Monster Paradise
1049 Master God Has Come
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1049 Master God Has Come

A black vortex formed rapidly in the air as the Grandmistress screamed.

Lin Huang's expression was grim now as he could feel a gravely terrifying aura lingering in the entire canyon. Before the person within the vortex appeared, he clearly sensed that the person's aura was scarier than all the powerhouses that he had ever encountered in his life.

He secretly contacted the Warlord who was in the Star Titan airship. In the next second, the thousand of cannons on the Star Titan shifted their direction and pointed to where the vortex was.

A hand stretched out of the pitch-black vortex slowly. It looked as fair as snow but it was obviously a man's hand.

He pressed his palm to the edge of the vortex as if he was pushing something solid. He then stretched half of his body out of the vortex.

At that second, above the canyon, the Star Titan began firing.

The thousand naval cannons of all sizes fired almost at the same time. They targeted the man who was coming out of the vortex.

One must know that the naval cannons were charged with Divine Power. The one with the lowest power was comparable with a God Crasher from the gravel world while the powerful one could kill Virtual Gods.

The man who had extended half of his body out of the vortex drowned in the golden cannon fire together with the vortex in the next second.

Divine Power spread through all directions as the fire went on.

The entire canyon looked like Doomsday was coming. The ground was shaking violently under the fire as if it were fearful of the Star Titan's compelling power.

Within hundreds of kilometers around the canyon, the rivers evaporated while the mountains collapsed, turning into dust.

Grandmistress Wei, who was closest to the attack zone, stepped back immediately. At the same time, she released her Divine Power to fight the impact of the Divine Power.

Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth that was chasing her were not that affected. Instead, they seized the impact of the Divine Power to go after Grandmistress Wei who had lost a portion of her strength to run.

On the other side, the Wei Clan's ancient castle which was a demigod relic was trembling from the impact. It looked like an ordinary house that was at the mercy of an earthquake at that moment.

On Lin Huang's side, naturally, the seven God Figurine's Combat Souls were all fine. After all, they possessed true god-level bodies. They would not be harmed even if they were attacked by the Star Titan head-on, let alone the impact.

Lin Huang was covered in a transparent sphere Wu Mo made with Witchcraft Rune. He defended the impact easily.

While for Wu Mo, Lin Huang did not even see her making the defense sphere for him. the impact of the Divine Power disappeared automatically when it arrived approximately 20 meters from her. She was not affected at all.

Wu Mo noticed Lin Huang looking at her curiously so she explained while smiling, "This bruised corpse isn't too shabby, its combat strength was already Virtual God rank-6 when it was alive. It's just that its consciousness was disconnected by force when it was decomposing and taken over by Wei Shan later on. Its combat strength dropped to only Virtual God rank-2 or Virtual God rank-3. Since Wei Shan has low ability, he couldn't showcase the best the bruised corpse has. That's why he was killed by your God Figurine's Combat Soul."

"I refined it with Wu Tribe's corpse refining technique when I got this body and enhanced it to Virtual God rank-9. I've also imprinted a lof of runes to make this body slightly more usable."

Lin Huang went speechless right after he heard that.

She enhanced the body to Virtual God rank-9 and even imprinted a lot of Witchcraft Runes on it?!

Would it not mean that this body was even more powerful than Virtual God rank-9 now?!

"Witchcraft Runes can be imprinted on the body too?" Lin Huang was shocked and could not help asking subsequently.

"Only a minority of them can be imprinted on living things," Wu Mo nodded and explained further, "But this corpse is already a puppet. It's equivalent to a tool, and basically all tools can be imprinted. It's just that we have to be careful with the type of runes to use to prevent the puppet from collapsing which happens easily."

"Refining corpse puppets is also one of our Wu Tribe's combat techniques. However, people use it less as time goes by because it's unethical. Imprinting runes on puppets is just a part of refining corpse puppet. Our Wu Tribe has come out with a complete system of which rune suitable for which type of corpse puppet. I can teach you if you'd like to learn when we get back."

"Sure," Lin Huang was already visualizing refining a Sword Dao corpse puppet for himself after hearing what Wu Mo said.

At the moment, his ability had been restricted due to his combat strength. If he could master a virtual god-level Sword Dao corpse puppet, he might be able to fight virtual god-level powerhouses.

As they were chatting, a tremor of aura came all the sudden from the vortex that was covered in smoke.

Lin Huang and Wu Mo both turned their heads towards the vortex.

The aura of the young who man walked out of the vortex was rising rapidly. He was clearly even more terrifying than before.

Lin Huang who was initially a little grim when he sensed the aura became a little playful as he looked at the vortex now recalling what Wu Mo said.

"You guys are asking for death…" a raging sound came within the smoke.

However, just when he said the word 'death', up to 1,000 golden bolts of lightning exploded again before he could finish the word. The man's voice halted all of a sudden.


As the gold glows came, intense bangs as if tens of thousands of thunders exploded at the same time spread out.

It was the Star Titan that was above the canyon began firing again.

Lin Huang gave the Warlord a secret thumbs up, 'Hmm, I'll give him some metal materials as his snacks when we get back.'

On the other side, Grandmistress Wei was affected by the Star Titan's attack Divine Power impact and ran even slower now.

Her hair was so messy like she was a crazy person, her clothes were messy too. She had wounds all over her body. She even recalled the god relic armor back to her body, she only dared to use demigod relic armor to defend the two God Figurine's Combat Souls' attack. The reason being she was worried that she would drain too much Divine Power which would cause her to die even faster.

In reality, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth were not playing with their opponent. Grandmistress Wei's ability was indeed great whereby she managed to survive while the duo chased after her until now.

However, there was not much Divine Power left in her body when the second wave of Divine Power impact came. She still had two monsters whose ability was more powerful than hers coming behind her.

Knowing that there was no way that she could escape, a ferocious gleam flashed in her eyes as she turned her head to look at the smoky area where the Star Titan had attacked earlier. She put on the god relic armor and shifted her direction, heading toward the middle of the attack zone quickly.

"Save me, Master God!" Grandmistress Wei shouted while heading towards the attack zone. She then went into the smoke.

Lin Huang did not bother stopping the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth from going after her.

He knew that his God Figurine's Combat Souls would be fine even if they could not defeat their enemy since they had true god-level bodies.

However, Guan Zhong did not go after her. Instead, he stepped back and stood next to Lin Huang.

Just when the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth went into the smoky area, two chimes rang from within the smoke. Subsequently, a white and a black silhouette shot out. They were hurtling toward the direction where Lin Huang and the rest were tens of times faster than the speed of sound.

Next to Lin Huang, Wu Mo lifted her arm lightly. As if the two silhouettes had fallen into a swamp, they slowed down immediately. They managed to stop when they arrived approximately a meter before Lin Huang and the rest, landing on the ground slowly.

The two silhouettes were the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth seemed to feel a little dizzy, and it sagged onto the ground as soon as it landed.

Meanwhile, the Ninetails Lynx appeared on Lin Huang's shoulder in a flash, appearing exhausted too.

"Are you guys alright?" Lin Huang asked while feeling shocked.

"They're fine. It was just a little tremor," Wu Mo smiled while saying.

At that moment, a voice conveyed from within the smoke, "I never thought there'd be high-level Virtual Gods in this gravel world. No wonder you dare to provoke us, God Bless!"

A man walked out of the smoke slowly. In his left hand was Grandmistress Wei who was some kind of coma as if he was holding a chick. He then tossed her onto the ground carelessly.


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