Monster Paradise
1047 A Death Butterfly That“s Terrible In Comba
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1047 A Death Butterfly That“s Terrible In Comba

The little snake that was wound around Lin Huang's right arm was naturally his God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Shackle Serpent.

He visualized it from a True Spirit with sealing ability, the Hair Demon's God Figurine back then.

Legend had it that the Medusa Tribe among the Protosses which possessed sealing ability obtained the ability from a Shackle Serpent.

The Shackle Serpent on Lin Huang's arm was just a baby whereby its body could only loop a little more than one round of his arm.

Under normal circumstances, an imperial-level purple gold-rank Shackle Serpent possessed no ability to seal demigods or Virtual Gods. After all, demigods and Virtual Gods had Divine Power in their bodies.

However, it was a different case for a God Figurine's Combat Soul. A God Figurine's Combat Soul that was activated by demigods or Virtual Gods could only be counted as a puppet.

The Shackle Serpent's sealing could forcefully block the interaction between the God Figurine and its master whereby the energy supply for the God Figurine's Combat Soul would be cut off.

That was how the bizarre event happened.

The three-headed God Figurine that was being tied up lost contact with the old cultivator for a moment. It slumped onto the ground since the energy supply was cut off.

Far away, the old sword cultivator looked lost. He was suspecting if his God Figurine had obtained some new skill when he saw shackles growing on the three-headed monster's body. He only realized that it was attacked when it fell onto the ground. His effort was to no avail no matter how he tried contacting it. The connection he had with the God Figurine seemed to be cut off completely by the shackles that had grown on its body.

The rest of them, including Grandmistress Wei, was stunned to see that. She looked at Lin Huang with a terrified expression now.

'That's already the fourth mythical-level imperial monster he possesses! It seems like all of Lin Huang's nine imperial monsters are on mythical-level and they possess abilities that are on par with virtual god-level!' The few demigods were petrified as they thought to themselves.

'You're already so overbearing when you're only on immortal-level. How much more overbearing will you be when you elevate to Virtual God in the future?!'

The old sword cultivator was tempted to curse as he watched Lin Huang putting his three-headed God Figurine away in his own storage space while grinning.

"Don't use your God Figurine's Combat Soul. The snake on his arm has sealing ability! I can't even recall my God Figurine now," the old sword cultivator reminded the rest of them while looking grim.

'How are we supposed to fight him now?!'

The few demigods felt troubled. They would probably be frozen by that imperial monster in white if they were to fight by themselves. They could not use their God Figurine's Combat Soul either since it would be sealed by Lin Huang directly and he would even claim ownership to it.

Grandmistress Wei felt horrible. Her two puppets were completely suppressed by her opponent's two imperial monsters.

Her all-out effort and her few underlings fighting at full force not only did nothing to Lin Huang, but two of her underlings had died while one was severely injured.

Just when she was thinking of what to do next, the Ninetails Lynx slapped the dog-headed puppet that it was fighting towards Lin Huang.

The Shackle Serpent's eyes lit up once again while black shackles began to grow on the dog-headed puppet too. It was wrapped like a dumpling in the next second and it fell immediately.

Before the Destructive Divine Mammoth could react to it, the Ninetails Lynx appeared above his head and slapped the the Temple Squire's face hard.

The Temple Squire, whose body was over three meters tall, flew out like a spiral and landed less than 20 meters from Lin Huang with a crash.

Before he could get up, the golden glow in the Shackle Serpent's eyes lit up again and the Temple Squire was wrapped like a dumpling. He fell onto the ground and stopped moving.

"What's the deal with the Ninetails Lynx slapping others' faces?" Lin Huang glanced at the Ninetails Lynx and mumbled softly.

He then looked at the two puppets before him in satisfaction. As he picked them up with his Divine Telekinesis in an attempt to put them away in his storage space, he heard a ferocious scream coming from Grandmistress Wei.

"Lin Huang, don't you dare! They're my collection!"

Lin Huang raised his brow and put them away in his Emperor's Heart Ring without hesitation. "Well, they're mine now."

"Lin Huang, I'm warning you. Nobody can simply take my things away from me." Grandmistress Wei's face turned ferocious.

"Try me. Why don't you summon some more puppets and I'll show you whether I can take your things away from you?" Lin Huang snickered in a teasing manner.

"If that's what you want, I'll grant your wish. Let's see how many times that imperial monster of yours can perform the sealing ability in a day!"

Grandmistress Wei shook her sleeve after she was done speaking. Monster puppets of all forms crowded the place. There were thousands of them and most of them had a combat strength of imperial-level and there were over 20 demigods.

Anyone would have a dramatic change of expression when they saw such a formidable monster army.

However, Lin Huang remained calm.

"An army? That's rather few of them," Lin Huang mumbled to himself softly.

He had armies too but the Undead Styx's 100,000-strong army alone was tens of folds more than Grandmistress Wei's army, let alone if he compared it with Bloody and the Warlord's armies.

"Your arrogant bastard!" Naturally, Grandmistress Wei heard his comment and glared coldly at him.

At the same time, she secretly spoke to the three demigods and the housekeeper next to her through voice transmission, "Find the opportunity to kill Lin Huang when things get messy later! Leave the rest to me."

As she was done speaking, Grandmistress Wei then controlled the puppet army to advance toward Lin Huang.

Just when Wu Mo was going to involve herself in the battle, Lin Huang stopped her by stretching out his arm.

"Sister Mo Mo, just watch."

An inconspicuous blue butterfly on Lin Huang's collar flapped its wings all of a sudden when he was done speaking.

In the next second, a black wave spread out like a ripple.

All the puppets stopped moving wherever the wave passed by. Besides those imperial-level puppets, even those 20-odd demigod-level puppets stood still abruptly.

No, it was not only the puppets, but Grandmistress Wei, the housekeeper, and the remaining three demigods stopped moving too.

In the next second, Grandmistress Wei and the housekeeper spat a mouthful of blood out. They looked petrified at the blue butterfly on Lin Huang's collar.

Meanwhile, the thousands of puppets and the three demigods turned into dust as if their bodies had turned into sand. The wind blew, taking the dust far away as if they never existed.

"That's death spirit energy from the spirit realm… Who exactly are you?!" Grandmistress Wei had fear written on her face as she looked at Lin Huang again.

Even Lin Huang was a little shocked to see that himself. Initially, he thought it should be easy for the Death Butterfly to handle those imperial-level puppets while he might need to get the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the rest to kill the remaining demigods. Never had he thought that a single flap of the Death Butterfly's wings alone would have killed the demigods altogether.

"Didn't you say that the Death Butterfly isn't good in battle?" Lin Huang could not help but ask the stone tablet.

"I was just relatively speaking when I said it's not good in battle. All monsters that master the Death Rule are compelling. Compared to True Spirits such as the Black-robed Death God and the Golden Skeleton, the Death Butterfly's combat ability indeed considered weak," the stone tablet explained.

"Alright then."


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