Monster Paradise
1008 Raider
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1008 Raider

Lin Huang saved Hong Zhuang not because he knew her and Yang Ling. He did it because he did not hope to see the Crow God complete the Crow God Ceremony which would remove Xiao Mo's consciousness and take over his body.

Moreover, Lin Huang thought that the Crow God threatening Yang Ling by taking Hong Zhuang as a hostage was shameless. He could not help himself but get involved in the fight.

He was not afraid of the Crow God's projection because it was limited to the eye whereby it could not leave the latter too far away. If he wanted to run, the Ninetails Lynx could always take him away.

Another reason was that the Crow God would be attacked by the enraged Yang Ling since Hong Zhuang was no longer a hostage. Furthermore, the eye would soon be completely contaminated. The Crow God had no time for Lin Huang at all.

As expected, the Crow God only glared at Lin Huang as he extended tens of black threads out, sweeping toward the demigod who held the battle bow. He wanted to take the battle bow in his hand to remove the curse cast on the eye.

Yang Ling noticed that and got help right away.

A couple of demigods attacked the Crow God's projection and Xiao Mo from a distance.

Feeling helpless, the Crow God could only spend some effort to build a defensive shield.

The war between the two parties began again.

Nobody knew what technique Yang Ling performed when he sent Hong Zhuang away by merely a wave of his hand. He was the only one left watching the battle.

This round of fighting was completely different from before. To protect Hong Zhuang earlier, the ten demigods stood guarded in front of her. Even if they attacked, they did so from a distance.

However, a couple of demigod puppets charged straight at the Crow God's projection and Xiao Mo as soon as the battle took place.

The Crow God's projection felt more pressure than before.

Infinite large, bloody suns lit up in the air when the demigods collided with the Crow God's projection.

The sky above the Tranquil Ocean and the water turned red. It looked like Doomsday was coming.

Circles of Divine Power swept in all directions in the form of endless wind while the entire Tranquil Ocean rumbled with waves.

"Thanks for helping me earlier." Yang Ling's voice transmission came into Lin Huang's ears all of a sudden while he was in the alternate dimension. He turned his head to look at Yang Ling immediately, and he saw the latter smiling at him while nodding.

"You can see me?" Just when Lin Huang asked that out loud, he recalled he was in the alternate dimension, so Yang Ling was unable to hear him.

However, Yang Ling soon replied through a voice transmission, "Not only do I see you, but I can also hear you."

"This Combat Soul of yours isn't too shabby," Yang Ling proceeded to say while peeping at the Ninetails Lynx on Lin Huang's shoulder.

"So, you're really a True God? Or you were a True God before?" Lin Huang asked immediately. Only a True God or powerhouses above the true god-level could see the Ninetails Lynx's alternate dimension.

"The Hundred-eyed Dark Crow's speculation is basically correct," Yang Ling agreed, "It's just that he underestimated my combat strength during my peak."

"Were you a Heavenly God?" Lin Huang asked immediately. Seeing Yang Ling grin without saying anything, he proceeded to ask, "Were you a Lord?!"

"It's all in the past now." Yang Ling shook his head without giving a final answer.

"So, you really have no cultivation now?" Lin Huang asked in confusion.

"I don't."

"Then, how did you resurrect your abilities and were able to see the alternate dimension?" Lin Huang was a little curious about that.

Yang Ling smiled at Lin Huang upon hearing that question. He only spoke after a while, "It's the remaining ability from my Goldfinger."

"A Goldfinger?!" Lin Huang's heart jolted when he heard that. He knew Yang Ling was hinting something in his quirky smile.

"Yes, a Goldfinger. Don't you have two with you?" Yang Ling said while smiling, "My homeboy from Earth…"

Lin Huang was completely shocked. He did not expect to be exposed. It seemed like his identity had been buried long ago.

"Don't worry. I've no ill intentions."

"How did you find out?"

"I knew that when I first saw you three years ago. I sensed the Goldfinger in your body. That's how I knew you're a traveler."

"Also, you showed flaws the moment you saw the football I made. You hid it well on the surface, but your heartbeat, your breath, the reaction of your pupils and the bioelectricity in your body told me that you knew what a football is. Apart from that, you told me that your name was Ye Xiu. I read the novel too, alright," Yang Ling explained while smiling.

"Three years ago..." Lin Huang frowned. He was using the identity as Lin Huang when he first met Yang Ling three years ago instead of his current identity as Lin Xie. He only assumed the new identity when he came to the core zone more than a year ago.

"Yes, Mr. Lin Huang," Yang Ling called out Lin Huang's real name while smiling.

"So, has my disguise been redundant to you?" Lin Huang was almost speechless.

"No matter what you disguise yourself as, your Goldfinger's aura won't change," Yang Ling said while smiling.

"Why didn't you expose me earlier? And why are you telling me all these now out of nowhere?"

"I didn't expose you because it was unnecessary. I have many clients who have multiple identities. You're not the only one. People disguise themselves because they don't want me to know who they really are, so why should I expose them?"

"I'm telling you all these now because there's no need to hide it any longer. If everything goes as planned, I'll be going to the great world really soon. We won't be seeing each other often anyway, so I thought I would be honest now. It's rare to meet a fellow traveler from Earth. It'll be more awkward to talk about this if we bumped into each other in the great world in the future."

Lin Huang felt really uncomfortable now. Yang Ling took the initiative to change the subject just when he had no idea how to proceed with the conversation.

"You've pretty much grown now. You won't take very long to get to the great world. Since we're from the same hometown, I'll give you a few pointers."

Lin Huang nodded while smiling.

"Firstly, never tell anyone what's the core ability of your Goldfinger. If you can, it's best that you don't reveal anything about your Goldfinger. Even your parents, siblings, partner and all other travelers! Especially not other travelers!"

Yang Ling continued speaking looking at Lin Huang's doubtful expression.

"Not all travelers are friendly to other travelers. Most of the travelers come from different worlds. There are very few travelers who come from the same planet as we do, and it's even rarer to meet another traveler on the same planet. Even if you met another traveler from Earth, you must have your guard up and not trust the person completely.

"There's this group of people among the travelers called the Raiders. They especially hunt travelers to take their Goldfingers. Such travelers are extremely dangerous. They've no morals at all and they're capable of doing anything at all for the sake of obtaining other Goldfingers.

"I was cheated by a powerful Raider before. That's how I ended up like this. He attacked me and took my Goldfinger away. I would've been dead if I didn't escape with my very last gush of a soul from self-explosion at the very critical moment.

"I thought I could start over again, but never had I thought that my cultivation base was destroyed because my soul remnant was severed. Moreover, I was left with less than 10% of ability in my Goldfinger. It's difficult for me to go down the cultivation path again, let alone obtain the combat strength I had back then."

"So, have you found the way to cultivate again?" Lin Huang could not help but ask because he heard Yang Ling mention that he would go to the great world soon.

"Pretty much." A slyness flashed through Yang Ling's eyes. "If I succeed…"


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