Monster Paradise
1039 The Grandmistress’ Identity
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1039 The Grandmistress’ Identity

Lin Huang was in too glum a mood to even look at the destroyed buildings and houses not far away from the business district. There were even devastating cries echoing faintly. Needless to say, Lin Xin and Xiao Mo lost their moods as well.

After ordering Huang Tufu to take care of the damages, Lin Huang got Xiao Mo to bring Lin Xin back to Dynasty's headquarters ahead of time.

Meanwhile, he summoned the Warlord and got him to engineer thousands of robots with no combat ability to be involved in the rescue work.

Not long later, many Dynasty members from the headquarters came to the rescue.

Apart from Dynasty, the Union Government armies who were guarding Emperor City, the Hunter Association and the Adventurer Paradise's branches, as well as two local families, came to help with some other Royalties.

Emperor City was Dynasty's territory, so it would be understandable even if these organizations did not help when something happened to the city. However, they decided to help and got involved in the rescue without hesitation.

The rescue went on for a whole day. Basically, everyone who was still alive was rescued the very next morning.

Above all, the Warlord's robots played a big part in the rescue operation.

Some underground areas that human could not access were examined by the robot dogs the Warlord had made. They dug holes to lead the people out after they were rescued. The robots he made came with civil structure knowledge so they could analyze possible collapse sites and safe zones, and subsequently find the suitable route for excavation.

"Master, the rescue work is almost done now. You should head back to rest." Huang Tianfu came as soon as he was done with his errands yesterday. He stayed with Lin Huang for the entire night.

"That's right. Go back to rest. We will monitor the follow-up work," Huang Tufu assured in agreement.

"Sure, thanks for helping with the rest," Lin Huang expressed.

The rescue work was basically done, so what remained would be the rebuilding. However, that would take time to complete.

"Tufu, follow Master Emperor back," Huang Tianfu turned and ordered Huang Tufu who recalled that he possessed the identity of a bodyguard.

After recalling the Warlord into card form, Lin Huang followed Huang Tufu back to Dynasty's headquarters.

Lin Xin came to him as soon as he returned. "Brother, how's the rescue work?"

"It's pretty smooth. We've basically rescued all the survivors. There are no other incidents such as further collapsing."

"I'd like to help," Lin Xin suggested. She wanted to stay to help yesterday, but she did not interrupt upon seeing that everyone was busy, including her brother.

Lin Huang fell into silence for a moment. "You can go but don't give anyone any trouble. You must know that this isn't a game. Also, ask those who know when you aren't sure about something. Don't be reckless."

Lin Huang agreed to let her help because the rescue work was basically done. Even if she were to make a mistake, there were no major consequences. Moreover, it was a great opportunity to train Xiao Mo who had grown up in the Purple Crow.

"Understood!" Lin Xin left joyfully after getting Lin Huang's explicit permission.

Xiao Mo followed her immediately.

The first thing Lin Huang did when he returned to the Emperor Palace was to summon the Nightmare Tapir again. He got the Nightmare Tapir to share Wei Shan's memory with Bloody.

Apart from a disguise demigod relic, Wei Shan had nothing valuable on him, not even an Emperor's Heart Ring. In reality, he could not even activate an Emperor's Heart Ring in his monster form.

However, what Lin Huang wanted the most were not the treasures on him, but the memories in his head.

He clearly remembered that fatty Yin Hangyi's death two years ago was related to the Grandmistress behind Wei Shan.

The so-called Grandmistress sent Lily to kill him. In the end, fatty suffered the undeserved tragic consequences and was killed by her.

Lin Huang always remembered that. He thought it would be difficult to find out who the mastermind behind it was since Lily died. Never had he expected Wei Shan to send himself here this time.

It only took a moment for the Nightmare Tapir to complete the sharing of Wei Shan's memories.

"How is it? Is there anything about the Grandmistress in his memory?" Lin Huang asked immediately after seeing Bloody open its eyes.

"Yes, the Grandmistress you're talking about is Wei Shan's birth mother," Bloody clarified while smiling, "Also, I found a lot of unexpected information in his memory."

"Unexpected information?" Lin Huang could not help but raise his brow. Now, he was even more eager to know Wei Shan's background.

"Apart from being the head of the Wei Clan in Division 2, Wei Shan's mother, who is the Grandmistress, has another identity…" Bloody paused to pique Lin Huang's interest before proceeding to speak, "She is God Bless's God's Messenger!"

"She's one of the four God's Messengers?!" Lin Huang's eyes flew wide open.

God's Messenger was the position after the Master God in God Bless. Also, there were only four God's Messengers in the entire God Bless.

According to the discussion Lin Huang had with Bloody earlier, they were almost sure that God Bless's four God's Messengers were possibly virtual god-level powerhouses.

After verifying Wei Shan's mother's identity, Lin Huang considered that Wei Shan's enhanced combat strength that came out of nowhere and his turning into a monster was not odd.

After all, God Bless's Master God most probably came from the great world. Perhaps Wei Shan's mother acquired the technique of fusing his soul into the monster's body from the Master God.

"Looking at Wei Shan's memories, his mother mainly manages the entire God Bless's finance," Bloody continued, "The Wei Clan, the biggest merchant in Division 2, became God Bless's money laundering tool since centuries ago. Furthermore, under the leadership of Wei Shan's mother, almost all of the outstanding Wei Clan descendants joined God Bless. The rest pretty much became God Bless's outer members even if they didn't join the organization officially."

"So, you're saying we'll be getting handsome loots soon?" Lin Huang could not help but smirk after hearing that.

"It might be a little difficult for you to fight the Wei Clan directly. The Wei Clan only has two demigods on the surface, but in reality, they already have five and all of them are on perfect-stage demigod-level. Apart from that, Wei Shan's mother has an unfathomable housekeeper who is at least on perfect-stage demigod-level.

"Meanwhile, Wei Shan's mother's ability is even more powerful than his. We're almost sure that she's on at least Virtual God rank-2 or even Virtual God rank-3."

"So, that's three Virtual Gods and six perfect-stage demigod-level. This bunch is rather powerful indeed, but I should be able to handle them." Lin Huang made some simple calculations and thought it should not be a problem for him to handle them.

"The Wei Clan's ability isn't the biggest obstacle. Instead, it's the Union Government," Bloody voiced its concern. "The Wei Clan is located in No. 2A1 foothold of Fengtian City in Division 2. It's also where the Union Government's headquarters in Division 2 is located. The Union Government office building is just less than 30 kilometers away from the Wei Clan."


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