Monster Paradise
1027 A Story of the Pas
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1027 A Story of the Pas

"The new era that you guys are currently in is so much more fortunate than our time. During the old era, cultivators had to figure things out blindly on their own. Aside from killing monsters to elevate, only the elite class of society had the opportunity to get their hands on the most basic methods.

"I was in great luck back then. Due to my extraordinary talent, I was recruited into a special unit when I joined the army and I was taught the Army Attack Tactics. That was how I set foot on the cultivation path. However, most people had no such opportunity during my time.

"Methods were only promoted widely over 1,000 years since the old era began. Due to more and more sects and increasing competition of sources, many sects changed the disciple model they had because of the increasing need for new blood. They began releasing their very own sect cultivation methods for beginners within the range of their territory, taking young people who passed the requirements into their sect. However, although the methods from the ancient ruins were simple, there were certain requirements which are high.

"Even though the catastrophe that happened over eight centuries ago was the peak of the old era, the number of cultivators was just 1% among the ordinary people. There were much fewer cultivators and even fewer peak-stage powerhouses in the past compared to now.

"This has also caused the exploration efficiency in all the sites to be much lower than before and there are few resources that can be gained. Moreover, there was no ruins back then. It was a by-product of the opening of Virtual Eye.

"The old era existed for over 5,500 years and only less than 30 Virtual Gods were born. Almost half of them entered the ruins after breaking through to Virtual God and they never came back. I was the leader of a major organization back then and in 1,000 years, I cultivated all the way to Virtual God rank-6, but I couldn't find a descendant that I'm satisfied with. I encountered little Mo Kui later on and didn't make it to the ruins.

"Your senior brother, Mo Kui, was gifted. He spent less than 200 years cultivating from an ordinary person to virtual god-level. I spent about 15 times longer to become a Virtual God compared to him. Later on, he spent less than 50 years getting to Virtual God rank-6. Fortunately, I learned quite some stuff from training him. I'd elevated to Virtual God rank-8 when he got to Virtual God rank-6. Otherwise, he almost surpassed me.

"Many Virtual Gods went to the ruins in order to break through further. Your senior brother was tempted to go as well when he had just broken through to virtual god-level. I told him that he could only go if he surpassed my combat strength. He began cultivating diligently, but in the end, he didn't surpass my combat strength.

"Back then, nobody knew that Godheads which were left behind by ancient powerhouses could be integrated. Even if they had known, nobody would have performed the integration. Although many people powerhouses failed the Godhead consolidation and were downgraded to demigods, the chances of breaking through to virtual god-level was not as slim as it is now.

"Furthermore, since half of the Virtual Gods have gotten to the ruins, only very few local Virtual Gods were left. Only 13 Virtual Gods participated in the war over 800 years ago, including your senior brother and I. And among the 13 Virtual Gods who participated in the war, I was the only one who survived," Mr. Fu shed the story of the past slowly.

That also made Lin Huang understand how a virtual god-level God's Servant and a few virtual god-level God's Subordinates managed to turn the entire world upside down with merely a drop of True God's blood in their body.

The old era that Mr. Fu had been in should not have developed to its peak. The most it did was to develop to early middle-stage. Moreover, half of the top powerhouses were away, causing their battle power to dwindle. The catastrophe over 800 years ago coincidentally happened when the world was at its weakest. In turn, many cultivators to die while the cultivation system that the era had just built not long ago collapsed completely.

Lin Huang asked about some details after Mr. Fu finished with his story. He thought of God Bless all of a sudden and could not help but ask, "Master, have you heard of God Bless?"

"I've heard of it a long time ago. There was indeed such an organization when we were just building the three core zones. I didn't hear about them later on. I think maybe they were dismissed a long time ago. Why do you ask?"

"God Bless isn't dismissed," Lin Huang told Mr. Fu the information that he heard, "I suspect that they used the Union Government's name to attack you guys in the ruins."

"If it's really as you said, and the Union Government really has been penetrated, it's really possible that they did it. No wonder the two Virtual Gods who fought us had an unfamiliar aura. I had no idea who they were at all."

"Two Virtual Gods attacked you back then?!" Lin Huang was stunned to hear that revelation. He remembered Liu Ming telling him that Mr. Fu had been attacked by a few demigods.

"Do you think that demigods have the ability to harm me? No matter what, my combat strength is on Virtual God rank-8 after all. Even though I've lost everything now, I'd at least maintain a Virtual God rank-6 standard. If I didn't have to seal that God's Servant back then, almost draining all of my Divine Power, I would've killed the two Virtual Gods who attacked me sneakily as easy as pie!

"I told Liu Ming I was attacked by demigods because you guys didn't know there are other Virtual Gods in this world at all. It was unnecessary to tell you guys that."

"In this world, don't even mention demigods, but I'm not even afraid of those people who've elevated to Virtual God using a Godhead. The most they can get is just Virtual God rank-3. What I'm afraid of are the Saint's god and the Crow God of the Purple Crow's True God substitutes. The reason is that their substitutes could grow to Virtual God rank-6 or even higher."

"Don't worry about the Crow God. The Crow God Ceremony which happened earlier failed. Someone took the eye and the Crow Spirit away. Nobody knows when the Crow God's will come again," Lin Huang said while smiling.

"Where did you hear about this? From Dynasty?" Mr. Fu was rather surprised.

"I was there when it happened. I took the Crow Spirit but someone else took the eye." Lin Huang smirked.

Mr. Fu was rendered speechless. He did not expect his disciple to turn out so extraordinary.

"I'll use Dynasty's intel system to check on God Bless. Dynasty has two Virtual Gods, which are a secret, so you don't have to worry about me."

After he was done chatting with Mr. Fu, Lin Huang contacted Yi Yeyu and his other old friends. He also contacted Tan Lang and his other acquaintances at the Heaven Alliance from back then.

They were surprised by Lin Huang's new identity. However, they were just merely surprised. They did not comment on anything in the union organization's shoes. Instead, they just teased him, calling him the underground boss, and asked about the reason for his new identity later on.

Lin Huang only gave them a simple explanation. He did not mention Royal and only said that the Royal Trials was Dynasty's special assessment to choose their Emperor. He passed the trial and became the Emperor which was out of everyone's expectations.

After all, Royal was a secret that only Dynasty's upper echelon knew about. Learning about that was not beneficial to Yi Zheng and the rest. If he told them and they spilled the beans accidentally, Dynasty might come after them.

After chatting with his old friends, Lin Huang found out that Huang Tianpu had been waiting outside the Emperor's Palace without even realizing it.

He sat back onto the throne and waved as the doors of the Emperor's Palace opened and Huang Tianpu walked in slowly.


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