Monster Paradise
1011 The End
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1011 The End

As the Crow God's projection faded away, Feng Li pressed his hand to Xiao Mo's shoulder in an attempt to take him away. However, he sensed a silhouette flash by at a high speed.

In the next second, he felt his left arm that he stretched out go numb. He realized that the portion below his left elbow had been severed and blood was spurting out of the wound.

Almost at the same time, the Crow Spirit in his hand disappeared.

Feng Li was only stunned for a moment but he soon snapped back to his senses. Instantly, he knew who had done this to him.

"Lin Xie!"

He sensed everything within the range of his territory in an attempt to look for Lin Huang. However, a voice came behind him.

"Are you looking for me?"

Lin Huang appeared less than 20 meters behind Feng Li. He hovered above the rumbling Tranquil Ocean with a little white cat sitting on his shoulder. The little elephant that had fought head-on with the Crow God's projection earlier was on his left while the Crow Spirit version of Xiao Mo, whom he had taken away from Feng Li earlier, was on his right.

At the moment, Xiao Mo was unconscious while his body hovered in the air. Lin Huang held onto his shoulder to adjust his posture.

"Lin Xie, give me the Crow Spirit!" Feng Li did not attack right away. He was even a little terrified of the Ninetails Lynx that had severed his arm earlier.

He did not really care for the Destructive Divine Mammoth because he did not see it fighting the Crow God's projection head-on earlier, so he had no idea that this God Figurine's Combat Soul was as dangerous.

"I'm sorry, he belongs to me now." Lin Huang waved his hand and the Ninetails Lynx sent Xiao Mo into its alternate dimension.

"I'm telling to you to give him to me. Trust me. You don't want to mess with us." Feng Li's severed arm was regenerating at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye. However, his eyes that exploded from looking at the Crow God through the Detective Eye did not have any signs of regenerating. Under the golden mask, his eyes were hollow and bleeding.

"What? You don't even dare to say your organization's name?" Lin Huang did not care about the regeneration at all. "The Commander of God Bless's Division 3 branch, Mr. Feng Li."

Feng Li frowned under the golden mask. He did not expect his identity to be exposed in such detail. Not only did the person he was speaking to know about God Bless, but he also knew his position and name.

"You know too much." After a moment of silence, Feng Li lifted his head slightly while aiming for where Lin Huang was with his hollow eye sockets that were filled with blood.

In the next second, he pointed his fingers in a black god relic glove and launched his attack on Lin Huang.

He was charging with full Divine Power as the black force coming from his fingers shot out like bullets but tens of times faster.

The force that was almost 100 times faster than the speed of sound arrived before Lin Huang in the blink of an eye.

At the moment, the Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped in the air. An invisible force pushed out, annihilating the force coming from Feng Li like a rumbling wave.

The Tranquil Ocean below seemed to be hit by a meteorite whereby massive waves rumbled and tumbled like a waterfall.

When the water fell, the explosion coming from the collision of the force faster than the speed of sound echoed like a clap of thunder.

Feng Li's expression turned grim beneath his mask when his test attack was destroyed right away. Lin Huang's ability was beyond his expectations.

Meanwhile, Lin Huang who stood across him summoned his third God Figurine's Combat Soul, the Nightmare Tapir. He then gave his order, "Don't kill him. We'll see what to do after retrieving his memory."

As he issued the instruction, the Ninetails Lynx on his shoulder disappeared.

The Destructive Divine Mammoth took action as well, leaping and charging at Feng Li.

The Nightmare Tapir stayed by Lin Huang's side. He would only take care of the battle when Feng Li was crippled.

Although Feng Li was on perfect-stage demigod-level, he was still a demigod after all, so the Nightmare Tapir would be able to penetrate his soul and read his memory when he was beaten and exhausted.

The collaboration of the two God Figurine's Combat Souls made the defeat a piece of cake no matter how many god relics Feng Li had with him.

He completely became the two God Figurine's Combat Souls' toy.

It was a repeated game of the Ninetails Lynx scratching him while the Destructive Divine Mammoth whipped him with its trunk. They were having so much fun.

In less than three minutes, the Divine Power in Feng Li's body was completely drained. He could not even summon his god relic armor any longer.

Noticing that, Lin Huang stopped the duo from playing and got the Nightmare Tapir to take over.

