Monster Paradise
1009 The Little Elephant Swings Its Trunk
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1009 The Little Elephant Swings Its Trunk

Above the Tranquil Ocean, the Crow God's projection and ten demigods clashed again and again. The entire ocean thundered.

The transformation the Crow God was performing on Xiao Mo did not stop just yet. His combat strength had entered imperial-level white gold-rank and was still elevating.

However, the Detective Eye above the altar was 95% covered in black goo. It would be completely contaminated soon.

Naturally, the Crow God noticed that as well, so he was panicking.

Lin Huang and Yang Ling, who were chatting a couple of kilometers away while watching the fight, felt something happening on the battlefield out of nowhere.

A terrifying red glow lit up the 108 pupils on the Crow God's projection as if a blood-colored laser was shining in the dark.

At that moment, the ten demigods stopped moving as if a spell was cast upon them.

A black thread turned into a long whip as it shot into the air. It lashed through a demigod's right arm in the blink of an eye, severing the muscular limb right away. Blood spurted out from the wound.

In the next second, the black thread wrapped around and grabbed the battle bow from the severed arm directly. It then pressed the battle bow onto the eye that was almost completely contaminated now.

As soon as the battle bow touched the layer of black goo, the sticky goo began to rush toward the battle bow as if it was alive.

The black goo that was covering the eye began fading slowly.

Subsequently, hundreds of black threads came out of the black silhouette which was the Crow God's projection in a frenzy. They were going after the ten demigods who were unable to move.

Noticing that the threads were going to pierce through the demigods' bodies, Yang Ling raised both of his arms suddenly and moved all ten fingers.

The ten demigods who were unable to move seemed to have their mobility recovered in flash. They activated the gold relic in their hands to strike the black threads.

Even the demigod whose arm was severed had his limb grow back soon. He held a golden arrow in his hand, tossing it out after covering the entire arrow with Divine Power.

A golden glow flew into the air. As the golden glow flashed, it pierced through the black thread that was wound around the battle bow.

The black thread was torn into a few parts as a result of the attack.

A silhouette flew across the sky at a high speed. He stretched his hand and picked up the battle bow to stand hundreds of meters away. It was the demigod whose arm had been severed earlier.

At the moment, the eye that was initially 95% contaminated was left with 80% corruption since the Crow God's projection used the battle bow to remove the curse.

Although the actions of the Crow God's projection earlier did not remove the eye's contamination entirely, it bought him some time.

A couple of seconds later, Xiao Mo's combat strength finally arrived at imperial-level purple gold-rank. He had reached the preliminary stage to qualify as the Crow God's vessel. The Crow God began inserting Divine Power into his body to transform him further. Consequently, his combat strength, body, and soul proceeded to heighten.

To a Crow God, a qualified vessel must have a minimum combat strength of imperial-level purple gold-rank. If the vessel was to be used for a long time, its body and soul must be strong enough to take in the draining of Divine Power. The more thorough the transformation of body and soul with Divine Power was, the longer the vessel could be used.

A perfect vessel that was transformed entirely with Divine Power could even last for more than 100 years.

The Crow God's Divine Power penetrated into Xiao Mo's body again and again. It was the beginning of the body transformation. Each and every cell in his body was destroyed at a high speed wherever the Divine Power passed by. Right after that, the Divine Power would work on the recovery. The cycle repeated over and over again, and the cells in his body would become stronger from the repeated cleansing.

However, Xiao Mo who was being transformed was feeling a pain that was tens of times more intense than before. Although a tsunami was rumbling on the Tranquil Ocean, Lin Huang could faintly hear his devastating shriek.

Lin Huang frowned slightly and looked toward Xiao Mo, hesitating if he should help.

Judging from the current situation, the Crow God was buying time in an attempt to finish Xiao Mo's transformation. As soon as Xiao Mo's transformation was completed, he would turn into the Crow God's projection's shell. By then, the Crow God's projection would not need to use the Detective Eye to maintain his existence. Even contaminating the eye completely would do nothing to him.

Therefore, Lin Huang knew very well that the Crow God would definitely attack him as long as he helped Xiao Mo. The Crow God might even give up on fighting Yang Ling's ten demigod puppets and come for him instead.

Although Lin Huang was very confident in his God Figurines, he had no faith in fighting a True God's will projection that was comparable with a Virtual God's.

During the few seconds Lin Huang hesitated, the contamination level of the eye above the altar went above 90% again. It would take ten seconds at the most to corrupt it completely.

Right at that moment, the battle took a turn again.

A golden beam shot through the sky like a meteor. It was going after the demigod puppet who was holding the battle bow.

The Crow God's projection knew he had help now. He attacked the ten demigods with more black threads now, none of them had managed to fight back.

The golden beam soon arrived like a flash and crashed hard into the muscular demigod who held the battle bow in his hand.

When the golden beam froze after the collision, Lin Huang managed to see who invaded the battlefield. It was the Purple Crow Leader, Yan Ping.

He was fighting a demigod who was exactly like him with a combat strength of perfect-stage demigod-level and holding a god relic in hand filled with Divine Power. They crashed.

The demigod blocked the tip of the sword that was pointing between his brows with the crescent-shaped battle bow.

A golden glow lit up in the air when the god relics collided.

It was initially just a golden glow that was smaller than the size of a thumb. It began expanding rapidly at a speed that could be seen with the naked eye like an expanding balloon.

A golden sun that was nothing less than a blood sun appeared out of nowhere within the span of a few breaths. It grabbed everyone's attention again.

The other demigods wanted to help, but they were stopped by the black tentacles. They could only watch the large, golden sun growing in the sky and subsequently exploded.

A silhouette shot out among the golden light. However, another silhouette passed through the exploded golden glow and went after the silhouette that shot out after turning into a golden flash.

Yang Ling appeared serious. Although his demigod puppet was no weaker than Yan Ping in all aspects, Yan Ping was a legit sword cultivator. A sword cultivator was best in close-range combat. Meanwhile, the demigod puppet that was attacked was an arrow cultivator when he had been alive. He was best in mid-range combat. He could not perform at his full ability in close-range combat.

Meanwhile, the other demigods were obstructed by the Crow God's projection at the moment so they could not help.

Lin Huang squinted slightly as he watched the demigod puppet who was going to killed by the golden glow's sword and have its battle bow taken away.

Just when Yan Ping was going to swing his sword, a silhouette came between the duo.

It was a little elephant whose body was less than two meters long!

Everyone was stunned to see the monster that invaded the battlefield out of nowhere.

Even Yan Ping stopped moving. However, his expression soon turned cold. He wielded his sword in an attempt to kill the little elephant before him.

The little elephant swung its trunk like a whip and collided with the golden sword glow.

What happened next shocked everyone.

An invincible force rushed toward the god sword relic in Yan Ping's hand. As it struck, the bones in his right arm that was holding the sword were broken immediately. Later on, a powerful impact spread through his body and he shot out without having the ability to control himself. He shot out tens of kilometers away within the span of a breath and fell into the Tranquil Ocean.

The little elephant that swung its trunk at the god relic flew back a few kilometers away. It stood still and shook its head. There was not even a cut on its trunk.


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