Monster Paradise
1035 The Dynasty Cour
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1035 The Dynasty Cour

The next morning, Lin Huang left the Emperor's Palace after washing up. He got the Divine Sun Tree to stay in the palace to guard the elevation of Grimace and the rest.

He had been busy for two days consecutively since the coronation. He finally had time to get some fresh air out there, so he asked Lin Xin and Xiao Mo to go along too.

Lin Xin had roved everywhere in the headquarters of Dynasty for the past few days while Xiao Mo stayed by her side as her bodyguard. If not for Lin Xin, Xiao Mo would have rather stayed in his room to cultivate.

The duo was more than happy to join upon hearing that Lin Huang was going to visit Emperor City.

Lin Xin was happy to head out because she had explored every cranny of Dynasty's headquarters. She would have headed out on her own within these two days if Lin Huang had not asked her along.

Meanwhile, Xiao Mo was elated because although he had agreed to be Lin Huang's bodyguard earlier, Lin Huang had been spending most of his time in the Emperor's Palace for the past few days. Even if he was not in the Emperor's Palace, Huang Tianfu and the rest would be around him. Therefore, being Lin Xin's bodyguard became his main responsibility. Now that Lin Huang was heading out, he would naturally take up the responsibility of being his bodyguard.

Apart from Lin Xin and Xiao Mo, Huang Tufu of the three Grand Dukes went along too.

As a perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouse, he had abilities that were close to a virtual god-level's. He was also the person in charge of Dynasty's guard. Now that the Emperor was crowned, he naturally became his main bodyguard.

Lin Huang had no objection about Huang Tufu coming along. Since he was familiar with Emperor City, he could use him as a tour guide.

"Which are the biggest trading companies in Emperor City at the moment?"

"The biggest one would be our own Dynasty Court at the moment. We have anything and everything. The second biggest would be the Union Government's Union Trading Company. Just like us, they sell everything. Next would be the Ouyang Clan's Divine Armor Pavilion which sells mainly weapons and defense equipment. The Li Clan's Elixir Pavilion has all sorts of elixirs while the Lu Clan's Precious Treasure Den has all sorts of peculiar miscellaneous and luxury items," Huang Tufu introduced the major trading houses in the foothold one after another.

"Let's take a look at the Dynasty Court first then. It's our own place after all." Lin Huang thought about it and decided to visit the Dynasty Court first.

"Actually, all the stores are located in the same business district, so it doesn't really matter which we go first," Huang Tufu said and took out a black dimensional portal. He opened the door after setting the coordinates.

Lin Huang and the other two walked into the door one after another. Huang Tufu only walked in after letting the three in first.

The dimensional portal closed slowly after the quad entered.

A moment later, Lin Huang and the rest of them arrived in a crowded business district as soon as they stepped out of the dimensional portal.

The crowd did not stop moving. There were people walking, flying, or riding on pets and all sorts of strange equipment.

"It's so crowded here!" Lin Huang exclaimed while smiling.

"This is the Dynasty Court's headquarters." Huang Tufu stretched his arm out and pointed at a sophisticated building that looked like a palace next to them.

Lin Huang turned his head to see a building that looked similar to the Emperor's Palace. It looked completely like a palace where a king lived.

There were four massive buildings at the crossroads. Although the three other buildings were taller, they were nothing compared to this one.

No matter who was standing at the crossroads, they would definitely lock their attention on the Dynasty Court's headquarters as soon as they gazed up.

"It's… sophisticated as usual…" Lin Huang had no idea what else to comment.

"Master Tianyu built the Dynasty Court himself. He was the one who designed this headquarters too," Huang Tufu explained.

"Let's take a look."

The two security guards at the entrance recognized Lin Huang and Huang Tufu when they arrived at the entrance.

"Master Tufu, Master Emperor."

Huang Tufu was one of the three Grand Dukes, so almost every Dynasty member had seen him before. Besides the fact that this was the Emperor City, he had also been to the Dynasty Court's headquarters more than once.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang had been appearing in all the news and media for the past few days as Emperor, hence almost all the cultivators knew how he looked like. Him being crowned as the Emperor of Dynasty had been the hot topic in all the forums on the Heart Network for the past few days.

"I'm just looking around. Don't alert anyone," Lin Huang told the two security guards.

The four of them soon blended in with the crowd as they entered the Dynasty Court.

Lin Huang was not in a rush as he browsed through the counters one after another with the three of them.

The products that took up the most space and counters were relics including weapons, defense tools, and assisting equipment. There was an impressive variety. Not only did they have everything mainstream on the market, but they even had some rare and modified models.

However, the most crowded counters were on the other side selling elixirs. Such consumables had high demand whereby people would purchase them every day. Powerhouses could use one specific relic that they had bought for decades as long as their combat strength stayed on the same level. Meanwhile, elixirs were consumed and needed to be purchased again.

Lin Huang could not help but ask Huang Tufu after seeing the large crowd at the two counters, "Why don't these customers go to the Divine Armor Pavilion and the Elixir Pavilion for relics and elixirs? Aren't they more professional when it comes to that?"

"It would be the same where you buy the default relics and usual elixirs. To prevent vicious competition, we made it compulsory for all default relics and usual elixirs to be priced the same as the market price. We sell the same thing at the same price, thus naturally, there's no need for the consumers to go to the specific stores," Huang Tufu explained.

"If that's the case, doesn't that mean the Divine Armor Pavilion and the Elixir Pavilion have no upper hand?"

"The Divine Armor Pavilion has customized relics while the Elixir Pavilion has elixirs with special functions that other stores don't. The other organizations have no way of fighting them when it comes to that, so there's no need to waste their efforts."

"I see." Lin Huang could not help but nod when he heard that. The differentiation business gave everyone the opportunity to make a living. Everyone would lose money if they viciously competed to sell the same thing at a different price. "So, what's the Dynasty Court's upper hand?"

"Firstly, the Dynasty Court is duty-free in Emperor City. It's the benefit that other organizations don't get. Secondly, we're the first trading company that has a membership system. Although we have the same price with other organizations, members can enjoy promotions which were the unique selling point in the beginning. Thirdly, we've got a comprehensive selection. Apart from some special modification requirements, we basically have everything the customers need," Huang Tufu explained in detail.

Lin Huang nodded after hearing about the Dynasty Court's modus operandi. He proceeded to visit the remaining counters.

However, he had no idea that he was being targeted by a pair of bloody eyes as soon as he stepped out of Dynasty's headquarters.


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