Monster Paradise
1023 The Emperor is Born
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1023 The Emperor is Born

It was hot at the end of summer in July in Emperor City. The temperature almost always maintained above 35 degrees Celsius.

However, hundreds of thousands of people were coming to this foothold that was not a popular summer resort.

Those people were not tourists but Dynasty members from all divisions.

Naturally, the hundreds of thousands of people from Dynasty gathering at the Emperor City in Division 1 attracted attention from other organizations. Many people were discussing it on all the forums.

"What's Dynasty been doing recently? Why are so many of them returning to Dynasty's headquarters in Division 1 all of a sudden?"

"That's right. All the hotels in Emperor City have been fully booked these few days. Many of them have booked their rooms until the 1st of August."

"It's been hundreds of years since Dynasty last had such a huge event. Why exactly are they doing this time?"

"Are they at war with some organization?"

A minority of them heard the news. "I heard the Emperor is born."

However, most people thought it was fake. There were even people who retaliated against the news with their own reasons.

"The Royal Trials happen every century and it's open for a month each time. Following the opening date which was on the 5th of May, the Royal Trials ended on the 5th of June which was two months ago. The First Prince, Huang Wuji, whom Dynasty was rooting for, was disqualified at the beginning of May and he returned to Dynasty. This isn't a secret to most organizations.

"Furthermore, even if other Princes passed the trial, Dynasty would've announced it in a grand celebration when the trial ended in June. Dynasty has always been high-key. If they have indeed chosen an Emperor, how is it possible that they were so quiet for the past two months and only enthrone their Emperor now?"

Soon, the very true and similar exposès drowned in all sorts of fake news after some heated discussions.

As the fiery discussions went on, time flew by and the 1st of August finally came.

Early in the morning, people crowded the massive square at Dynasty's headquarters.

Everyone was very curious about this newly appointed Emperor since Huang Tianpu and the rest did not reveal anything about Lin Huang to their members.

Apart from a minority of people from Dynasty's headquarters who knew about Lin Huang's identity, the rest did not even have any idea whether this newly appointed Emperor was a man or a woman.

Naturally, apart from the curiosity they had about the newly appointed Emperor, many people came for a more realistic reason. They wanted to know what benefits this newly appointed Emperor would bring to Dynasty.

Basically, Dynasty's upper echelon knew that an Emperor must be a Royalty. The arrival of the newly appointed Emperor would definitely bring benefits for Dynasty.

Since the first Emperor died, Dynasty had been receiving the lowest benefit available from Royal for the past hundreds of years. It was almost equivalent to the minimum living security on Earth. Having a newly appointed Emperor would definitely improve that by heaps. Their minimum could be boosted up to the equivalent to a social security standard.

The installation would take place at 10 a.m. However, almost all the Dynasty members arrived even before it was 9 a.m.

The people were chatting to their own cliques at the square as they waited for the ceremony to begin.

At 9.30 a.m., airships were ascending above Dynasty's headquarters one after another as the people beneath exclaimed in astonishment.

A dozen demigod-level airships which were tens of thousands meters long each flew in the air, covering the sun.

Many media representatives snapped photos of the scene immediately.

As the 12 airships ascended one after another, a larger pitch-black airship ascended. The jaws of countless people dropped when the airship appeared.

It was at least 50,000 meters long and was almost on par with a massive city on Earth.

Most people from Dynasty had heard of this airship, but almost all of them were seeing it for the first time.

"It's the legendary Star Titan!"

"The Star Titan! One of the three god-level airships in the entire continent! I can't believe we're seeing it today!"

"I think this airship is deemed as the most supreme treasure in the entire world. I heard its main cannon can kill a Virtual God in one blow!"

Everyone's eyeballs were drawn to this massive airship. The Star Titan was Dynasty's most supreme treasure they had in store.

There were only a total of three airships of the same level in the entire continent.

As the Star Titan ascended slowly, it hovered with the 12 demigod-level battleships in the air. Thousands of cannons stretched out in combat mode.

Even countless media representative was stirred. It was the Star Titan's first appearance in public for hundreds of years.

Many organization members who were watching outside the square just realized that something significant was really happening in Dynasty when they saw the Star Titan.

As the Star Titan ascended into the air, four Midnight God motherships among the 12 demigod-level airships formed a giant round platform with a diameter that exceeded 24 kilometers.

Meanwhile, the remaining airships retreated a few kilometers away from the Midnight God motherships. They surrounded the platform from eight different directions and extended up to 1,000 of cannons. They were in combat mode just like the Star Titan.

A voice came out of the Star Titan out of the blue when the airships were in position. "All Dynasty members, you can begin boarding the platform now! Members who are not transcendence-levels, please stand in the middle of the square and wait for the airship to pick you up. Please don't board just yet, our dear media friends. You'll only come up to the airship platform after the Dynasty members are done with their registration."

Up to 1,000 transcendence-level members boarded the airship platform that had docked as soon as the voice rang out.

Meanwhile, the remaining hundreds of thousands of regular members stood in the middle of the square and waited for their pick-up patiently.

A moment later, a halo blossomed from the Star Titan and covered everything standing in the middle of the square. Subsequently, lights bathed everyone within the halo-like searchlights. The people ascended into the sky under the lights.

In less than five seconds, everyone on the square was sucked into the Star Titan.

A while later, another halo shone from the Star Titan and glistened on the platform formed by the four Midnight God motherships. Lights illuminated the area again while the people landed in the middle of the platform one after another.

Many of them looked excited when they landed on the platform.

"I can't believe I took a ride in the Star Titan!"

"It's the first time in my life I've ever ridden on a god-level airship. I'm over the moon!"

"You should be. This might be the one and only time you can do this in your entire life after all."

"The most climatic one second in my life. I don't think there's anything that can top that!"

"Dukes of all branches in each division, get your branch members to queue according to their safety zone codes and branch codes."

After the Star Titan gave the new order, everyone on the platform began searching for their own troops. They soon gathered into a square formation under the Dukes' arrangement.

As things were getting busy on the platform, four demigod-level palaces ascended into the air slowly. They hovered in a line between the Star Titan and the 12 demigod-level airships. There was a three-kilometer-wide gap in the middle.

After the four demigod-level palaces were in position, the even more majestic Emperor Palace then ascended into the air slowly and landed between the space that was emptied by the four demigod-level palaces.

Many Dynasty members were emotional to witness the majestic Emperor Palace hovering midair. They were even more emotional than when they saw the Star Titan earlier.

By then, all the media representatives finally confirmed that the Emperor was really born this time!


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