Monster Paradise
1007 Lin Huang“s Inteference
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Monster Paradise
Author :Nuclear Warhead Cooked in Wine
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1007 Lin Huang“s Inteference

The collision from the ten demigods and the Crow God's projection was like countless of nuclear bombs setting off consecutively above the Tranquil Ocean. It seemed as if massive, bloody suns lit up the entire ocean as if it was daytime.

Countless lives in the Tranquil Ocean were crushed from the impact, dying the entire ocean red.

The sea seemed to be like a washing machine that was set on turbo mode, only a hundred times faster. Endless giant waves rumbled and poured down like a waterfall.

Water vapor evaporated in the high temperature, causing the sea level of the Tranquil Ocean to drop at a worrying rate.

The fight between the Purple Crow and God Bless had since moved away from the area to tens of kilometers away.

Apart from Yang Ling and his team as well as the Crow God's projection, Lin Huang, Bloody, and the Ninetails Lynx in the alternate dimension and Xiao Mo whose combat strength remained elevating were the only ones left.

Although they were in the middle of the battle, the Crow God's projection did not stop the transformation process on Xiao Mo.

The black fog continued to penetrate Xiao Mo's mouth and nose. His combat strength aura had elevated all the way from white flame-level to imperial-level. However, the speed of his elevation had clearly slowed down. Nobody knew if it was caused by the Crow God's projection being distracted in the fight or Xiao Mo's elevation on imperial-level.

Within a mere few seconds, the Crow God's projection collided with the ten demigods more than a hundred times.

However, the Divine Power in the ten demigods' bodies was yet to be drained. Even Lin Huang thought it was rather odd. Theoretically, demigods could not generate Divine Power in their bodies. The Divine Power in their bodies would dwindle whenever they used it.

Naturally, the Crow God noticed that too, but he did not plan to stop attacking just yet.

"I didn't tell you earlier, but the Divine Power in these demigod puppets' bodies can't be drained. I want you to experience it yourself." Yang Ling's voice came behind the demigod puppets, "After all, you'll only believe it after experiencing it."

The Crow God's projection scoffed and he did not slow down on his attack at all.

"Do you know why the Divine Power in these puppets' bodies can't be drained?" Yang Ling's voice soon came again. "Because I installed the True God's Divine Fire in their bodies. The Divine Power in their bodies are bottomless, they can never finish it."

"You're lying. A demigod's body can't handle the True God's Divine Fire at all unless the True God gave it up willingly," the Crow God finally responded.

"What if I made the Divine Fire myself?" Yang Ling asked.

The Crow God fell into silence at that moment.

"I spent hundreds of years studying the Godhead and Divine Fire, so I've finally managed to come up with the Divine Tinder more than a hundred years later. After that, I spent decades figuring out a way to integrate the Divine Tinder. Unfortunately, I've not experienced a breakthrough in studying the Godhead. Otherwise, you would see more than just demigods today," Yang Ling explained while smiling.

"Give it up. The speed of the Divine Power supply in these puppets' bodies is comparable with a True God's. It's impossible for you to defeat them by draining the Divine Power in their bodies," Yang Ling proceeded to advise the Crow God, "The suggestion I gave still stands. As soon as you give us the eye, we'll remove the contamination immediately so that you can complete the Crow God Ceremony."

The Crow God turned his head to look at the Detective Eye, 80% of which had black goo dripping all over it. Only a small portion was untouched.

"You're running out of time." Yang Ling peeped at the direction of the Detective Eye and bent his head down to look at the time on his Emperor's Heart Ring. "Looking at the current progress, the eye will be completely contaminated within 30 seconds at the most. You won't be able to complete the transformation of your Crow Spirit. As soon as the eye is completely contaminated, you will lose contact with this world entirely and you'll disappear right away."

"Really?" The Crow God's projection laughed all of a sudden. His crimson eyes shifted away from Yang Ling and subsequently stared at Hong Zhuang. "I suppose this lady is very important to you, isn't she?"

"What are you trying to do?" Yang Ling frowned slightly.

"You're too amateur to be playing tricks with me." As soon as the Crow God's projection spoke, a black thread that was the width of a hair revealed itself on Hong Zhuang's neck. The black thread wound around her neck, sinking into her skin a little.

The Crow God had placed the black thread there secretly during the fight earlier. He hid its aura intentionally as well as its trace. 

"Remove the contamination on the eye if you want this lady to live." The Crow God's projection chuckled cunningly.

"You're a True God and you're threatening me, an ordinary human with a lady. Do you think this is right?" Yang Ling taunted.

"Quit your nonsense. Do you want her to live or do you want her to die?" The black thread that was the width of a hair on Hong Zhuang's neck tightened slightly now.

"Release her. You have my word!" Yang Ling scowled and fell into silence for a moment. Eventually, he made up his mind.

"Don't give him what he wants!" Hong Zhuang shook her head at Yang Ling.

"You better be quiet, lady." The thread the Crow God had tied on Hong Zhuang's neck tightened even more now. Blood was flowing from the cut on Hong Zhuang's neck. The Crow God then looked at Yang Ling. "Remove the contamination! I'll release her as soon as you do that."

"I don't trust you. Release her first!"

"It's not your choice whether to trust me now." The Crow God's projection smiled. "This is the only option you have. I don't plan to give you another option."

"Alright then. I hope that you'll do as you promised." Yang Ling decided to compromise in the end.

A demigod puppet with a battle bow in his hand soon walked out among the ten puppets. Clearly, he was the one who had shot the arrow at the eye to contaminate it earlier.

He moved and appeared next to the eye above the airship in the next second. He touched the battle bow in his hand to the eye.

The black goo that occupied close to 80% of the eye began fading away and flowed towards the battle bow in the demigod's hand.

Lin Huang, who was in the alternate dimension, raised his brow as he watched that. He asked the Ninetails Lynx, "Can you cut his thread?"

"It'll take some effort but it's doable," the Ninetails Lynx confirmed.

"Then, cut the thread on Hong Zhuang's neck," Lin Huang ordered.

"Are you sure you want to do that?" This would mean we're involved in this fight." Bloody's voice came out of his sleeve.

"Don't worry. The Crow God has no time for us. Yang Ling won't give him the opportunity to do anything to us," Lin Huang assured with a smile.

In the next second, the little white cat disappeared from Lin Huang's shoulder.

Lin Huang saw the black thread on Hong Zhuang's neck being snipped off, then the little white cat returned to his shoulder.

Yang Ling was stunned for a second and reacted immediately. He controlled the demigod puppet to recall the absorption of the Demon Curse on the battle bow. As a result, the Demon Curse began to contaminate the eye again.

The Crow God's projection noticed something off right away. The 108 pupils stared at where Lin Huang and the Ninetails Lynx were hiding. Without a doubt, the Crow God was enraged.


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