organs experienced a tremor.

The Master God's clone sailed out like a golden comet. He slumped hard onto the ground hundreds of kilometers away.

The single punch alone was terrifying!

"I think that was too much…" Wu Mo blinked twice after seeing what her punch did. She glanced down at her own fist.

The bruised corpse that she was currently using seemed to be almost comparable with a true god-level body after the enhancement which included refinement and runes inscriptions.

That was the reason why Lin Huang did not panic at all when she was fighting the Virtual God rank-9 Master God's clone.

Lin Huang, who was watching beneath, knew what happened as soon as he saw the golden glow while Wu Mo remained standing there.

"Don't let him get away!"

"Don't worry. He won't be able to do that." Wu Mo disappeared from where she was as soon as she said that.

Lin Huang was hesitating if he should go after her to watch the battle upon seeing Wu Mo go after the Master God's clone.

However, another golden glow shot through the sky before he could make up his mind. The golden glow landed less than three kilometers from him with a crash.

Wu Mo had hurled the Master God's clone back! She appeared again almost when the golden glow landed.

Before the Master God's clone managed to get up from the ground, she stepped on his lower abdomen, causing him to fly out.

However, Wu Mo did not wait for him to land this time. Instead, she arrived before him like a twinkling star and swung a punch at his face. The Master God's clone flew toward another direction without the ability to control himself. Once again, Wu Mo appeared in front of him without waiting for him to land. She attacked his recovering chest with her elbow.

Wu Mo did not use any fancy techniques at all. Even her close combat skills left no chance for the Master God's clone to fight back at all. He was almost always in an airborne state whereby he could not even manage to stand still.

Just like that, the Master God's clone remained airborne for over ten minutes. He finally could not take it any longer and summoned a God Figurine's Combat Soul. He managed to stand still as he got the God Figurine's Combat Soul to confront Wu Mo's attack. He stared at Wu Mo while his face was drenched in blood.

Lin Huang could finally see the Master God's clone's face now. His face was completely deformed. He bet that even his birth mother would not be able to recognize him now. If that had been an ordinary person, he must have been so marred that even the wounds on the face could not recover since all the bones on his face were crushed. However, a cultivator had powerful recovery ability. They could recover if they were given ample time as long as they were still alive, let alone virtual god-level powerhouses.

Apart from his face, his whole body was injured. His chest was now sunken and both his arms and legs were distorted in an irregular way.

Seeing that his crotch was still bleeding, Lin Huang even suspected that Wu Mo had destroyed his 'third leg' too.

Lin Huang was surprised to see his appalling condition. He could not really understand how Wu Mo managed to attack his flesh directly and bypass the god relic's defenses.

Theoretically, the Master God's clone would not have been beaten up so drastically as long as he provided sufficient Divine Power to his god relic. Unfortunately, it seemed like he had fought Wu Mo without any god relic on.

Besides Lin Huang, even the Master God's clone himself also could not understand why the god relic did not defend him when Wu Mo was beating him up.

"Do you think this little guy can stop me?" Wu Mo smirked as she looked at the Abyssal Dragon Turtle's Combat Soul that was growling at her. Even though the God Figurine's Combat Soul had a body like a mini hill and was hundreds of meters along, it was just a little chap to Wu Mo.

"Maybe one of them can't do anything to you, but what about nine?" the Master God's clone replied with his hoarse voice.

He summoned the remaining eight God Figurine's Combat Souls as soon as he was done speaking.

The nine God Figurine's Combat Souls had the same combat strength as he did whereby all of them were on Virtual God rank-9. All of them were the size of mountains, the Abyssal Dragon Turtle being the smallest.

"Aren't you talented at combat skills? I'll get my God Figurine's Combat Souls to compete in that with you." The Master God's clone scoffed when he saw Wu Mo being surrounded by his God Figurine's Combat Souls.

"Sister Mo Mo…" Lin Huang wanted to get his God Figurine's Combat Souls to help. Even though they were no match for the opponent's God Figurine's Combat Souls, at least they could be obstacles to buy Wu Mo some time.

However, Wu Mo interrupted him when he spoke, "I can handle this. Just enjoy the show where you are."


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