Monster Paradise
1043 Lin Huang Must Die!
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1043 Lin Huang Must Die!

Lin Huang ignored the rest while looking at the lady.

After two years, he finally met the mastermind who had sent Lily to kill fatty — the legendary Grandmistress of the Wei Clan.

This lady only looked 25 or 26 years old at the most with her make-up on. She was dressed in a rather fitting dress while the front showed off her ample bosom. The plunge neckline ran from her neck all the way to her belly button. Even a third of her fair-skinned breasts were showing.

There were two long slits at the bottom of the dress, revealing her long legs that were as fair as jade.

The dress showed everything attractive about her body like her big breasts, tiny waist, shapely butt, long legs, and that beautiful face.

"So, you're the Grandmistress of the Wei Clan in this generation?" Lin Huang asked despite knowing the fact.

Nobody could imitate this lady's charisma. Lin Huang could tell she was definitely the Grandmistress of the Wei Clan without having to sense her combat strength at all.

"I am. I wonder why you're visiting my Wei Clan from so far away, Master Emperor?" Grandmistress Wei unveiled a smile, not showing her impatience at all.

"I guess Wei Shan is your son, isn't he?" Lin Huang did not bother to beat around the bush and asked directly.

Grandmistress Wei, on the other hand, was stunned to hear the question. However, she was well-trained, so she nodded lightly. "I do have a son named Wei Shan."

"It's great that you admit to that. He attacked me in Emperor City, so I killed him on the spot." Lin Huang stared at Grandmistress Wei, eager to see her reaction to that.

"You killed him?" Grandmistress Wei did not seem surprised in the least. Lin Huang could not even see any grief on her face.

"You don't seem to be surprised at all." Lin Huang raised his brow and asked, "Or your did your Wei Clan know that he was going to attack me?"

"You're overthinking, Master Emperor. We're not surprised because it isn't his first time attacking people," Grandmistress Wei explained, "Due to an accident, Shan Er turned into a monster three years ago. We were afraid that he might scare people, so we've been locking him up as a prisoner for the past three years. This caused him to be easily triggered and he attacked easily. He even experienced paranoia. Throughout the three years, he ran away more than once. He ran away a few days ago, but we didn't expect him to flee to Division 1. Since he's been killed for attacking you, Master Emperor, that's his destiny. There's nothing to complain about."

"You mean this has nothing to do with the Wei Clan and that it's all his personal behavior?" Lin Huang scoffed. "Then, how do you explain him taking the long-distance dimensional portal across the Union Government territory and entering Emperor City, a grade-A foothold?

"Without help from the Wei Clan, could he have done that? Him crossing the safe zone as a monster aside, he even went into a grade-A foothold in Division 1. If he really did that on his own, our 13 safe zones would've been crushed by monsters since the beginning!"

"Master Emperor, no matter whether you believe me or not, this has nothing to do with the Wei Clan. I suspect that our rival found out that Shan Er escaped and helped him along the way to create conflict between Dynasty and the Wei Clan," Grandmistress Wei clarified, "Please think about it. You're the almighty Emperor of Dynasty. Our Wei Clan has nothing to do with you all this while. Why would we ask Shan Er to attack you? Wouldn't we be making an enemy for our clan?"

"Are you sure that your Wei Clan has nothing to do with me?" Lin Huang said while smirking, "With your intel sources, you should know that I was the one who killed Wei Shan three years ago, don't you?"

"Of course, we know that, but that's the personal conflict you had with Shan Er. It isn't severe enough to drag our clan into a conflict with an organization. If we get into conflict with a related organization when any of our clan members are killed, the Wei Clan would be rivals with at least 100 organizations throughout these hundreds of years. We're sensible business people. Won't we lose our business if we can't even maintain a good relationship?"

"In the Wei Clan, there are at least 30 people who are the same age as Shan Er and are more talented than him. I allowed him to do whatever he wanted in Division 7 back then because he couldn't cultivate. I hope that he would live a normal life just like everybody else. Never had I thought that he would bring trouble upon himself and do something so unforgivable. He could only blame himself for getting killed. Nobody else should be blamed."

