Monster Paradise
1022 Black Swamp Frog
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1022 Black Swamp Frog

At White Capital in Division 7, an old man and a young man appeared at the Martial Hunter College's entrance.

The young man had black, short hair and bright eyes. He wore a white t-shirt on top with blue and white jeans. He was dressed very casually. There was a little white cat sitting on the left of his shoulder.

Meanwhile, the old man next to him wore a gray Chinese suit and a pair of black canvas shoes on his feet. He was skinny, he looked like a powerful Taoist devotee.

The duo who looked like grandfather and grandson only lingered at the Martial Hunter College entrance for a moment. They turned around and left.

"She's not at school." Lin Huang did not sense the Witch, and he did not find Lin Xin with his Divine Telekinesis either.

It was the end of July and it was summer break at the Martial Hunter College. Lin Huang did not find it surprising that Lin Xin was not there.

Beside him, Huang Tianpu did not seem to find it strange either.

Lin Huang called Lin Xin's number and she picked up the video call immediately.

Lin Huang noticed the mud specks on her face as soon as the call connected. Her hair was a little messy and she seemed clumsy too. He could not help but frown but he soon realized it was a jungle behind her.

"Where are you now?"

"The Fiendish Swamp Jungle."

"Why are you there?" Lin Huang's eyebrows knotted even more now.

He was familiar with the Fiendish Swamp Jungle. It was a moderate danger zone. Not only were there immortal-level monsters, but there were also many poisonous monsters too.

"It's the school holidays now, so I got myself a mission." Lin Xin's voice was getting softer. She knew Lin Huang would react like this if he found out that she went to the Fiendish Swamp Jungle.

"Where's the Little Witch?" he asked again.

"At the hotel."

As soon as Lin Xin spoke, a shadow appeared like a black fog all of a sudden. Soon, the Witch's head solidified and hovered next to Lin Xin's head. "I'm here."

"Why are you doing this, Little Witch? You promised not to come!" Lin Xin was surprised to see the Witch and she soon began to complain.

"Good job!" Lin Huang, on the other hand, gave a completely different comment.

"You guys wait where you are. Don't move around. I'm coming over."

"Ah? Are you back in Division 7, brother?" Lin Xin panicked at that moment.

"I'm at the Martial Hunter College entrance." Lin Huang shifted the camera a little and showed the entrance behind him.

"I haven't completed my mission. Don't come. I'll return in a few days after I've completed my mission. You can stay in White Capital City."

"I've something to do tomorrow. I'm coming to you now." Lin Huang hung up the phone right away.

Lin Xin looked gloomy as she watched the video turn black. "Why is this happening to me? I haven't done my mission. If I give up now, it'll affect my mission completion rate."

"Why don't I help you before Master comes?" the Witch suggested.

"No, I don't believe I can't even catch one Black Swamp Frog by myself!" Lin Xin did not want to give up just yet.

Over ten minutes later, Lin Huang appeared before Lin Xin.

She was hovering above a swamp at that moment, less than ten minutes away from the ground. She looked even slovenlier than she did in the video call earlier.

Although she was mad when she saw Lin Huang, she did not stop hunting.

"So, you're hunting for the Black Swamp Frog?" Lin Huang finally realized what she was doing after observing her for a moment.

Lin Xin glared at Lin Huang, clearly upset that he had interrupted her mission.

"Do you want me to help?" Huang Tianpu turned his head and asked Lin Huang.

"No, let her do it." Lin Huang shook his head and said to Lin Xin, "There are three difficult points about capturing the Black Swamp Frog.

"The first one, Black Swamp Frog usually lives with the Fiendish Swamp Alligator. You could be attacked by a Fiendish Swamp Alligator easily when you're catching a Black Swamp Frog."

From the mud on her body, he knew Lin Xin had experienced that.

"The second one is that the Black Swamp Frog has the ability to disguise. It's hard to be seen with the naked eye as long as it's completely still.

"The third one is that the Black Swamp Frog has explosive reflexes. It can easily escape when you catch it with normal techniques. Furthermore, it has an explosive speed for short distances. It's much more powerful than monsters and people of the same level when it comes to this.

"The first point is still manageable, but it's tough for you to catch them if you don't overcome the other two points."

Lin Huang did not help her. Instead, he analyzed the difficult details about capturing the Black Swamp Frog.

Lin Xin was stunned when she heard him. She began mumbling the second and third point Lin Huang told her, "Hard to be seen with the naked eye, explosive reflexes…"

"If it's hard to be seen with the naked eye, I can use another sensing technique. If it has explosive reflexes, I'll have to figure it's movement trajectory!" Lin Xin soon found the solution.

She hovered mid-air and closed her eyes slowly. She spread her senses wide and soon sensed the swamp below her feet. Although she could only sense a rough outline of it, she was very happy to be able to do that.

In reality, almost all transcendence-levels possessed a sensing ability. However, people who had no telekinesis would hardly use it because looking with one's eyes was much more effective than using the blurry sensing ability.

However, Lin Xin did not need a clear picture. All she needed was to discern the Black Swamp Frog and mud apart.

Under the sense, life energy would be detected as white fire spots which were completely different from the dark-green swamp.

Soon, Lin Xin sensed the Black Swamp Frogs' coordinates just a couple of meters away.

"There are so many of them!" Through her sensing ability, she sensed many Black Swamp Frogs around her.

When she opened her eyes, she targeted a Black Swamp Frog's coordinates and swung her sword without hesitation toward it.

As a black silhouette came from thin air, Lin Xin's sword landed onto nothing.

"You must think carefully about how to defeat your opponent that has better speed and reflexes than you do." Lin Huang did not give her a straightforward answer. Instead, he guided Lin Xin to figure out how to do it herself.

She soon had her answer.

She targeted another Black Swamp Frog but did not attack just yet. Instead, she held her sword while waiting for the sure-hit opportunity.

All of a sudden, she stomped and a wave shot toward the Black Swamp Frog. The moment the Black Swamp Frog appeared, a silver glow flashed through the air. The creature that had just revealed itself was sliced into half.

Lin Xin was filled with joy since her single hit killed the Black Swamp Frog.

"Alright, you've completed your mission. Can we leave now?" Lin Huang walked to her while grinning proudly.

"I have to kill ten of them." Lin Xin looked bitter when she heard the word 'mission'.

"So, that was only your first?" Lin Huang could not help but raise his brow when he saw Lin Xin's expression. He figured that she must have gotten nothing for the past few days.

Lin Xin said while flushing, "I'll be done in a minute."

"It's already done." As soon as Lin Huang was done speaking, a telekinesis thread skewered ten Black Swamp Frogs like a stick of candied fruit and was presented before Lin Xin.

"I'll catch one for you when we get back. You can practice all you want by then."


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