Monster Paradise
1046 Enchanted Fairy
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1046 Enchanted Fairy

The white fog spread out slowly. Everything it passed froze into white frost, including the air.

The devastating and terrifying shriek coming from the middle-aged sword cultivator drowned in the white fog only lasted less than the span of three breaths. It stopped entirely and the air turned dead silent.

The four demigods who were lagging behind had their guards up when the white fog drowned the middle-aged sword cultivator. Their hearts sank when they heard his devastating shriek that came later on.

The four stopped charging forward and attempted to step back.

However, it was too late for the ponytailed saber cultivator. He charged even faster than before, trying to attack before the middle-aged sword cultivator could since he had been one step behind earlier.

Although he rushed with all of his might to prove himself before the master of the clan, he was still slower than the middle-aged sword cultivator.

In the next second, the middle-aged sword cultivator drowned in the white fog, and he went into the white fog too.

Before the middle-aged sword cultivator's devastating shriek was cut off entirely, the man with the ponytail shrieked even more devastatingly.

Among the remaining three demigods, the female spear cultivator in silver armor looked gravely pale. She would have been covered in the white fog if she inched two meters forward, so she was fortunate to be stopping in time.

However, before she managed to step back, the white fog spread toward her.

Her pupils shrunk all of a sudden while she lifted her spear up without hesitation. She activated her Divine Power and shot out at the white fog, trying to scatter it.

The white fog retreated a little when the silver glow rushed out of the tip of the spear. However, the silver glow was soon engulfed. The silky white fog was flowing toward the spear from the tip.

White frost spread from the tip of the spear at a terrifying speed that could be seen with the naked eye. It reached to the silver-armored lady's arm in a flash.

At that very moment, the silver-armored lady felt a death threat. Determination flashed through her eyes as she turned her left hand into a saber and severed her right arm that was holding the spear. She channeled energy into both of her feet and stepped back quickly without thinking twice.

The white fog was coming after her like maggots eating a dead body.

She looked despair as she watched the white fog that was touching her ankle.

At that moment, the old man with the long staff swung it like a whip. The whip filled with Divine Power aimed at the white fog.

The speed of the white fog that had accelerated halted. The other old man picked the silver-armored lady up by her remaining left hand with his big, calloused hand. He then tossed him to the other side of the white fog.

The silver-armored lady was finally saved during the most critical time. She looked at the two old men who helped her with immense gratitude.

The white fog stopped expanding. It seemed to know it would not be able to chase her. Instead, it retreated slowly back into the body of the lady in the white dress.

Meanwhile, the middle-aged sword cultivator and saber cultivator with the ponytail, who drowned in the white fog, had turned into two crystal-clear ice sculptures. They were dead.

The remaining three demigods had fear written all over their faces as they looked at the lady in the white dress.

She looked very beautiful but her abilities were gravely terrifying.

The blow alone killed two out of the five perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses while one was severely injured. The combat power of the team dropped by half.

"Another mythical-level monster!" Even Grandmistress Wei looked aghast now. Never had she thought that Lin Huang would have a third mythical-level imperial monster.

The one who attacked was a lady in a white dress. It was not Wu Mo. Instead, she was the Moon Fairy whom Lin Huang visualized from the Mysterious Frostwoman's God Figurine back then. She was also called the Enchanted Fairy who mastered the Ice Rule.

The Enchanted Fairy was a formidable fairy whose ability was just as strong as the Divine Sun Tree.

The white fog that could almost freeze air was the Moon Frost that she was born with. It was on the same level as the True Sun Fire in the Divine Sun Tree's body. Although there was no rule power in it at the moment, it could freeze the charging of Divine Power. One would not be able to escape from it as soon as it touched the person. Even Virtual Gods dared not touch it simply, let alone demigods.

"Don't go over anymore, the few of you. Activate your God Figurine's Combat Soul!" Grandmistress Wei said to the remaining three demigods through voice transmission directly.

"Can the God Figurine's Combat Soul fight the white fog?" asked the old man holding the staff immediately.

"Should be. That white fog has no rule power, so it shouldn't be able to break through the God Figurine's body." Grandmistress Wei was not sure herself. She had no idea what the Enchanted Fairy was, let alone the white fog.

"Let me try. Worse comes to worst, I'll just lose a God Figurine." The old sword cultivator contacted the Combat Soul in his body. A moment later, a monster with bulky muscles shot out between his brows.

It was a monster over five meters tall. It had three heads and six arms with bulky muscles all over its body. It looked gravely ferocious.

He only had a total of three God Figurines, but this one had the most powerful defense ability.

After summoning his God Figurine's Combat Soul, the old sword cultivator controlled the Combat Soul to go after Lin Huang.

"They're even using their God Figurine's Combat Soul now, so I guess they're beginning to show their trump card, huh?" Lin Huang was still calm.

He knew the difference between ordinary people refining God Figurine's Combat Souls and the Combat Soul that he refined after visualizing the True Spirit much earlier. It was the stone tablet who had told him that.

Although these demigods or Virtual Gods could activate God Figurines with Divine Power due to the absence of Divine Fire in their body, they were restricted to controlling only two types of God Figurines.

One of them would insert their consciousness into the God Figurine in order to control it to fight. Another would integrate the Combat Soul in their bodies into the God Figurine. However, due to compatibility issues, using even 30% of the God Figurine's combat strength was commendable. It was far from using it as a puppet directly.

Moreover, their God Figurine was restricted by their own combat strength. Since they had demigod-level combat strength, their God Figurine would only have demigod-level combat strength. If the person was a Virtual God, the God Figurine would only have virtual god-level combat strength. Unlike Lin Huang's God Figurine's Combat Souls, they could easily surpass his combat strength.

Most importantly, using a God Figurine drained a massive amount of Divine Power. A normal perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouse could only last no more than half an hour to activate a God Figurine with Divine Power. That was just the draining of Divine Power to activate the God Figurine alone. If they were to charge a powerful skill, the draining of Divine Power would multiply while the period during which the God Figurine would last would be gravely shortened.

In comparison, Lin Huang refined the God Figurines with Divine Fire completely and obtained perfect control over them instead of simply activating them. Moreover, the True Spirit that he visualized was perfectly compatible with his God Figurines. It was equivalent to giving the God Figurine's Combat Soul a complete consciousness of their own.

That was the reason why everyone thought those were Lin Huang's imperial monsters when they saw those God Figurine's Combat Souls. They did not think those were God Figurine's Combat Souls because they looked like individuals with their own minds, which gave one the feeling that they were more like imperial monsters. Moreover, Lin Huang's combat strength was only on immortal-level, so nobody thought he could activate God Figurines.

The naked three-headed monster appeared before Lin Huang in a heartbeat.

The Enchanted Fairy seemed to realize her frost could do nothing to a God Figurine's Combat Soul with a true god-level body, so she did not fight this time.

The rest of the God Figurine's Combat Souls also did nothing. However, the little black snake wound around Lin Huang's right arm lifted its head all of a sudden. Golden glows shot out of its eyes.

In the next second, black shackles flew out of the three-headed monster's body as if the shackles were alive. It was tied up like a dumpling in the blink of an eye. The God Figurine then fell onto the ground as if it had fallen asleep.


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