Monster Paradise
1030 Killing and Fighting Doesn“t Suit My Elegance
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1030 Killing and Fighting Doesn“t Suit My Elegance

"Mother…" The bruised corpse stopped moving and hitting the transparent glass.

At the moment, the door opened slowly while a lady in lilac walked in.

The lady looked like she was in her early 30's and she carried the immature vibe of a young girl. The door closed automatically as soon as she stepped in.

The bruised corpse seemed fearful when he looked at the lady. He hesitated for a moment and mustered his courage to speak, "Mother, you promised that you'll release me to take revenge on Lin Huang when I've integrated with this spirit's body. Now that I've perfectly integrated this body and found where Lin Huang is, I must go to Division 1 to take my revenge!"

"Shan Er, I did promise you that." The lady in lilac sat down at the couch and patted the seat next to her, gesturing to her son to sit.

The bruised corpse took a step out and soon reached the couch. He sat on the couch and turned his head to look at the lady in lilac, waiting for her response.

"But the situation is different now compared to the past," the lady continued to speak, "Lin Huang was nobody back then. Even if he was talented and gifted, he couldn't do anything significant alone.

"But now he's the Emperor of Dynasty. He's an underground boss that many respect. He has two god items which are the Emperor's Palace and the Star Titan as well as two Virtual Gods who are secretly protecting him. Killing him is as difficult as reaching for the stars.

"Moreover, the mission in Division 3 earlier failed. Now, the Purple Crow is looking for me because of God Bless. It's not the time to be stirring things up and gain another powerful enemy."

"God Bless isn't afraid of Dynasty and the Purple Crow anyway. What can they do even if the two organizations are to team up?!" The bruised corpse was still reluctant to give in.

"The Purple Crow and Dynasty aren't as simple as they look. The Purple Crow has its Crow God. Although the Crow God is just a True God, he has the Hundred-eyed Dark Crow tribe supporting him. The organization behind Dynasty is even more complicated. They have Royal, the top organization in the great world, supporting them. Even Master God is afraid of them."

"So, Mother, are you saying I can't take revenge on Lin Huang who killed me and my daughter, Lily?" The bruised corpse balled his fists.

"I'm just asking you to be patient for now. When Master God returns later, that will be the time God Bless rules the world! By then, no matter whether it's the Purple Crow, Dynasty or even the Hunter Association and the Union Government, they will just be meat on our chopping board!"

"Mother, I was being reckless." The corpse calmed down after listening.

After they chatted for a while, the lady in lilac set up the restrictions in the room again before leaving.

She closed the door and walked to the window. She looked at her son through the glass with a cold expression. "Monitor him. Let me know immediately as soon as he loses control."

"Yes." The housekeeper nodded with a calm face on.

The bruised corpse sat on the couch while looking at the floor with his head down in silence. After the lady in lilac left a long time later, a ferocious gleam flashed through his eyes.

"Looking at the personal information details, there are a total of 11 people who are spies from other organizations. Two of them came from God Bless.

"A total of 23 of them lost their humanity. They killed and carried out massacres for fun. These 23 people are extremely sick with severe tendencies against humanity. Even their mindset has derailed from an ordinary human's mindset. Rules and punishments alone can't fix them.

"Following the Union Government's criminal standards, there are 12,583 people who have committed two or more felonies. Although they're more or less sick, they're still treatable. I personally suggest rehabilitating them with rules, punishment, and rewards.

"There are 21,418 people who have committed a felony once. Most of them are fine while a majority of them regretted what they did.

"The rest are just people with tiny issues, including some mutants who are pretty much alright. We can train these bunch of people right away."

"Categorize the list for me. You might be working a lot in the next few days to come up with rules and regulations as well as a reward and punishment system for Dynasty." Lin Huang delegated the responsibility directly. "Tell me what you need and I'll get it for you!"