The Nightmare Tapir extended its trunk and pressed it against Feng Li's head. Without any strength to fight back, he was dragged into dreamland.

In less than a minute, the Nightmare Tapir had retrieved everything that could be read in his memory. He then nodded at Lin Huang.

"Kill him." Lin Huang responded to the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth.

The Ninetails Lynx stretched its claws and severed Feng Li's head in one fell swoop.

Almost in the next second, the Destructive Divine Mammoth stomped and turned Feng Li into mush.

A few god relics that he had refined came out. There were a black glove, a battle armor, and a shield.

With a wave of his hand, Lin Huang put the three god relics that were now ownerless away. He also conveniently took the Emperor's Heart Ring on Feng Li's finger.

Yang Ling, who was watching from far away, said nothing. He did not even ask for the god relic battle bow from Lin Huang. Instead, he appeared directly before the Detective Eye that was completely contaminated above the altar.

"You'll take the person and I'll take the eye. Deal?"

"Sure." Lin Huang shrugged.

The people from the Purple Crow and God Bless were still fighting kilometers away. They did not notice that the battle on the main battlefield had ended and even the loots had been distributed.

Just when Yang Ling stretched his hand to retrieve the eye, he noticed a silhouette shoot out of the ocean into the air. The silhouette had a golden sword in its hand and was coming after him.

At the same time, ten silhouettes appeared before Yang Ling and charged at the incoming silhouette.

Within the short two to three minutes, the Purple Crow Leader Yan Ping was killed by the ten demigods and died on the spot.

Yang Ling then retrieved the eye while watching a demigod puppet pilferage for loot on Yan Ping.

At the moment, Lin Huang flashed and appeared on the airship platform.

A couple of demigod puppets immediately blocked him before Yang Ling with their guard up when they looked at Lin Huang.

"Step aside. He's my friend," Yang Ling ordered, so the demigods obeyed.

"Do you have anyone to recommend me for unlocking services in the future?" Lin Huang asked while smiling.

"I do know a girl who has a great character and skill. I can send you her contact. Just tell her that I gave you her contact, but don't look for her if you're unlocking storage equipment from other worlds. She can't do it," Yang Ling said with a smile, "I'll send you my number in the great world as well. I can only contact you with the communication device from the great world."

"I have one more question." Lin Huang nodded as he listened but he could not help but raise a doubt, "Do you really have feelings for Hong Zhuang? Or were you just acting?"

"You can consider it real." Yang Ling fell into silence for a moment before giving his answer. "I really like her, but I know she has no feelings for me."

"Perhaps I shouldn't talk behind people's back, but Hong Zhuang isn't as simple as you think. You'd better watch out if you plan to spend a long time with her." After some hesitation, Lin Huang could not help but warn Yang Ling.

However, Yang Ling smiled when he heard that. "She's actually a very simple lady. You guys only see what's on the outside."

Lin Huang raised his brow when he heard his response, but he did not bother arguing.

The duo chatted for a while before summoning a dimensional portal and stepping into it one after another.

Just a giant airship platform and a bloody Tranquil Ocean which sea level had dropped by 1,000 meters remained.

After a long time, a monster's head popped out of the Tranquil Ocean below the airship platform all of a sudden. It stared toward the direction where the duo disappeared.

The monster that looked like a sea snake was Lu Dong's demigod-level imperial monster. Its body was severely lacerated but a bloody light flashed through its four pupils. It flew towards the airship.

A moment later, Lu Dong opened the airship door as he sensed the imperial monster's aura that survived. He let it into the airship.

"Ah Hai, you're still alive. That's great!" Lu Dong was excited. He previously sensed that three of his four imperial monsters had lost contact. Never had he thought that the Sea Demon who had lost contact a long time ago would appear all of a sudden.

Lu Dong hugged the Sea Demon's head with a thrill. At that moment, a bloody glow flashed in the Sea Demon's four pupils again. A gush of black fog came out of its body, entering Lu Dong's mouth and nose quietly.

In the span of a couple of breaths, a red glow flashed through Lu Dong's eyes. He let go off the Sea Demon's limp carcass while his face looked ferocious. "I, the Majesty, will remember the both of you. You wasted my massive amount of Divine Power and forced me to use a demigod who has no elevation potential to be my vessel!"


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