Monster Paradise
1019 Dynasty’s Visi
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1019 Dynasty’s Visi

Lin Huang connected the dots as soon as he saw the two strangers standing at the door. The duo should be the two people Bloody had just mentioned.

He observed the duo without saying anything.

The old man with gray hair and a beard standing before him was the one who had rung the doorbell. He looked like he was in his early 60's. Despite his gaunt figure, he was in high spirits.

There was a muscular hunk behind him on the right who looked like he was in his 40's. He was approximately 1.9 meters tall with a muscular body and he had stubble on his face. He was taking a careful look at Lin Huang when the latter was studying him too. The man was judging him.

"Come on in." Sensing no ill intentions from these two, Lin Huang daringly invited them into the room. "May I get you a drink?"

"Tea will be good." The old man glanced around and sat down on the couch. The muscular hunk sat quietly by his side, without speaking a word since the beginning. However, he glanced at Lin Huang, Xiao Mo, and the Ninetails Lynx.

Soon, Lin Huang served the tea.

The muscular hunk took the teacup and placed it on the coffee table. He clearly had no intention to drink it. The old man, on the other hand, was at ease. He took a sip of the tea right as soon as he accepted it.

"Is there anything that I can help you with?" Lin Huang asked casually after the old man drank the tea.

The old man glanced at Xiao Mo as he put the teacup down. "Young sir, can we have some privacy?"

Xiao Mo looked at Lin Huang who nodded at him. Xiao Mo put on his earphones and turned on the music on his Emperor's Heart Ring. He spun around and walked to the balcony, closing the glass door.

The old man then began talking about his intention to visit gradually.

"My name is Huang Tianpu. This is Huang Tufu. We're both from Dynasty. We're visiting you today to inquire about something. We also have a favor to ask."

Lin Huang jolted when he heard the duo's name as he had heard of them before.

Dynasty's First Grand Duke, Huang Tianpu who was also the current leader of Dynasty. Not only did he handle everything at Dynasty's headquarters in Division 1, but he was also the current supreme leader in Dynasty who was on par with the Union Government president.

Meanwhile, the muscular hunk next to him was Huang Tufu. He was the Third Grand Duke of Dynasty, the current leader of the Dynasty branch in Division 3 and he managed all of Dynasty's matters in Division 3. Throughout the decades, he made the Dynasty branch the most powerful underground organization in Division 3. He was the one who created the rivalry with the Union Government branch in Division 3.

The duo were the legendary underground bosses!

Hearing the duo's identity, Lin Huang's first thought was that they must have found out he killed the Duke and Prince of Dynasty. However, what Huang Tianpu said later on made him realize that it was not the case.

He suddenly realized that the duo might be here for his participation in the Royal Trials earlier.

"Ask whatever you have in mind, Old Man Huang. I'll answer you as best as I can."

"Then, I won't beat around the bush." Huang Tianpu nodded while smiling. "Did you participate in the Royal Trials earlier?"

Lin Huang fell into a moment of silence upon hearing that question. He thought about it carefully. Since they were here for him, they must have found out about it in their own way. It would be futile for him to hide the truth, so he admitted with a nod instantly, "Indeed, I did."

"I think you passed the assessment in the end, didn't you?" Huang Tianpu proceeded to ask.

"That I did," Lin Huang confirmed.

"Allow me to ask you this — did you obtain Royal Authorization in the end?"

"I got a Rank-A if I recall correctly," Lin Huang thought about it and answered.

Since he had been busy after the Royal Trials, he immediately set aside the fact that he obtained Royal Authorization. He did not even look at the Royal Market once.

Now that Huang Tianpu brought it up, he just recalled that he had many points that he had yet to redeem.

"Rank-A?!" Shock flashed through the eyes of both Huang Tianpu and Huang Tufu, who was sitting aside.

"Are you sure you got a Rank-A?" Huang Tufu could not help but finally question.

"Yes." Lin Huang nodded.

"Kid, could you show us your trial token please?" On the other hand, Huang Tianpu did not raise any doubt. Instead, he asked to see the trial token.

Lin Huang nodded and took the trial token out. The trial token was registered under his name, so it would be futile for Huang Tianfu to snatch it away unless he killed Lin Huang. However, if the owner of the trial token died, the accumulated points in the trial token would be wiped away and the initial authorization rank would be downgraded automatically too.

After producing the trial token, Lin Huang noticed that it seemed to be different from before.

The original trial token had been golden with the word 'royal' imprinted in the middle and was filled with complicated sigils all over.

However, although the token was still golden in color, the word 'emperor' was imprinted in the middle now. Furthermore, the back of the token, which was initially filled with sigils, had a capital 'A' in the middle now.

Lin Huang did not notice when the token transformed as such.

When Huang Tianpu took the token and saw the letter at the back, his hands began shaking. "It's true!"

"He really has Rank-A authorization." Even Huang Tufu, who had been cold, turned emotional when he saw that.

Huang Tianpu then returned the token with both hands after the both of them gave a detailed observation on it.

Lin Huang picked it up casually and tossed it back into his storage space. When they noticed that, the duo had an odd expression on their faces.

However, Huang Tianpu soon spoke again, "Kid, what do you think of Dynasty?"

'Are they trying to get me to join them?' Lin Huang thought to himself when he heard the question.

He did not find it odd as soon as he recalled the result he had obtained in the Royal Trials. After all, he achieved what nobody in Dynasty had in over 5 centuries — passing the trials. It made sense if they wanted to get him to join them.

Lin Huang answered after a moment of silence, "Dynasty is very powerful. Its branch alone is the most powerful underground organization in Division 3 at the moment. It's on par with the Union Government branch in Division 3. Dynasty's overall ability ranks at the top in the entire continent too. Among all of the underground organizations, Dynasty's combined ability ranks No. 3, so it's undoubtedly the underground giant. Moreover, the First to the Third Grand Dukes are the top powerhouses in the gravel world. If I'm not mistaken, apart from the three of you, Dynasty has at least ten demigods or even more.

"To be honest, I admire the fact that you guys could gather so many powerhouses and develop the organization to what it is today. However, I don't admire the way and style of how you guys do things. Therefore, I'm sorry that I've no plans to join Dynasty." He rejected their invitation before they could even extend a formal invitation.

"Kid, we're not here to invite you to join Dynasty." Huang Tianpu shook his head with a grin "We're here today hoping that you would be the second Emperor of Dynasty!"


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