Monster Paradise
1014 Pillow Talk
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1014 Pillow Talk

It was almost 1 a.m. and all the food delivery services were basically closed. Lin Huang took out the instant food the hotel had prepared in the refrigerator and heated it up. He got Xiao Mo a drink too.

Lin Huang only asked when Xiao Mo was done eating, "Do you feel anything off in your body?"

"The Crow God transformation is pretty successful to me. My height and body have undergone a major change. My body and soul have elevated so much that it's unbelievable. Even my combat strength has attained perfect-stage imperial-level purple gold-rank now. I feel like I can even fight a demigod!" Xiao Mo was excited as he talked about this after he was fed.

"Do you feel any Crow God's will remnant in your body?" Lin Huang picked up the cup and drank the tea while asking casually.

"No, that's what I find strange. According to what the Crow Leader told me, the Crow God's will remnant should be integrated with my consciousness when the integration is done. However, I don't feel any Crow God's will remnant in my body, not even a tiny bit," Xiao Mo said while frowning, "You told me that the Crow God Ceremony failed. Did the integration fail because the Crow God's will remnant isn't compatible with my body?"

'Seems like the Crow God's will remnant is really dead…' Lin Huang thought to himself. Then, he explained to Xiao Mo, hiding the truth, "Yan Ping lied to you. To the Purple Crow, the Crow Spirit's existence is just to be the Crow God's vessel. He transformed your body so that you can take in the Crow God's will remnant. As soon as the transformation is completed, the Crow God's will be integrated into your body. Meanwhile, your consciousness will be wiped away and your body will be taken over. Your body will be his temporary shell. There's no such thing as sharing your consciousness with him."

What Lin Huang said was completely the opposite of what Xiao Mo had been told earlier. He had been taught by the Purple Crow all this while that being the Crow Spirit and sharing his body with the Crow God was the highest honor. Never had he thought this would be the truth about being a Crow Spirit.

"The Crow God Ceremony failed not because you aren't compatible with the Crow God, but because the eye that he used to project his will was contaminated. The teleportation tunnel was cut, so his will projection collapsed automatically."

"I was worried that a portion of his will remnant might have been left in your body and he would take over your body whenever he can. It seems like he completely disappeared before he could do anything to you."

"Are you telling the truth?" Hearing what Lin Huang said, Xiao Mo looked at him solemnly.

"You can spend some time verifying it if you don't believe me." Lin Huang arched his brow. "The upper echelon of the Purple Crow and many other underground organizations know about the Crow Spirit. This isn't a secret at all. Also, the Purple Crow isn't the only one among the underground organizations that are doing this. I heard the Saints also perform a similar vessel ceremony too."

Xiao Mo stared at Lin Huang's eyes to see if he was lying. However, he soon realized that what he said was most probably the truth.

"I have a question. Why am I in your hotel room?" Xiao Mo finally asked the enigma that had been bothering him since the beginning.

"The people from God Bless wanted to take you away when the Crow God's projection disappeared. I took you away from them," Lin Huang said and he proceeded to tell him what happened earlier.

Xiao Mo was in disbelief when he heard that. "So, they wanted to take me as their vessel too?"

"That's my speculation, but only people from God Bless's headquarters in Division 1 will know what the exact use is." Lin Huang nodded.

"Can you tell me more about this God Bless?" Xiao Mo asked.

Lin Huang did not hide anything and told him everything he knew about God Bless, including their plan to take the eye and Xiao Mo. He also told him about them blending in other organizations, capturing Chan Dou and so on…

After Xiao Mo listened, he thought the Purple Crow was nothing compared to God Bless.

"This organization is so scary! They've got the ability to plot all these and blend in secretly. I suspect they're also in the Purple Crow's upper echelon. Otherwise, it's impossible for them to have known the exact coordinates of the Crow God Ceremony."

"Speaking of the Purple Crow, you definitely can't go back judging by your current situation," Lin Huang reminded, "I advise you not to return. Although the eye has been taken away, the Purple Crow might have some other backup communication tool. If you go back, you might face the Crow God Ceremony for the second time. By then, you would have your consciousness wiped completely and you'll become the Crow God's vessel."

Xiao Mo fell into silence again. He only lifted his head to look at Lin Huang. "But where can I go if I don't return to the Purple Crow?"

Now that Lin Huang thought about it, he remembered that Xiao Mo was not only an orphan, but he was also a Descendant of the Sin. None of the union organizations would accept a sinner from the Descendants of the Sin. Xiao Mo could only join other underground organization if he did not return to the Purple Crow. Furthermore, he would be homeless if he did not join any underground organizations.

If Xiao Mo was still on white flame-level like he was before, he could do no harm to other people if he was left alone. However, he now had the ability close to a demigod's and he had the potential to elevate to Virtual God. He could join any underground organizations he liked. By then, he might be a larger threat to this gravel world.

Lin Huang made up his mind after some pondering. "Why don't you stay with me? You can be my bodyguard for the time being. Later on, we'll find an organization of our own and I'll ask some trustable friends of mine to join."

Lin Huang had discussed establishing an organization with Bloody before. It was Bloody's idea. This was especially because fighting organizations like God Bless alone would be impossible. Moreover, no matter how powerful he was, his ability was limited. It would be better to start a team and get everyone to perform what they were best at.

As a God himself, even Mr. Fu could not fight the Union Government which was a big organization. If he had founded an organization of his own back then, he would not be in the rut that he was in right now. The people from God Bless might not dare to attack him through the Union Government.

Mr. Fu's situation was the reason why Lin Huang was determined to establish his very own organization.

Xiao Mo's eyes lit up when he heard that Lin Huang wanted to establish his own organization and even invited him. Indeed, he dared not go back to the Purple Crow after learning the truth about the Crow Spirit. Facing a bunch of strangers by joining other underground organizations would only make him uneasy.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang was someone that he was familiar with. He had even saved him before. To him, joining Lin Huang's organization gave him a sense of relief more than joining other organizations.

"I'll stay if it's no trouble for you."

"It's just one more mouth to feed," Lin Huang smiled as he said. After all, he had the money to feed one more person.

After confirming where Xiao Mo would go, the duo began talking about their experiences throughout these years.

Lin Huang could tell that Xiao Mo's life was a tough one.

After Lin Huang faked his death, Xiao Mo was treated the same old way whereby he was bullied almost every day in the Purple Crow training camp. However, he did not allow that to continue. He fought back again and again and stood up over and over again. Though slow, he toughened up firmly.

After he graduated from the training camp, he had been placed in an awkward position. His teammates would put him on the bench time and time again. However, he did not give up just yet. He spent more time practicing battle skills when he had insufficient cultivation resources. Slowly and surely, he finally proved himself in the Purple Crow.

Since he elevated to transcendent-level, his sinner's nature was activated. He obtained a memory inheritance of his bloodline. He had also activated his gifted superhuman strength and powerful defensive ability. In a short span of time, he managed to elevate his ability to supreme genius, hence he was selected as a Crow Spirit candidate.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang told him about some minor events. Even so, Xiao Mo indulged in his stories, envious of his experiences.

Just like that, the two old roommates talked until the next morning.


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