Monster Paradise
1042 The Wei Clan’s Grandmistress
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1042 The Wei Clan’s Grandmistress

Soon, Wu Mo set up the dimensional coordinates deep in the canyon 2,300 kilometers to the north of Fengtian City.

After observing the process, Lin Huang asked while feeling confused, "Sister Mo Mo, why didn't I see you drawing these runes around the Wei Clan this morning?"

"Are you dumb? I used an illusion to cover my movement. Of course, you couldn't see it." Wu Mo scoffed as if that was common sense.

Lin Huang was speechless right away upon hearing that answer. With Wu Mo's comprehension in Sorcerer Dao, she could indeed deceive him using an illusion without him even realizing it.

Clearly, Wu Mo did not exclude Lin Huang when she performed the illusion. Therefore, all Lin Huang saw was the illusion Wu Mo wanted people to see unlike Grimace and the Nightmare Tapir which would exclude Lin Huang when they performed the illusion.

"I've completed the setup of the coordinates. I'll put up a space barrier around the entire canyon and I'll activate it when I move them here later to avoid them escaping using a dimensional portal or some other way." Wu Mu began setting up the space barrier after she was done with the coordinates.

"How long does it take for this dimensional rune to move the Wei Clan over?" Lin Huang asked.

Wu Mo thought about it before giving her answer, "One to two seconds. Don't worry. They won't have time to react. The commotion of this teleportation is very insignificant. Even though they might feel a slight tremor, the teleportation will be done by the time they react."

"You can prepare whatever you need before the battle officially begins since I'm still working on the space barrier now."

"There's nothing to prepare actually." Lin Huang lifted his head and looked at the sky above the canyon. "All we need is to cover the top."

Lin Huang flew above the canyon as he spoke and activated the Star Titan airship's miniature ring.

In the next second, the ring turned into a black glow and shot toward the area Lin Huang targeted. Then, it began to expand rapidly.

Within less than three seconds, it expanded to a terrifying, giant airship more than 50 kilometers in length. The giant airship hovered above the canyon like a massive floating city in the air.

Subsequently, Lin Huang crushed the Warlord's card.

A black metal egg which was a meter in diameter was summoned. Soon, the monster stretched his limbs and opened his eyes.

"Is there any order for me, Master?" The Warlord's machine voice rang out as he looked at Lin Huang.

"I'll give you the control access to the Star Titan. You'll just have to wait for my order and shoot the target."

After passing the authorization, the Warlord commanded the Star Titan to emit a light stream while he was sucked into the pilot's cabin right away.

As he got into the airship, the Warlord spent less than two seconds to manage the operating system and successfully controlled the entire airship.

"Point the cannons to where I'm standing." Lin Huang stepped out and stood in the middle of the teleportation zone that Wu Mo had just set up.

Up to a thousand cannons of all sizes on the Star Titan shifted and pointed to where Lin Huang was standing.

"Lower the airship a little. Don't leave such a big gap between the canyons."

"Shut down the entire canyon's communication system and Internet signal."

The Emperor's Heart Ring on Lin Huang's finger soon lost its signal as soon as he issued the order.

"Alright, I'm done with my prep work." Lin Huang stepped out of the teleportation zone and looked at Wu Mo while beaming.

Wu Mo lifted her head and glanced at the Star Titan. "Are you preventing them from escaping above? I can just set up another defense barrier."

"Isn't this more threatening?" Since Lin Huang did not plan to let anyone live, he did not care if the people from the Wei Clan saw the Star Titan or not.

"As long as you're happy." Wu Mo shrugged.

More than ten minutes later, Wu Mo had finally set up the space barrier around the entire canyon. She then nodded at Lin Huang. "I'm done setting up the space barrier. When do you need me to send it over?"

"Do it now then." At the same time that Lin Huang spoke, apart from the Divine Sun Tree that was guarding the elevation of Grimace and the rest in the Emperor's Palace, Lin Huang had summoned all his nine God Figurine's Combat Souls.

Wu Mo had seen those God Figurine's Combat Souls in his body before, so it did not impress her.

As she snapped her fingers, the silhouette of a castle appeared in the transportation zone that she set up. Approximately a second later, the silhouette soon materialized and became a solid castle.

The entire Wei Clan's ancient castle, including the three-story basements, were moved to the coordinates Wu Mo set without missing a single detail.

Everyone in the Wei Clan's ancient castle felt a tremble under their feet.

'What happened? Was it an earthquake?' That was the first reaction almost everyone in the Wei Clan had.

However, Grandmistress Wei, some demigods and imperial-level powerhouses who were staying in the Wei Clan felt that something was off. Their surroundings were different.

A minority of them looked at the changes outside through the windows and exclaimed out loud.

"Look outside! All of the houses are gone!"

"How come it looks like the wilderness outside?"

However, what was done could not be undone. By the time the people from the Wei Clan noticed that, Wu Mo had moved the entire the Wei Clan's ancient castle to this canyon that was 2,300 kilometers from Fengtian City.

"Who dares to invade the Wei Clan?!"

Two demigods appeared as soon as the deafening scream came. They hovered above the ancient castle and stared at the Star Titan above their heads fearfully. Then, they glared at Lin Huang and Wu Mo.

The two demigods had gray beards and hair. They were the famous two demigods from the Wei Clan.

At that moment, Lin Huang removed the disguise and revealed his original face. The two demigods recognized him as soon as they saw him.

In reality, it would be redundant for him to disguise himself. There was only one the Star Titan in this entire gravel world. It was not one of the Grand Dukes from Dynasty who was flying the airship now, so his identity was obvious.

"So, it's the Master Emperor of Dynasty. I wonder why have you brought our Wei Clan here."

Although they recognized Lin Huang, their fear faded because Lin Huang's combat strength was only on immortal-level. They did not even bother about the nine God Figurine's Combat Souls around him.

Instead, they glanced at Wu Mo twice because they could not sense her combat strength at all. However, they knew that it was impossible for Lin Huang to bring an ordinary person here.

"Why am I here? Don't you guys know what you've done?" Lin Huang simpered at the demigod old men.

"We've no idea why you've come all the way here to stir things up with our Wei Clan. Even if we've really offended you unintentionally, you could've totally come to us. Don't you think it's a little too much to have moved our abode here out of nowhere?"

"Stop acting, the both of you. Get your Master here," Lin Huang said and contacted the Warlord secretly.

A thousand cannons on the Star Titan inched and pointed at the two demigods.

The two demigods' faces turned pale upon seeing the Star Titan's cannons pointing at them.

"Seems like Master Emperor is here for me." A lady's voice sang all of a sudden.

A lady with a stunning figure hovered into the air. There were four people following behind her. One of them who was in a suit had an unfathomable aura while the other three were clearly on perfect-stage demigod-level. Their aurae were evidently more powerful than the two old men who were also on perfect-stage demigod-level.


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