"So, him trafficking underaged girls has nothing to do with the Wei Clan?"

"Of course, it has nothing to do with us. If the Wei Clan were to do such business, do you think the Union Government would do nothing about it?" Grandmistress Wei pushed the responsibility of human trafficking away completely. "It was Shan Er who did all that out there using our clan's name. We only found out about that after his death."

Lin Huang did not expect Grandmistress Wei to push all the responsibilities onto her son and get a clean slate for the Wei Clan.

"According to what you said, wasn't it your plan to send the girl Lily to assassinate me after your son's death?"

"It was my plan indeed," Grandmistress Wei admitted immediately because she knew very well that Lin Huang knew exactly what had happened since he asked. Instead of denying, she would rather be honest. "I was devastated when I heard that Shan Er was dead. As a mother, it's only natural that I'd want to avenge my son. Master Emperor, you were a nobody back then, so your death won't matter," Grandmistress Wei said as if she was right and was not the one to blame.

"Now, that I've killed him again, don't you want to avenge him?" Lin Huang looked at Grandmistress Wei while scoffing.

"Master Emperor, I'm the master of the Wei Clan. Shan Er's death is nothing compared to the development of the Wei Clan. If you're a nobody, as a mother, I would still send someone to assassinate you without hesitation, but you're an Emperor now. Assassinating you would mean making enemies with Dynasty. I know that personal grudges are nothing when it comes to the big picture. Assassinating the Emperor while risking becoming Dynasty's deadly rival? I wouldn't do such a stupid thing."

"Shan Er attempted to assassinate you and you killed him instead. As his mother, I shall just accept his death. I hope that you won't listen to what the others said in the attempt to sabotage us, Master Emperor. Let's end this personal grudge here. There's no need to continue stirring this conflict. After all, our Wei Clan has many collaboration possibilities with Dynasty in the future."

"Such a powerful lady. She's pretty convincing," Wu Mo said through voice transmission secretly.

"Grandmistress Wei, do you know that Lily killed my friend when you sent her to kill me?" Lin Huang changed the subject after a moment of silence.

Grandmistress Wei frowned lightly and fell into silence. She said nothing.

"My friend was named Yin Hangyi and he was a fatty. His biggest dream was to become a food hunter, but you sent Lily to kill me and dragged him into it. She ended up killing him instead."

"Master Emperor, just tell me what you want directly," Grandmistress Wei spoke again after a moment of silence.

"Do you think I came to your Wei Clan just for money?" Lin Huang raised his brow.

"Isn't that it?" Grandmistress Wei stared at Lin Huang expressionlessly.

"Why would I move you guys here if money is all I wanted from you? I could've brought my people from Dynasty to visit you in front of the Union Government. I would be sipping tea while chatting happily in your living room. Isn't that more relaxing?"

"So, Master Emperor, are you saying you don't want to settle this peacefully?" Grandmistress Wei narrowed her eyes lightly. "Can I ask why? I don't think it's as simple as avenging a friend."

"If you insist for a reason… I think killing a God's Messenger of God Bless would give me quite some core information about God Bless. What do you think, Master Messenger of the Third God?" Lin Huang looked at Grandmistress Wei while grinning.

Grandmistress Wei had a dramatic change of expression.

She had been holding back earlier because God Bless was still in preparation before officially revealing themselves. They had to stay low for now. Therefore, she wanted to end the trouble and was willing to compensate him instead of stirring conflict with Dynasty.

Never had she thought that Lin Huang would find out about the relationship between the Wei Clan and God Bless. He had even found out about her identity.

Whether he had solid proof or not, as long as Lin Huang spread the news of the Wei Clan and God Bless out, many organizations including the Union Government would find the proof sooner or later. By then, not only was it the end of Wei Clan, but God Bless that had been in hiding would also be completely exposed.

'Lin Huang must die! This secret must die in the cradle!' Grandmistress Wei made up her mind after a quick assessment.

"Master Emperor, I must say, you know too much. So much that I can't let you leave this place alive."

"What a coincidence! I didn't plan to let any of you from the Wei Clan leave this canyon alive either!"


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