Monster Paradise
1044 Fighting Demigods
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1044 Fighting Demigods

Both parties were on bad terms as the event unfolded.

The five Wei Clan demigods had their eyes fixated on Lin Huang and killing intent was rising in their bodies. They were no longer hiding their perfect-stage demigod-level aurae as they released it one after another.

The majestic aurae were like suns hanging in the sky, radiating towards all directions.

It was rare to see a demigod in Division 1 on normal days, but there were five of them in the small Wei Clan. Moreover, the five were all on perfect-stage demigod-level with terrifying Divine Power emanating from all over their bodies.

The five demigods' existence alone was sufficient to make the Wei Clan the top organization in this gravel world.

"Five perfect-stage demigod-levels… It seems like your Wei Clan has indeed obtained significant cultivation resources from God Bless throughout the years." Lin Huang did not move a finger as he watched. He had found out about the Wei Clan's rough situation from Wei Shan much earlier.

Grandmistress Wei squinted lightly. She faintly sensed that Lin Huang was not pretending to be fearless before the five perfect-stage demigod-levels. He really seemed to be holding several trump cards in his hands.

'What trump cards exactly does he have?' Grandmistress Wei was doubtful as she glanced through the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls before Lin Huang and eventually stopped at Wu Mo.

'Could this lady be his trump card?' Grandmistress Wei could not even sense what her combat strength was.

However, the doubt only stayed in her head for a moment. It did not stop her from issuing her order.

"Kill him!"

The five demigods almost charged at the same time when Grandmistress Wei gave her order. They rushed toward Lin Huang with full Divine Power in their bodies without holding back at all.

The fastest one was a middle-aged sword cultivator.

The sword in his hand was a thin sword less than two fingers wide and merely 70 centimeters long. Looking at the size alone, it gave one the feeling that it was more suitable for a female sword cultivator.

However, it looked out of place in this middle-aged man's hand. His massive hand almost covered the entire sword handle, but the way he slid the sword out from the scabbard was ferocious. This thin sword that seemed like a piece of decorative item was undoubtedly a killing machine in his hand.

The tip of the sword tore through space as soon as it came out of the scabbard. He seemed to have skipped the process of swinging the sword completely.

The person who was the second fastest was a saber cultivator with a ponytail.

This saber cultivator appeared to be in his early 30's. He wore a gray Taoist robe and had a ponytail flowing down from the back of his head.

The saber was placed back into the scabbard almost at the same time of drawing of saber.

The Saber-Drawing Slash was the fastest saber technique he had. At the same time of drawing the saber, a crescent saber energy was released from the saber, slashing all obstacles out of the way.

Almost all of the opponents he had ever encountered in his life died by this saber technique because before they could react, they were slashed to death.

The third fastest was a spear cultivator who was a cool lady. She wore silver armor and had short hair. She dressed rather androgynously.

Her height was approximately 1.8 meters tall. She was no shorter than the four men when she stood among them.

However, the spear in her hand was even taller than her. It was at least two meters long.

The spear was completely silver. Apart from the sigils on the spear, there were no other colors or patterns on the entire shaft at all.

She held the end of the spear and swung it like a flying dragon.

Divine Power rushed from the tip of the spear. It turned into a spiral arrow that sailed through the air, coming between Lin Huang's brows.

The slowest ones were the two old men with gray hair and beards who had attended to Lin Huang in the beginning.

One had swords in both hands while the other gripped a long staff.

The staff the old man was holding looked like it was made of rock.

The staff looked like an arm is his hand, whereby it had become an extension of his body completely.

He held the end of the long staff with both hands and charged. Divine Power turned into a black whip silhouette that advanced toward Lin Huang's direction.

Meanwhile, the old sword cultivator had a large, wide sword that was 1.2 meters long in his hand. His appearance itself exuded a terrifying vibe.

He held the sword handle with both hands as if brandishing the sword alone would drain all of his energy.

He was the slowest. They were charging almost at the same time, but the swinging of his sword was slower than the rest.

As Divine Power rushed out after the sword was whirled, the other four charges were getting closer to Lin Huang.

Five different colors from the different attack forms came almost at the same time.

Lin Huang remained smiling lightly since the beginning. The attacks were nothing to him. He did not even move a finger when the attacks were going to smack him right in the face.

At that very moment, the Destructive Divine Mammoth before Lin Huang released a long shriek while a circle of sound waves spread out.

The invisible energy wave spread again and again. Each time it rippled, the five demigods' attack would experience an obvious fading in color. The attack speed was getting slower too. As the energy wave rippled, the group's attack was getting weaker and completely vanished eventually.

It sounded slow but in reality, it happened in the blink of an eye. The five perfect-stage demigod-level attacks vanished completely as if it had been a fire put out by ocean waves.

Not only were the five who attacked stunned to see that, but even Grandmistress Wei and the housekeeper next to her were also stunned.

On the other hand, the people who were watching in the Wei Clan's ancient castle froze. Their jaws dropped.

The five perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouses attacked with their Divine Power without holding back at all. However, their attacks were crushed by an imperial-level purple gold-rank summoning beast's shriek!

What exactly was that?!

People in the Wei Clan's ancient castle were discussing among themselves.

"Is that a quadruple mutated mythical-level monster?!"

"He used an imperial-level purple gold-rank against demigods! It even defeated five opponents on its own. It has to be the legendary quadruple mutated monster!"

"Being an Imperial Censor is such an admirable occupation!"

Grandmistress Wei soon snapped back to her senses after a moment of being stunned. "So, this is what you're counting on… A mythical-level imperial monster. It's indeed powerful to be fighting with demigods when it's only on imperial-level purple gold-rank. I've never expected your Imperial Censor talent to be so outstanding whereby you can even control a quadruple mutated mythical-level monster."

Lin Huang did not bother to correct her. The nine little ones before him were not his imperial monsters, but his God Figurine's Combat Souls.

"Nevertheless, a quadruple mutated monster is hard to come by. This imperial monster of yours is considered the best that you have. I'll take good care of this quadruple mutated imperial monster after I've killed you."

"Let's see if you have the ability to take my stuff away from me then," Lin Huang teased her. If he really died, the Combat Souls would vanish naturally. The God Figurine was the only thing that would be left. What imperial monster was he going to take care of by then?!

"You'll soon find out whether I've got the ability or not." Grandmistress Wei waved her hand as she smiled. Two silhouettes appeared before her.

Their aurae was so powerful that it was suffocating.

If the five demigods' aurae were like suns, these duo's aurae were like a powerful black hole with gravely threatening vibes.

"So, those are the two virtual god-level puppets?" Lin Huang finally looked serious for the first time.


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