Monster Paradise
1010 The Projection Collapsing
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1010 The Projection Collapsing

The Destructive Divine Mammoth's sudden appearance was beyond everyone's expectations.

What shocked everyone even more was that this little elephant that cannonballed the perfect-stage demigod-level powerhouse far away only had a combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank. Furthermore, it suffered no injury after colliding with a god relic head-on.

Apart from Yang Ling, nobody else could tell it was just a Combat Soul.

Many people shifted their focus onto Yang Ling; they thought it was him who released the summoning beast.

The Crow God's projection was stunned for a moment and turned his eyes on Lin Huang's direction. Rage filled his eyes. He knew it was Lin Huang who had done that because it was the Ninetails Lynx that sent the Destructive Divine Mammoth out of its alternate dimension. Clearly, it came from the same person who was Lin Huang hiding in the alternate dimension.

However, the Crow God's projection merely glared at Lin Huang and subsequently stretched many tentacles out that went after the demigod with a battle bow who had just stood still in the air.

At that moment, the Detective Eye above the altar was close to being 95% contaminated. Xiao Mo's transformation had still yet to be completed, and the Crow God was only left with ten seconds. He needed to seize all the time he was left with, so he had no time for Lin Huang at all.

Lin Huang dared to take the risk to stop the attack and buy Yang Ling some time since he knew that the Crow God's projection would not come for him.

He gave the Ninetails Lynx a signal as he watched the Crow God's projection go after the demigod with the battle bow again.

In the next second, the Ninetails Lynx and the Destructive Divine Mammoth disappeared almost at the same time.

When the Destructive Divine Mammoth appeared again, it blocked the demigod right in front while the Ninetails Lynx returned to Lin Huang's shoulder again.

Lin Huang dared to fight the Crow God's projection this time because he was sure that the latter's attack could not break his God Figurine's defenses. He wanted to see if the Destructive Divine Mammoth had the ability to fight a real virtual god-level powerhouse head-on.

After all, Yan Ping, who had a god relic earlier, had an ability no less than a Virtual God's.

However, there were different levels of Virtual Gods. It was certain that the Crow God's projection was much more powerful than Yan Ping. Otherwise, it was impossible for him to suppress ten perfect-stage demigod-level puppets with god relics at the same time.

Seeing the Crow God's tentacles coming toward it, the Destructive Divine Mammoth dared not underestimate its opponent at all. It lifted its front feet high and stomped in the air.

An invisible force spread out like a ripple. As a result, everything it passed was destroyed and turned into dust.

Within a couple of kilometers of the Tranquil Ocean, the sea bed collapsed directly. A giant bowl-shaped sinkhole was formed, and its diameter was expanding continuously.

Tens of black tentacles shot out like arrows, colliding with the invisible force in the blink of an eye.

The tentacles were shredded at a high speed. However, there were black cracks in the invisible force at the same time and it seemed like the air was cracking.

It seemed like it was a tie among the duo, surprising Lin Huang as he watched.

"Not bad. This God Figurine's Combat Soul's ability is slightly more powerful than a Virtual God rank-2's. It's close to a Virtual God rank-3 standard now, but it's impressive that it manages to do this when it's still a child." The stone tablet's voice came into Lin Huang's ears all of a sudden.

"It's close to Virtual God rank-3 now? Then, how about the Crow God's projection? Which rank is he on? How about those demigod puppets with god relics?" Lin Huang asked immediately.

"The Crow God's projection is Virtual God rank-3. Those demigod puppets are comparable with Virtual God rank-1," the stone tablet answered immediately.

"So, they're two ranks away from each other? Theoretically, shouldn't the Crow God's projection be able to suppress the ten demigod puppets easily?" Lin Huang could not understand that.

"The Crow God can't use most of his abilities when he projects his will by crossing realms before he integrates with his vessel. Moreover, the Hundred-eyed Dark Crow isn't good at fighting physical monsters. Its physical attack technique is considered low among Protosses of the same combat strength. Furthermore, those demigods have god armor relics defending them. It's a limitation to the Crow God. It also causes him to be able to only perform 20 to 30% of his ability," the stone tablet gave a detailed explanation.

"I see." Lin Huang just realized that it was not the Crow God's projection that was weak, but his abilities were limited too.

