Monster Paradise
1040 There is No Time Like the Presen
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1040 There is No Time Like the Presen

The Wei Clan was the biggest merchant in Division 2. It was impossible that the Union Government would not take action if they were attacked.

Even if the Union Government knew the Wei Clan had something to do with God Bless, they still held the responsibility of protecting the Wei Clan as long as there was no solid proof.

The Union Government would definitely interfere if Lin Huang attacked the Wei Clan.

Moreover, the Union Government's office was just less than 30 kilometers from the Wei Clan. Demigods could reach it within a few seconds as easy as pie while Virtual Gods could reach it in the blink of an eye.

No matter how powerful Lin Huang's ten God Figurine's Combat Souls were, it was impossible for him to kill the entire Wei Clan within a few seconds.

Lin Huang fell into silence after hearing Bloody's concern.

Ever since he found out there were over 30 Virtual Gods in this world, he realized how massive the Union Government was.

Attacking the Wei Clan head-on would not be a wise choice.

"Indeed, it'll spell big trouble if the Union Government interferes." Lin Huang scowled. He spoke after a moment of silence, "We can't just remove the Wei Clan as a clue. Avenging fatty is just one of the reasons. Since Wei Shan's mother is a God's Messenger, she would definitely know where Chan Dou is. If he's still alive, this is the only clue for us to find him at the moment."

"But the Union Government is too close. They'll definitely interfere as soon as we attack the Wei Clan." Bloody hoped that Lin Huang could hold back for now. "By then, we'll be attacked by two organizations. Although your God Figurine's Combat Souls have abilities comparable to a Virtual God's, the battle will be a tough one if they were to fight the Wei Clan and the Union Government at the same time."

Once again, Lin Huang fell into silence and subsequently proposed, "How about we declare war with the Wei Clan directly? Let's say that the Wei Clan sent Wei Shan to assassinate me. To Dynasty, assassinating the Emperor isn't tolerable. We'll use Dynasty's name to declare war with the Wei Clan.

"It's futile. Wei Shan's body looks completely like a monster now. There's nothing on him that can prove his identity. Then, the Wei Clan can totally say that we're framing them. Moreover, even if we can prove that he's Wei Shan, the Wei Clan can argue that it's a personal choice that has nothing to do with the clan.

"If they're smarter, they can even seize the opportunity to make a story up. They might say that Wei Shan turned into a monster due to some incident, causing him to lose his mind. He's been locked in a room for a long time while his mother has been feeding him all these years. However, Wei Shan escaped from his home recently and the family couldn't find him. Then, they would get Wei Shan's mother whose son has just died to apologize to us while crying in front of the media, looking sincere and saying that she should've watched her son instead of letting him out."

Lin Huang was speechless after hearing that. "By then, people will only talk about how I killed their son and stirred things up with the Wei Clan."

"If the Wei Clan isn't that smart and denies it no matter what, it'll cause conflict for both parties. The Union Government would definitely do something if we were to fight. They'd probably ask us to put an end to this by convincing the Wei Clan to compensate us.

"As long as the Union Government is around, we only have two options. We either do nothing or fight the Union Government as well," Bloody announced its final conclusion.

"Is there really no other way around this?" Lin Huang frowned. He was secretly calculating how would he fare if he were to include the combat power of the Union Government's headquarters in Division 2.

"There's really no other way." Bloody shook its head, feeling helpless. "The only possibility of avoiding the Union Government interfering with us is to hide the fight from them completely."

"They're just less than 30 kilometers away. How is it possible that they won't find out as soon as we fight?" Lin Huang thought that Bloody's suggestion was totally useless.

"I've got an idea about that." A voice went into Lin Huang's ears all of a sudden.

Lin Huang was stunned as he watched a green glow streaming out between his brows and turning into a person.

He could not help but raise his brow when he saw the bruised corpse before him. "Sister Mo Mo?"

"This new body isn't too shabby. In fact, it's better than what I expected," Wu Mo said while grinning ear-to-ear.

"That's great to hear." Lin Huang smiled while nodding and he proceeded to ask, "Sister Momo, you said you've got an idea about that. What do you mean?"

"Don't you want to fight the Wei Clan but are afraid that the Union Government might interfere?" Clearly, Wu Mo overheard the entire conversation between Lin Huang and Bloody.

"Do you have a solution to that?"

"It's simple. I can help you move the entire the Wei Clan thousands of kilometers away. If I do that, the people from the Union Government won't feel any battle impact. Am I right?" It sounded extraordinarily simple when Wu Mo said that.

"Move the entire the Wei Clan thousands of kilometers away? Is that possible?" It was the first time Lin Huang had ever heard of that.

"I asked you to learn the Witchcraft Runes but you just wouldn't listen." Wu Mo placed her hands on her hips. "I created a set of combo runes called the Perfect Switch. The rune can move things away and replace it with an illusion. In the beginning, this rune can only move small items. I was having fun with it at first. Later on, I realized that the rune is actually very useful, so I took a few months to fix and perfect it. As time went by, I could move mountains and lakes."

"Can it move living things as well?" Lin Huang was a little surprised.

"Yes. In reality, the nature of the rune is moving space by force. As soon as I pick the size of the space and draw a line around it, I can move the entire space away together with the living things within it." Wu Mo was worried that Lin Huang might not understand her. Therefore, she explained using a more relatable analogy, "You can imagine the space you want to move to as a potted plant. This rune can move the plant and soil in the pot into another pot without asking the permission of the plant in the pot. At the same time, you replace a plant illusion in the original pot."

"I get it now." Lin Huang nodded and thought to himself, 'It's much easier to understand when you put it like that.'

"What's the farthest distance you can go if we're moving the entire the Wei Clan?" Bloody asked a new question immediately.

"It depends on the size."

Bloody soon browsed through Wei Shan's memory and calculated the rough surface and size of the entire the Wei Clan then reported to Wu Mo.

"With the current Divine Power that I can use to move things, I can safely say that it shouldn't be a problem to move a place of the said size 2,000 kilometers away." Wu Mo soon provided an answer. "But if you need, I can try to move it further away as much as I can."

"And how long can the substitute illusion last?"

"That also depends on the size. From what you told me, it should be able to last half an hour."

Bloody nodded and downloaded the map of Fengtian City in Division 2 and the areas around for Lin Huang. He pointed at the canyon in the north of Fengtian City after looking at it carefully and asked Wu Mo, "Can you move the Wei Clan to a specific location, namely inside this canyon 2,300 kilometers to the north?"

"It shouldn't be a problem, but I'll need to set the coordinates," Wu Mo responded.

"Sure." Bloody turned its head to look at Lin Huang. "When do you plan to do this?"

"There is no time like the present. Let's do it today."


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