"The list will be completed immediately. I need the Union Government, the Hunter Association, Adventurer Paradise, the Heretics and Dynasty's full rules and regulations as well as their rewards and punishments systems. Also, I need Grimace's help." Bloody dragged Grimace into it gleefully. "Oh yeah, I need mint candy and chocolates too."

"Sure." Lin Huang snapped his finger and summoned Grimace.

Upon hearing that Lin Huang wanted him to help Bloody with Dynasty's new conditions, Grimace scowled. "Why do I have to do clerical work? Isn't Bloody enough for the job?"

"I'll elevate you right away when you're done helping Bloody with this."

"Deal!" Grimace agreed almost without hesitation. "To be honest, clerical work is my favorite. Killing and fighting don't suit my elegance at all."

Lin Huang called the guards at the entrance of the Emperor's Palace after arranging work for Bloody and Grimace.

"Master Emperor, are there any orders for us?"

"I need the Union Government, the Hunter Association, Adventurer Paradise, the Heretics and Dynasty's full rules and regulations systems. Also, a tonne of chocolate and a tonne of mint candy. It's best if you can gather all that today." Lin Huang distributed the list of materials that he needed to elevate his imperial monsters as he was done speaking. "This list of materials too. Gather as many of them as you can for me. You don't necessarily have to get this by today, but the sooner, the better."

The guards were stunned for a moment as they skimmed through the copy of the list. They nodded immediately. "We'll get it done for you right away."

Within less than half an hour after the guards left, the chocolates and mint candy that Bloody had asked for were served.

Huang Tianpu sent the rules and regulations as well as the reward and punishment system from the selected organizations over. In the meantime, Bloody and Grimace began working.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang summoned four imperial monsters including Bloody Robe, the Eclipse Boa, the Death Knight, and the Fallen Knight. He found a place in the Emperor's Palace and began the elevation of his four imperial monsters with Advance Cards and the materials he had gathered.

Soon, the four imperial monsters turned into four golden eggs.

Although it was the Emperor's Palace where nobody could come in theoretically, Lin Huang summoned his God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Divine Sun Tree, to guard them anyway after he left.

In the middle of the night at Division 2, a bruised corpse sat on the couch in a dark room. He grinned abruptly. "That damn housekeeper has finally left!"

He stood up slowly and looked at the middle-aged man sitting in the observatory through the glass. Although he could not see anything on the other side of the glass while the room had restrictions on his Territory skill, nobody knew he had comprehended Divine Telekinesis which allowed him to detect everything out there.

The middle-aged man experienced goosebumps when he saw the bruised corpse stand up and stare at him. When he took a step to his left, the corpse's eyes moved to the left too. He took two steps to the right and the corpse's eyes followed.

"Didn't the housekeeper say this transparent glass is one-way? Why does it feel like he can see me?" The middle-aged man frowned slightly. A voice came to his ears when he was going to report the odd event to the housekeeper.

"Look into my eyes…" As if he was hypnotized, the middle-aged demigod lifted his head and locked eyes with the bruised corpse.

Circles of waves seemed to be activated in the bruised corpse's eyes as the man seemed lost as he froze.

"Open the door for me," the bruised corpse ordered.

The middle-aged demigod walked to the door like a zombie and opened the door with a key.

The corpse opened the door and revealed a ferocious grin. He pressed his hand against the middle-aged demigod's head. With a tight squeeze, the middle-aged demigod's head exploded like a watermelon tossed from the sky.

White and bloody mush splattered all over the wall. The bruised corpse withdrew his hand and licked his palm that was filled with blood and brain juice. "Delicious!"

After licking his palm clean, he charged ahead and crushed layers of ceiling plaster before vanishing into the sky.

The housekeeper appeared silently next to the headless body whose head had exploded. He revealed a smirk with a calm face as he looked at the broken ceiling.

He fell into silence for a moment while squinting. He turned his communication page on and dialed a number. His expression and tone turned frantic as he panted, "Oh no, Grandmistress, Young Master has escaped!"


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