"Judging by the current situation, this Destructive Divine Mammoth of yours is limiting him gravely. The Destructive Divine Mammoth happens to be best at long-distance combat and defense while its ability is nothing weaker than the Crow God's projection. If they were to fight head-on, the Crow God's projection might not have the upper hand," the stone tablet smiled while saying.

"I've always thought that my Combat Souls' ability is just slightly more powerful than demigods or maybe on par with perfect-stage demigod-levels." Lin Huang realized that he had been underestimating his God Figurines' abilities.

"How can it be? Your Combat Souls are all true spirit-level monsters. If you really want to measure them by rank, they're far ahead of mythical-levels. Even a mythical-level monster that has a combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank would have an ability comparable to Virtual God rank-1, let alone monsters of a higher rank," the stone tablet told another piece of common sense. "To a mythical-level monster, this is a huge divider. As soon as they arrive at this rank, their ability that's comparable with an ultimate evolution (legendary-level) will be boosted exponentially. There is no comparison between the two."

As Lin Huang and the stone tablet chatted, the battle turned intense like it never had before.

The Crow God's projection attempted to pass by the Destructive Divine Mammoth to attack the demigod holding the battle bow directly.

However, the Destructive Divine Mammoth did not back off at all. It would stop the Crow God as soon as he stretched his tentacles out.

The Crow God's projection was furious now. Seeing that the eye was going to be completely contaminated by the black goo, he finally could not help but use his trump card again.

A crimson glow shot out of the 108 pupils, freezing the Destructive Divine Mammoth and the demigods present. They could not move at all.

The only ones that remained unaffected were Lin Huang in the alternate dimension and Yang Ling who was watching on the side.

"This attack must be draining for him!" Lin Huang could not help but comment.

"This is his gifted ability. It's also one of the limited abilities he can use in the form of projection. However, he can only use this ability three times at the most when he's in projection form. By then, his projection will collapse entirely," the stone tablet explained.

"Three times only… No wonder he hasn't been using it."

After freezing all of his opponents, the Crow God's projection did not even bother to look at Lin Huang and Yang Ling. He stretched his tentacle towards the demigod who had the battle bow in his hand again, taking it away.

Before Yang Ling could control his demigod puppet again, the tentacle that grabbed the battle bow retreated rapidly. The Crow God's projection could not wait to remove the curse on the eye to buy himself some time.

However, Lin Huang signaled the Ninetails Lynx again at that moment.

The little white cat disappeared in the next second and appeared by the eye's side. The little white cat scratched the air as it watched the black tentacle advancing.

In the next second, the tentacle that was grabbing the battle bow was ripped. A white silhouette flashed in the air, and the battle bow was now in Lin Huang's hand who was in the alternate dimension. The little white cat returned to his shoulder once again.

The Crow God's projection glared at Lin Huang in the other dimension. His eyes were so ferocious that they seemed as if they were going to bleed.

However, he only glared at the eye's direction and looked away without thinking twice. He turned his body into a cloud of fog and went into the nostrils and mouth of Xiao Mo who had yet to complete the transformation.

At that second, only a thumb-sized area of the eye was uncontaminated. It would take less than three seconds for the eye to be completely corrupted.

A silhouette appeared behind Xiao Mo right just then. The silhouette held a golden talisman and pressed it to the back of Xiao Mo's head.

It was the leader of the God Bless mission this time, Feng Li!

As soon as the golden talisman stuck to the back of Xiao Mo's head, it turned into a golden glow and penetrated his head.

In the next second, a furious shriek came through the air. After having a small part of his body go into Xiao Mo's body, the Crow God's projection stopped moving. His 108 bloody pupils glared deadly at Feng Li.

"You're asking for death!"

Almost at the same time, tens of black tentacles flew out after Feng Li in an attempt to kill him.

However, Feng Li was smirking at the same time. "You're running out of time. We'll gladly accept your Crow Spirit."

A giant shield appeared before him as he spoke. It turned into an enormous metal wall dazzling with a golden glow, blocking the tentacles' attack.

Since the first attack failed, the Crow God attempted to attack again in his rage. However, his body began to turn into a fog that billowed out of control.

The crimson pupils were dimming one after another, and they soon turned black.

He looked up to see the eye above the altar being covered in the black curse completely. There were no gaps in between.

As soon as the eye was completely contaminated, it only took a couple of breaths for the Crow God's 108 crimson pupils to dim completely. His body that was turned into black fog faded rapidly and disappeared as his raging condemnation echoed.


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